Bank Of The Universe Chapter 238

Chapter 238 Not Allowed To Come Down

The fall of the Slaughter Tower shocked all the monks. No one expected the Dalin Temple that had ruled Ancient Buddha Land for 10,000 years to actually suffer such a tribulation.

The situation seemed a lot worse compared to 8,000 years ago.

The fall of the tower released the seven monster kings. All of them were different and the only similarity was that they were all really weak.

"Big Brother!"

"Big Brother, are you here to save us?"

"Big Brother, you are a little late. I was nearly refined."

"Big Brother, I really cant take it anymore. Why dont I kill some monks to vent my anger?"


The seven monster kings looked at Demon Frog emotionally. But as they were powerless now, they all sat on the ground. Their bodies had all shrunk and they were much smaller.

Wild Boar, God Eagle, Pangolin, Mule, Heaven Swallowing Dog, Barbaric Cow, Flood Dragon!

These seven monsters had grown up together with the Demon Frog. They ruled the monster race together and attacked Dalin Temple together.

They were really close to one another.

"Brothers, I have found helpers. All of you are too weak now, so watch and see. Once I merge with my body, I am going to take revenge for all of you." Demon Frog said happily. He was relaxed seeing that his brothers were only weak and that they werent in any danger.

"Big Brother, merge with it quickly. We shall pass our animosity over to you."

"Good luck, Big Brother."

"Big Brother, help me kill a few more monks."

The seven monster instructed.


"Hahaha, it is finally out, my other half is finally out." Demon Frogs giant body was shockingly huge. It shouted out with hatred and grievance.

8,000 years!

A full 8,000 years!

He had to suffer the pain of his body being separated and his soul being sliced apart. This made him hate Dalin Temple to the core.

What he had been waiting a few thousand years for was about to come true now.

Demon Frog shouted, "If I dont merge now, then what am I waiting for?!"


Under the collapsed tower, monster energy surged out and covered the entire area.

A giant image appeared which was covered by thick monster energy.

It gave off a sinister feeling to it!


This monster energy covered the area. One could roughly see the body of a frog hiding within the energy like that of a mountain.

Demon Frogs other half it had finally appeared.

Demon Frogs true cultivation was at a level that the Ancient Buddha Lands Nine Skies experts couldnt go up against. A few of them joined hands and they were only able to slice him apart. Then, they suppressed him under the tower.

From that, one could see how strong the Demon Frog was.

It jumped up and dashed into the monster energy, merging with the other half of his body.


Monster energy surged and ravaged Dalin Temple. At that moment, everyone could sense that a top monster was awakening.

The monks in Dalin Temple panicked.

"These people are too strong. We are no match for them." The third chair forced Moon Angel back and hollered.

"Call for help from the Nine Skies!" The four chairs hollered.

The current chair took out a jade-like relic and chanted to activate it.

Within the monster energy, Demon Frog was merging with his body. When he heard this, he shouted, "Stop me. We mustnt let him bring down the people from above, otherwise, we will lose our advantage."

Li Wuya shouted, "I will go!"

"You cant!" Damo House First Seat knew that he had to stop Li Wuya. He used his top skill Rulai God Fist.


With a palm, he blocked Li Wuyas path, not giving him any chance to get close to the first chair.

The other monks went berserk and tried their best to hold back Heaven Heart and the others.

Lucifer wanted to kill his enemy swiftly but was delayed. The monk burned his own life to delay Lucifer.

Dalin Temples monks were going all out to protect the current chair.

The other monks in Dalin Temple were at Legend Realm and they helped protect the chair too.

Many Legend Realm monks sat crosslegged in the square to protect the chair in the middle.

The chair didnt care about anything. He was fully focused on communicating with the relic and contacting the upper worlds.

The pure white relic gave off a blurry light that was extremely bright. It gave off a saintly light and hung in mid-air.

The current chair injected all of his strength into the relic.

The Demon Frog completed the initial merger and roared out. With extreme speed, he charged at the current chair.

"You can forget about summoning those bald camels in front of me." Demon Frog roared.


Monster energy spread out and struck the skies. It was extremely terrifying and caused ones heart to tremble.

The Demon Frog was even more terrifying. His 100-meter body was now complete. A giant green Demon Frog opened his mouth and wanted to swallow the current chair!

But in the next second, he opened his eyes and said coldly, "You are a step slower."

He reached out and touched the relic. The True Qi that he injected in as well as those of the dozens of Legend Realm monks that protected him were all sucked dry.


The white relic rose into the sky and giant energy exploded, surging all around.

The Demon Frog had just charged over and right as he was about to swallow the current chair, he was struck away by the energy from the relic.


Demon Frog spat out a large mouthful of blood. Its top monster power was nothing in front of that relic.

This relic was left after one of the high monks passed away. It had now absorbed the strength of one stage 33 and a few dozen Legend Realm experts.

Demon Frogs expression changed and he looked on in despair, "We are finished. Is it going to repeat once more?"

The Northern Region Lord said, "No need to worry. Master said that he would block it."

"But that is an expert from the Nine Skies." Demon Frog had never seen Li Xiandao attack. He didnt have much hope. He was so strong then and had reached the peak of the Ancient Buddha Land. He also had the demon race body but had still been sliced into half.

Now that he wasnt at his peak, what could he do?

"They dont come down alone." Demon Frog said in despair.

All of them stopped fighting and raised their heads to look at the shining relic.

On the Ten Thousand Buddha Mountain Range, the relic flew to the highest point. It shone down on the world and connected to another mysterious place.


A hole appeared in the sky and someone was about to come down.

The Dalin Temple monks looked on emotionally. As long as the seniors from the Nine Skies came down, these monsters and demons were about to die.

"Anyone from lower worlds who dares to offend my Dalin Temple will die!" A cold scoff sounded throughout the sky. A monk wearing a red robe came down.

"We are finished!" Demon Frog looked on in despair.

"No, they are finished." Heaven Heart smiled.

"Why?" Demon Frog looked on in confusion and suddenly opened his eyes.

He saw that a thread of sword energy had gathered in the distance which slashed over.

The sword energy was like the moon!

It was ice cold like autumn!

A sword sliced across the sky, bringing with it a few drops of fresh blood.


The first monk who descended had his head sliced into two and he died instantly.

The Dalin Temple people were at the peak of their joy and now they crashed to the bottom of the abyss as they looked on in disbelief.

"No one is allowed to come down!" A calm order rang out. Li Xiandao wore a dark robe and his mask as he stood on a mountain peak.

He stood with his arms behind his back. He was going to fight everyone alone!

Today, Li Xiandao was about to end this cheating method!

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