Bank Of The Universe Chapter 237

Chapter 237 Overturning Slaughter Tower

Lucifer and the others were here and they faced off against the Dalin Temple experts.

This stunned the Dalin Temple monks.

Most of them were Legend Realm Stage 33.

When were there so many of them?

Could they be found everywhere?

When the Dalin Temple current chair saw this, he frowned and asked, "Which world do you come from?"

The old priest said calmly, "You dont have to know which world we are from. You just need to know that this place is about to be destroyed."

The Northern Region Lord Gong Yu landed. A bunch of old people were in front of him, and he shook his head regretfully, "I thought that there would be a bunch of experts. Who knew that it was a bunch of old people? So boring"

Dalin Temples first chair stepped forwards with a cold expression.


His aura soared, it felt as if he was a living Buddha.

His body was also swiftly regenerating, "There is no point in talking to all of you. Since you have come to offend my Dalin Temple, then you must be prepared to die."

The Northern Region Lord laughed coldly and he stepped forwards too. His aura was no weaker than him and he was suppressed right away.

"I will be the one to kill you!" That was the only thing the Northern Region Lord said before he attacked.


True Qi turned into a multi-colored bottle. It smashed down from the sky.

"Ten Thousand Buddha Tower!" The first chair took out his own treasure. It was a tower which he used to smack the Northern Region Lord.

It wasnt a Celestial Artifact and it wasnt a treasure from the Nine Skies. This was a treasure that the first chair had refined by himself. It gave off a golden colored light, similar to the Slaughter Tower. It also gave off a Buddha image that was about to suppress the Northern Region Lord.

The Northern Region Lord wasnt afraid of it. The bottle smashed into the tower and it gave off a low thud.


An invisible shockwave spread and swept everything around. No normal monks dared to stay in front of the Slaughter Tower and all of them retreated far away.

The first chair saw that his tower had blocked the Northern Region Lords attacks. He held it up and flew into the air before smashing down with it.


The first chair wanted to suppress the Northern Region Lord under his own tower.

He injected his True Qi into the tower. 10,000 years ago, he was at Legend Realm Stage 33. After 10,000 years of accumulation, his True Qi was immeasurable.


The tower pressed down and covered the Northern Region Lord. The huge pressure caused dust and dirt to fly everywhere.

The Northern Region Lord looked on coldly at the tower that was about to land. He was totally unafraid and just scoffed.

Great Dao Treasure Bottle!

The Northern Region Lord used his own technique. His body turned into a giant bottle and welcomed the attack.

This bottle was totally different from the multi-colored one. This was a yellow bottle and it contained what the Northern Region Lord comprehended about the World Dao.

The weight of the world!

The Northern Region Lord, who had turned into a bottle, gave out a loud rumbling as he charged near the treasure tower.


A loud thud reverberated in the sky.

A golden light exploded and the tower collapsed, turning into multiple shrapnels.

The Northern Region Lords strike was really direct, breaking down the treasure tower that the first chair had refined for 10,000 years. He turned it into dust which scattered everywhere.

The tower was destroyed and the first chairs body was shaken. He retreated and fresh blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth.

"Impossible How can my tower be destroyed so easily?" The first seal was filled with disbelief. He looked at the Northern Region Lord and shook his head.

"I told you that I would kill you. If I didnt have the ability, then how would I be able to kill you?" The Northern Region Lord laughed coldly. He stepped forwards and pressed down with his hand pressed before transforming into a bottle which suppressed the first seat.

He wanted to kill that person!

The pressure was terrifying. The Northern Region Lords comprehension of the Great Dao Treasure Bottle was incredibly deep.

The first seat was in a terrible state under the great pressure. It made him feel like a porcelain vase which started to crack. Kacha, the sound when a vase fell to the ground.

The first seats skull shattered.

Under the Northern Region Lords pressure, his skull shattered and he spat out a mouthful of blood.


"Save me!" The first seat shouted. He felt really afraid. He sensed how terrifying the Northern Region Lord was. If that strike landed, he would definitely die.

This was why he asked for help!


No one came!

The second seat wanted to help but Lucifer stopped him. Lucifers light and dark space covered the second seat.

"I am here to kill you!" Lucifer was ice-cold and he didnt hide his killing intent at all. In this light and dark space, Lucifer was definitely able to fully suppress the second seat.

The third seat was held up by Moon Angel. Although Moon Angel was only at Stage 30, she had the celestial artifact Full Moon.

With Full Moon in hand, how would the third seat there to be so arrogant?

Just one blade slicing on the body would be enough to render him powerless.

This was why even though the third seat was stage 33, he didnt dare to face Moon Angel head-on.

The others wanted to save him but they were all held up.

In the distance, Li Wuya held the Overlord Blade and struck Damo House First Seat.

Using the Ahbi Hell Blade Technique, each blade was a killing technique. It was a killing move that would send one to hell.

Damo House First Seat couldnt block at all. The Overlord Blade was amazing. Although he didnt know what grade it was, in front of the Celestial Artifact, the Overlord Blade showed off its own strength.

Thus, the Damo House First Seat couldnt block anymore and shouted for help.

But no one could save him.

A loud voice spread out from above.


It was a tragic roar that came from the first seat. He was hit by the Northern Region Lords Great Dao Treasure Bottle and his body exploded. Fresh blood scattered like blood rain.

Over at Dalin Temple, the Northern Region Lord would kill you just like that. He didnt have to reason with you at all.

After killing the first seat, the Northern Region Lord didnt care about the others. Instead, he formed his strongest Great Dao Treasure Bottle.

An extremely bright and eye-catching, 49-colored bottle!

It was one of Dalin Temples treasures, Slaughter Tower!


The Northern Region Lords full-powered strike helped Demon Frog overturn the Slaughter Tower. So what if it was a Celestial Artifact? Without anyone using it, it could be easily flipped.

"Hahaha, I have been waiting for this day for a long time. My body will be reunited and the peak Demon Frog is back!" Demon Frog laughed out loud. Demonic energy spread out, not only him but from the other monsters too.

With the Slaughter Tower overturned, the seven monsters hidden within started to wake up.

Dalin Temple was dealt a heavy blow!

All of a sudden, the situation had gotten so out of hand.

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