Awake On His Bed Chapter 148

149 Without Second Thoughts

After that they decided to slice the cake for the twins.

The emcee initiated the birthday song first, then everyone followed.

~happy birthday to you....!

"happy birthday Tasha and Thaniel! "

Everybody cheered and clapped their hands in unison.

The feast started and everybody enjoyed the food, including the couple. They never realized that the Batman guy disappeared from the crowd.

Maria was busy feeding the twins when someone spoke behind her.

"congratulations Maria! "

A man stood behind her, Maria think that the voice was very familiar. She looked up immediately and saw a man she never thought of seeing again!

"Jake?! "

Maria speak anxiously but she was very glad seeing him again!

"yes, who do you think? "

Jake asked and opened his arms, hinting her to hug him.

Maria hugged him without second thoughts. She was very happy that Jake has finally moved on. Maria felt an unfelt feeling was been vanished inside her heart!

She never knew that she was still been carrying a guilt from what happened between her and Jake!

"I thought you wouldn't come, because last year you did not! "

Maria pouted and freed herself from his embrace.

"I'm sorry about that, I was just so busy and how come I am going to miss my best buddy's wedding?! "

Maria knew that Jake doesn't want to open that topic so she just go with the flow.

"did you two talk already? "

"yes, before we came to you I already had a chitchat with that jerk! "

Jakr informed her jokingly.

"we? "

Maria asked, but before Jake could respond she saw a beautiful woman behind Jake. She was very beautiful! Maybe she didn't saw het earlier because she was very engrossed talking with Jake.

"yes, ahm Maria this is Mary and Mary this is Maria my best friend's wife. "

Jake introduced them and Maria happily hugged Mary.

"hi, we both have the same name! "

Maria speak enthusiastically. Mary just nodded and smiled. Maria observed that she was very shy!

"so, are you Jake's girlfriend? "

Maria asked excitedly, she even clasped both of her hands.

But the atmosphere became awkward. Nobody answered her question! What?!

"can I hugged my precoius babies, Maria? "

Jake speak to changed the topic. Hoping to lighten the mood around them.

"ah, of course! They are your babies! They missed their 'father' so much!"

Maria speak jokingly and teased Jake. She already forgot the awkward situation she made!

"The babies was his? Really? "
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