Archean Eon Art Chapter 412

Chapter 412 Reunion


Peach blossoms bloomed outside the city. The fragrance of flowers spread.

A sloppy-looking, middle-aged man with a saber by his waist walked in the wilderness. He chuckled as he looked at the majestic Jiang State Capital

Im back. Meng Dajiang had stubble on his face. He had lived in the wilderness for three years and was used to looking sloppy.


A figure flashed across the sky and landed in front of Meng Dajiang. It was Meng Chuan, who greeted him happily, "Dad." "Chuaner." Meng Dajiang looked at his son proudly and smiled. "Youre not hunting for demon monarchs today?"

"Dad, as your son, I naturally have to receive you since youre back today. As for the demon monarchs? Now that were finishing up, theres no need to rush anymore," said Meng Chuan with a smile.

Meng Dajiang walked alongside his son in the wilderness road and asked, "Chuaner, according to your letter, the first batch will only reduce the number of patrolling Godfiends by 500. There are only 800 patrolling Godfiends in the Great Zhou Dynasty, right?"

"There are 805." Meng Chuan nodded as he said with mixed emotions, "In the past seven years, the Great Zhou Dynasty has sent 1,579 patrolling Godfiends. A total of 763 patrolling Godfiends died, and 11 were heavily injured, forced to return to their hometown."

"Almost half of them died in battle," said Meng Dajiang with a sigh. "During my Patroller days, I discovered that things were getting easier. Its almost impossible to encounter a demon monarch now. Only when Archean Mountain announced that you were the one that killed a million demon monarchs did I understand."

"Yes." Meng Chuan nodded. "I broke through with my strength half a year ago. It boosted my ability to hunt demon monarchs by ten-fold. That was how I managed to clear out all the demon monarchs in the world. Ill probably be done in a few more months." "As your father, Ive leeched some benefits off from you," said Meng Dajiang with a smile. "If it werent for you, Im afraid that the Patroller Godfiends wouldnt have been able to retreat for decades."

"The losses are too severe," said Meng Chuan. "The Great Yue Dynasty and Black Sand Dynasty have suffered more losses than us. Over half of the patrolling Godfiends in the world have died in just seven years. If this continues for another ten years, they will mostly be dead. I even think that if I had broken through earlier, not so many patrolling Godfiends wouldve died."

Meng Dajiang patted his sons shoulder and said with a smile, "Things dont go as we wish in this world. You are already very outstanding. Since the Patrollers made their choice, they were prepared. Although many died, they saved billions of lives."

Meng Chuan nodded. "Yea."

If it werent for Godfiends and demon monarch servants patrolling the world, the million demon monarchs would have slaughtered most of the mortals in the world. Since they allowed the demon monarchs to hunt down humans, although Meng Chuans reconnaissance was effective, he couldnt split himself up. The number of deaths would have been unimaginable.

Only with the deterrence of the Patroller Godfiends could they minimize the losses.

"By the way, you said that you would fetch your mother on 8th April?" Meng Dajiang looked at his son. "Has Black Sand Grotto-Heaven really agreed to your request?"

"Theyve agreed," said Meng Chuan with a smile. "Dont worry. The three Supremacies from Black Sand Grotto-Heaven have agreed and sent a letter. Its impossible for them to go back on their word."

Meng Dajiang nodded.

"Before we go, Dad, you have to tidy up yourself." Meng Chuan couldnt help but say, "Youre too sloppy." "This" Meng Dajiang looked at himself and laughed. "I really dont think too much about my appearance when Im alone in the wilderness. I do need to trim myself."

8th April Meng Dajiang had lost a lot of weight. He was more muscular and looked much younger. Furthermore, as a Great Solar Body Tempering Godfiend, Meng Dajiang looked like he was in his thirties.


Meng Dajiang and Meng Chuan flew at high speed through the clouds, heading straight for Black Sand Grotto-Heaven.

"Dad, you look much younger now," said Meng Chuan with a smile as he turned to look at his father.

"Its not much different from back then, right?" asked Meng Dajiang.

"Almost identical," evaluated Meng Chuan.

His figure and appearance were very similar. His temperament was calm and restrained. The lonely Patroller days were also a form of training for his father.

"Thats good." Meng Dajiang nodded. He was clearly nervous. The thing he yearned for the most in his life was to meet his wife, Bai Nianyun. He originally thought it would be an eternal regret, but now that it was about to be realized, he was extremely excited.

"Right ahead." Meng Chuan immediately saw two figures standing at the foot of one of the mountains in the distance.


The father and son landed.

Meng Dajiangs gaze landed on the cyan-clothed woman in the distance.

The cyan-clothed woman looked at Meng Dajiang with tears in her eyes.

Meng Dajiang wasnt fat anymore. He looked quite similar to the time he separated from his wife back then.

Bai Nianyun was stronger, but due to her 300-hundred-year lifespan as a Marquis Godfiend, her appearance hadnt changed much. Only her aura was colder than before.

As they looked at each other, an influx of old memories surged into their minds.

Back then, they had met, interacted with each other, fallen in love, married, and had a son They would never forget their lovey-dovey days. Due to the demon massacre at the time, Bai Nianyun had no choice but to expose her identity to fend them off, causing them to be separated.

Bai Nianyun looked at her husband. "Dajiang."

"Nianyun." Meng Dajiang ran over excitedly.

It had been over 50 years.

The couple stared at each other.

"Humph." The illusory figure by the side snorted coldly.

Bai Nianyun recovered from her intense emotions. She immediately pulled Meng Dajiang and said respectfully, "Dajiang, this is our Bai familys matriarch. Hurry up and greet her."

Meng Dajiang bowed respectfully. "Greetings, Matriarch."

The illusory Bai Yaoyue looked younger than Bai Nianyun, but her cold aura made the heart of Meng Dajiang-a Great Solar Godfiendtremble.

"You are Meng Chuan?" Bai Yaoyue couldnt be bothered to look at the couple. Instead, she looked at Meng Chuan.

"Greetings, Supremacy Yaoyue." Meng Chuan bowed.

"You have contributed greatly to humanity by killing one million demon monarchs." Bai Yaoyue nodded in satisfaction. "Its been a long time since Ive seen such an outstanding junior Godfiend. Cultivate well and enter the Creation realm as soon as possible. The demons wont stop so easily."

"Yes," replied Meng Chuan politely.

The other party was an expert that matched his master and Supremacy Li Guan. As his mothers matriarch, he had to be polite. Of course, it was also because of her that his parents could reunite.

If Bai Yaoyue didnt allow his parents to reunite, Meng Chuan wouldnt have been that nice. In the future, he wouldve forcefully brought his mother back when he got stronger.

Since Black Sand Grotto-Heaven was now sincere, and on his good side, it wasnt good to be rude.

"As for the two of you?" Bai Yaoyue coldly stared at Bai Nianyun and Meng Dajiang.

"Matriarch." Bai Nianyun was extremely respectful. Meng Dajiang lowered his head to listen to her lecture.

"One is weak, while the other is stupid. You value your so-called love and dont care about cultivation at all. You wasted a lot of the Grand Yin lineages resources," said Bai Yaoyue with a sneer. "Its only because Meng Chuan has contributed greatly to humanity that our Black Sand Grotto-Heaven made an exception. Otherwise, with my temper, the two of you can forget about being together for the rest of your lives."

Bai Nianyun and Meng Dajiang listened to the lecture and didnt retort.

"Its frustrating to see the two of you." Bai Yaoyue waved her sleeve and turned to leave. Her illusory figure disappeared into the vast mountain range. "Lets go," said Meng Dajiang with a smile.

Bai Nianyun looked at her husband. "Are you not angry by what the Matriarch said?"

"Were already together. Its nothing to let her say a few words." Meng Dajiang smiled happily. He was indeed extremely happy today.

Meng Chuan watched from the side. After seeing how intimate his parents were, he felt like he had become an outsider.

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