Archean Eon Art Chapter 411

Chapter 411 Meng An Out Of Seclusion

Black Sand Grotto-Heaven had beautiful scenery.

Marquis Martial Yang flew to Bai Yaoyues pavilion with a heavy heart. Suddenly, a cyan-clothed woman appeared. It was Bai Nianyun.

"Junior Sister Bai," greeted Marquis Martial Yang politely.

Bai Nianyun glanced at Marquis Martial Yang and nodded slightly before leaving without a word.

She has become more arrogant after her son became a Regis Godfiend. Marquis Martial Yang snorted inwardly before entering the building.

After a while, Marquis Martial Yang saw Bai Yaoyue, as well as the illusory figures of Meng Tiange and Mi Yu.

Under normal circumstances, only Bai Yaoyues true body protected Black Sand Grotto-Heaven. Meng Tiange and Mi Yu had their Essence Soul avatars present, but it was very rare for the three Supremacies to appear at the same time. "Greetings, Master, Supremacies." Marquis Martial Yang bowed respectfully.

"Marquis Martial Yang" said Bai Yaoyue. Her voice was ethereal; it was like she had descended from the heavens. As Marquis Martial Yang listened to her voice, his eyes glazed over.

Bai Yaoyue was the most monstrous Creation Supremacy in the past 1,000 years. Her Essence Soul talent was rather high. She had already attained a sixth-level Essence Soul. Although she didnt spend much effort on illusions, they were enough to control a Godfiend with a second-level Essence Soul for a short period of time.

"Let me ask you. Have you colluded with the Skydemon Sect and the demons?" asked Bai Yaoyue directly.

"The demons are powerful. Theres no hope of victory. I naturally have to leave myself a way out," said Marquis Martial Yang numbly.

Meng Tianges expression changed when he heard that. He couldnt help but ask, "Now that the situation has changed, do you plan on severing ties with the demons?"

"You want to help your disciple?" Mi Yu sent a voice transmission.

Marquis Martial Yang was a Halberd Hall disciple. Most of Halberd Halls powerful Godfiends were Meng Tianges disciples.

Marquis Martial Yang said numbly, "Although the one million-strong demon monarch army has been slain and theres hope of victory, the number of World Entrances is still increasing slowly. The demons might still win. Its safer to have an additional path of survival. Since the demons dont have any evidence to oust me and the sect doesnt dare to incur public wrath, Black Sand Grotto-Heaven can only interrogate me through illusions when they have no evidence."

"Humph." Bai Yaoyues expression turned cold.

Mi Yu sneered. "Shameless."

Meng Tiange shook his head gently.

"What have you done during your collusion with the demons?" Bai Yaoyue continued to ask questions.

"I only revealed some information. Three pieces of information were of value. The demons were quite generous, and I received the rewards," said Marquis Martial Yang numbly. However, every sentence came from the bottom of his heart.

"Execute him," said Meng Tiange directly.

Bai Yaoyue and Mi Yu nodded.

No powerful Godfiend was willing to be controlled by illusions and have their secrets dug out. This resulted in public wrath! After all, most Godfiends were unwilling to reveal secrets to others. They only wished to hide them in their hearts forever.

This time, they had only interrogated Marquis Martial Yang because of Meng Chuan. Furthermore, Marquis Martial Yang had indeed plotted against a fellow Godfiend. Therefore, they forcefully interrogated him through illusions. This interrogation was witnessed by three Creation Supremacies.

Previously, the demons had the absolute advantage, and there was no hope of victory. Countless powerful demon monarchs-enough to blot out the sky-had constantly entered the human world. In the face of death and temptation, the human races upper echelons understood that it was impossible for all Godfiends to be absolutely loyal. There would definitely be a few of them colluding with the demons secretly!

With regards to this, the human races upper echelons were unable to carry out a large-scale purge.

This was because they didnt know how many Godfiends had colluded with the demons. One-fifth? One-third? Without knowing the exact number, they didnt dare purge their sects. Furthermore, they were afraid that their internal strife would result in countless casualties before the demons even did anything. This was probably something the demons were looking forward to.

Furthermore, as long as these Godfiends-who had colluded with the demons-were used well, they would still be part of their combat forces!

As long as humans carefully kept important information secret, Godfiends had to carry out their missions without openly showing their betrayal. They had to kill demon monarchs and protect humanity without making a fuss.

No matter what these Godfiends-who colluded with the demonsthought, if they were put to good use, they would still be serving humanity.

Marquis Martial Yang was secretly executed.

Although they didnt announce his death publicly, the powerful Godfiends of Black Sand Grotto-Heaven knew about it. They knew that Marquis Martial Yang had colluded with the demons, and the evidence was conclusive. The three Creation Supremacies decided to execute him together.

Traitor. The loyal Godfiends were furious and disdainful.

I have to be even more careful. Those that colluded with the demons became even more cautious and had various thoughts.

Jiang State Capital.

Executed for colluding with the demons? When Meng Chuan read the letter, he could sense Black Sand Grotto-Heavens sincerity.

Archean Mountain.

A spatial vortex appeared in a cave on a nameless mountain. A handsome youth walked out. He resembled Meng Chuan, but he was slightly more elegant. He was a combination of his parents physical traits. "Meng An," shouted a white-robed woman immediately as she waited outside. Meng An looked at his sister and couldnt help but smile. "Sis."

"Youve been in seclusion for too long. Its been three months," said Meng You.

"Didnt I say that Ill come back once three months are up?" said Meng An.

Meng You smiled and said, "I know. There are many things you cant tell me."

The siblings cultivated on the mountain together. Over time, Meng You realized how special her brother was.

Her younger brother was very powerful. She never knew the limits of her younger brothers strength. Meng An, who was 23 years old, was already a Great Solar Godfiend. Furthermore, he had defeated other Great Solar Godfiend disciples easily on Dao Exchange Peak. A senior brotherwho had the strength of a threshold Marquis Godfiend-had once sparred with her younger brother when he visited. He had also been defeated by her younger brother.

Furthermore, her younger brother had to enter seclusion every year. No one was allowed to disturb him during his seclusion, and nobody could find him when he did enter seclusion.

"Something major happened while you were in seclusion," said Meng You as she looked at Meng An.

"What happened?" Meng An asked in surprise.

"Dad and Mom have become Regis Godfiends," said Meng You with a smile as she looked at her brother.

What? Meng An was alarmed. Dad and Mom have both become Regis Godfiends? Since when did becoming a Regis Godfiend become so easy?

"Furthermore, Dad and Mom should have been Regis Godfiends for many years," said Meng You. "Dad has been secretly hunting demon monarchs in the world, causing the demons to panic. The demons even sent a demon sage to assassinate him. Dad and Mom managed to fight the demon sagewho surpassed them in technique and cultivation realm. In that battle, the defeated demon sage fled from the human world. This news has spread throughout the world. Archean Mountain has also publicly announced that Dad has killed over a million demon monarchs alone."

"He killed over a million demon monarchs?" Meng An was alarmed. "Dad did it alone?"

"Yes, this is public information. Furthermore, the imperial governments conferment decree clearly stated his achievements. Its absolutely true," said Meng You, still amazed by her fathers achievements. "The entire Archean Mountain is in an uproar. Fellow disciples are often visiting us. You sure are good. You have been in seclusion the entire time. Ive been pestered so much that I dont even dare participate in the Dao Exchanges."

Meng An nodded when he heard that. However, he thought to himself, Humans are faced with the threat of demons. Due to this calamity, an exception was made for me to become Ancestral Master Archean Eons prime disciple.

This was another great secret of humanity. Usually, those that passed the Samsara trial and became Ancestral Master Archean Eons cross-generation disciples were only normal disciples.

If ones talent was ridiculously monstrous, they would have a chance of becoming Ancestral Master Archean Eons prime disciple. Meng Ans talent wasnt that high, but as humanity was facing a calamity, they put more effort into grooming him. He would directly become Ancestral Master Archean Eons prime disciple. He would also be nurtured with greater effort. The trials that helped hone his strength were also more difficult.

If he could withstand the arrangements, he would rise to prominence. If he failed, he would lose his prime disciple status; his cultivation path would also be severed.

He entered seclusion for three months every year. He would undergo the mysterious Samsara Tempering of the Heart. He would need to undergo it a total of nine times. This was also the so-called Nine Lifetime Samsara Tempering of the Heart. As long as he failed once, his mind would be greatly affected. He would suffer great obstruction as he continued his cultivation journey; his cultivation could even be severed.

Every three years, he would undergo the Myriad Spear Devastator Tribulation. He needed to undergo it three times. This also took nine years.

These nine years were used to build his foundation.

Once he passed through these trials, he would have the strongest foundation in human history. He would surpass Ancestral Master Archean Eon and all his other seniors, becoming the strongest Great Solar Godfiend in history.

However, this was just the foundation building period. Meng An still had a series of arrangements awaiting for him after this. There were also matters that a prime disciple of Ancestral Master Archean Eon had to do. Meng An had to bear the responsibility. This path was destined to be difficult.

If he survived it all, he would be a dazzling expert in the River of Spacetime.

If he couldnt endure it?

He would be left to rot.

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