Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 2047

Chapter 2047 Offering Congratulations To The King Of Gods

Mo Qingcheng smiled sweetly. She smiled, and her eyes were wet. She stared at the white-robed figure in front of her, “You have not asked if I’m willing to marry you or not?”

“In that case, are you willing?” Qin Wentian smiled and asked.

Mo Qingcheng inclined her head, she stared at the rainbows in the sky and shouted, “I’m willing…!”

Her voice echoed throughout the surrounding space. They were speaking as though there was no one nearby. This caused the surroundings to fall into silence. No one dared to speak. The two immortals both had extremely ugly expressions right now.

“Senior, I’m sorry. I already have someone I love. Hence, I can only thank you for your kind intentions.” Mo Qingcheng’s beautiful eyes stared at the two immortals. She had already made preparations to endure all consequences due to her rejection.

“Do you know who are you rejecting?” That beautiful middle-aged woman coldly spoke, causing everyone to feel a sense of being stifled.

“Qingcheng, you are crazy!” Only now did the people of the Mo Residence react. They rushed over. The second uncle glared at Qin Wentian as he angrily roared, “You are courting death!”

Qin Wentian turned his gaze over, and stared at Mo Qingcheng’s second uncle. His expression was tranquil, he calmly spoke, “I don’t wish to hurt you. So, it’s best that you stand at the side and watch quietly.”

“You…” Mo Qingcheng’s second uncle pointed at Qin Wentian as he raged, “You madman, you harmed my Mo Residence. Twenty years ago, you were already waiting outside our clan for Qingcheng to be born. Could it be you were waiting for today? Isn’t that too ridiculous? You are simply too despicable.”

“I told you to stand at the side and watch quietly.” Qin Wentian seriously spoke. He glanced over. At this moment, Mo Qingcheng’s second uncle only felt his soul being frozen. His entire body was wet from his sweat. He couldn’t help but to stare fixedly at Qin Wentian. As expected, he was no ordinary person. No wonder he didn’t age.

“I don’t care who you are. If you scram now, I won’t kill you.” At this moment, the young man who proposed to Mo Qingcheng had a dark look on his face as he looked at Qin Wentian. The way he spoke was like he was granting Qin Wentian a favor. His parents personally came to this particle world to propose marriage for him yet now, their family was actually having their faces smacked in public.

Qin Wentian calmly glanced at him before shifting his gaze away. The young man only felt that Qin Wentian completely had no regard for his existence at all. It was like he simply didn’t exist in Qin Wentian’s eyes. Also, this white-robed figure was truly extremely handsome. This couldn’t help but cause the young man’s eyes to flash with a hint of ruthlessness.

“Kill him.” The expression of the young man turned malevolent, he turned and gave a command to the golden condor which was his parents’ mount. The golden condor let out a sharp screech. It lifted his claws and took a step forward.

It was unknown when Little Rascal jumped out of Mo Qingcheng’s embrace. His body suddenly transformed. He shone with golden light as he expanded in size. Very soon, he grew even larger than the golden condor as an absolute kingly aura radiated from him. His gaze also contained an invisible pressure that caused the hearts of everyone to pound rapidly.

That golden condor began to tremble unceasingly. Its legs didn’t seem able to support its body. With a soft plop, it actually directly groveled on the ground. Not only for the golden condor, everyone discovered to their shock that all the demonic beasts in the surroundings were all prostrating themselves. Their bodies trembled with fear as they faced Little Rascal’s location like they were paying respects to their king.

“I told you to kill him. Trash.” The young man barked angrily when he saw the golden condor groveling. His parents narrowed their eyes, their immortal senses swept over this terrifying demonic beast which was Little Rascal. They both felt something was wrong. This demonic beast merely revealed a trace of his aura and all the other demonic beasts here instantly groveled in fear.

“Little Rascal?” Mo Qingcheng stared at this scene with disbelief. Ever since she was young, she had been playing with this little fellow. That snowy puppy was actually a greater demon?

The people of the Mo Clan were also stunned. Their eyes turned to Qin Wentian. The second uncle coldly spoke, “So you truly had malicious intent.”

“We are from the Qilian Immortal Sect of the Azure Mystic Immortal Realm. I wonder who sir might be?” The two immortals turned their gazes to Qin Wentian as they asked.

However, Qin Wentian didn’t even spare a glance at them. His gaze turned to Mo Qingcheng as he smiled, “Qingcheng. I still remember two years ago you once told me that the person whom you want to marry would have to summon true dragons and divine phoenixes, arrange a grand procession for ten thousand miles, with rainbows filling the skies as well as having many phenomenons manifesting in the heavens and I said that the person who marries you would surely arrange for a grand procession, even the upper worlds would be notified and all heavenly deities and divine beasts would attend. Phenomenons would appear in the sky, the nine heavenly layers would resonate together and all the supreme experts from all the immortal realms would come by to offer their congratulations.”

Mo Qingcheng’s eyes flashed with a bright light as she looked at Qin Wentian. She naturally remembered this. However, wasn’t that just a beautiful dream?

“As long as the person who marries me is you, everything else doesn’t matter.” Mo Qingcheng’s tears flowed as she smiled gently.

“But I will naturally have to accomplish the things I promised you.” Qin Wentian’s gaze was incomparably tender. The hearts of everyone in the surroundings trembled. Had this fellow gone crazy? His words were simply unbelievable. Who in this world could achieve what he said earlier?

Qin Wentian inclined his head and glanced at the sky before calmly speaking, “Split the sky.”

With just a single glance, the heavens were shaking. A beam of divine light directly split the sky as boundless multi-colored light descends from the horizons. From the location Qin Wentian was in, beams of divine light shot in different directions. Everywhere the divine beams passed by, everyone discovered to their shock that they could actually see different scenes. There were numerous majestic cities, powerful sects and clans, towering floating palaces wherever they looked. Were these all scenes from the upper worlds?

Thirty-three beams of light, thirty-three immortal realms. At this moment, the divine beams of light arced through the skies of the thirty-three immortal realms as countless people inclined their heads, staring at the reflected scene in the particle world.

(Arrange for a grand procession, even the upper worlds would be notified.)

And now, in the airspace of the particle world, another beam of light arced through as heaven-shaking roars could be heard. After that, five-clawed golden dragons rode the wind and flew over. Phoenixes burning with divine fire arced through the sky. Kirins galloped on the clouds, the golden crows screeched…All sorts of divine saint beasts descended from the upper worlds and continued appearing in the airspace of this particle world. It was unknown how many saint beasts there are.

The people of the particle world stared up at the sky as their bodies trembled. What just happened exactly?

The saint beasts descended and arrived in the airspace directly above the Mo Residence. These beasts were all incomparably gigantic in size and they flew in circles above the Mo Residence, spiraling around. Those experts from the immortal sect felt their bodies shuddering. The two immortals felt their hearts pounding with fright as well.

“Miracle, is this a miracle?” Many people directly knelt down, staring up at the sky, feeling extremely moved.

However, even more gazes landed on Qin Wentian. He split the skies open with a single glance and connected this place to all the immortal realms in addition to divine saint beasts descending. He truly did achieve what he said.

Mo Qingcheng stared at this scene with disbelief. Her eyes were wet. Was she dreaming?

From the sky, numerous figures suddenly descended. Each figure exuded unfathomably powerful auras like they were deities and gods. There were also terrifying devil experts who arrived as well.

Not only so, everyone in the upper worlds watched the scene in the particle world with solemn expressions filled with respect. They naturally knew who Qin Wentian was. Qin Wentian was the god all lives believed in.

The two immortals felt their hearts trembling. Even their legs were shaking. Anyone of the figures that appeared, including anyone of the demonic beasts, were so strong that even the strongest people in their immortal sect had to kneel before them.

Each character that arrived from the sky were existences they had no way to come in contact with. The distance between them was unimaginably huge. Who was this white-robed young man exactly?

“Who is he?” Countless people silently mused. The people of the Mo Residence was asking as well. This scene felt too surreal.

“Demon God Mountain leads all saint beasts and demonic beasts in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms Desolate Region to offer our congratulations for the Ancient Godly Monarch. We pay our respects to the king of gods.” All the demons lowered their heads. Regardless of saint beasts or demonic beasts, they were all incomparably respectful at this moment. This young man before them was the Ancient Godly Monarch, it’s said that it was difficult even for their demon sovereigns to meet with him. As for them being able to come and offer their congratulations, this was already an unparalleled glory.

“Congratulations to the king of gods.”

“Congratulations to the Ancient Godly Monarch.” In the sky, all the deity-level experts bowed like they were on a pilgrimage.

“Godking Palace of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms offers our congratulations to the Ancient Godly Monarch.” Outside the heavens, in the scene reflecting the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, countless people within the Godking Palace were bowing as they offered their congratulations.

“Heaven Empyrean Palace of Azure Mystic offers our congratulations to the king of gods.” All branches of experts in the Heaven Empyrean Palace also bowed.

“Cao Clan of the Blazing Sun Immortal Realms offers our congratulations to the king of gods.” In another scene, many people in the Cao Clan knelt on one knee. The Godking Palace and Heaven Empyrean Palace of Azure Mystic were direct subordinates of the Ancient Godly Monarch. Their statuses were different hence they needed to be even more sincere and more respectful.

“Donghuang Clan of the Eastern Royal Immortal Realms offers our congratulations to the Ancient Godly Monarch.” In another scene, a woman stood in the lead. This woman was none other than Donghuang Ying. She led everyone from the Donghuang Clan to offer their congratulations. No one knew what the current emotions in her heart were.

All sorts of voices rang throughout the thirty-three immortal realms. At this moment, the entire particle world was filled with the echoes of their voices. Within the thirty-three immortal realms, all lives were offering their congratulations, staring at the scene in the particle world with respect from the depths of their hearts. The Ancient Godly Monarch had saved all their lives after the war for supremacy.

With a soft plopping sound, the two immortals knelt on the ground and directly prostrated themselves, with their heads touching the ground. Their bodies trembled. At this moment, how could they still not know the identity of this white-robed young man?

In this entire universe, there was only one person who could make everyone in the thirty-three immortal realms pay respect to him.

The Heaven Empyrean, the legend of Azure Mystic, their symbol of faith and belief. Everyone in the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms knew of this legend and worshipped him.

He also had another title – Ancient Godly Monarch.

He was unrivaled in the thirty-three immortal realms and the nine heavenly layers.

He was a high-up and supreme god, an existence that even surpassed godkings. However today, they met him here. Not only did they meet him, they actually wanted to snatch his woman for their son?

At this moment, they who had prostrated themselves on the ground, didn’t do so merely out of fear. They were shocked and emotionally excited too. The Ancient Godly Monarch was right before their eyes.

Was there anyone in the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms who didn’t wish to meet with the Heaven Empyrean Qin Wentian?

“Sir, you have returned.” Some of the older people in this particle world spoke out. Their bodies also trembled as tears fell from their aged eyes. They slowly knelt down with respect from the depths of their hearts. Once, it was he who saved this particle world. He was the god of this world since a long time ago and he has now finally returned. They had never imagined that they would actually be able to see him at such a close distance. Right now, he wasn’t merely the god of the particle world. He was the king of the gods of all the thirty-three immortal realms!!

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