Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 2046

Chapter 2046 I Will Marry You

The tiny city gradually becomes increasingly lively. Many people in the particle world headed there in congratulations. Some wanted to see the immortals from the upper world, even in this era, immortals were extremely rare in particle worlds. They were all lofty characters. Hence, one could very well imagine the allure an immortal from an upper world would cause.

The Mo Residence naturally was the center of the liveliness. Endless people flowed into the city, wanting to congratulate them. The atmosphere there was even more bustling compared to the city streets.

But as the main character in question Mo Qingcheng, during these days no one saw her again. According to the Mo Residence, Mo Qingcheng was currently cultivating in closed-door cultivation.

Other than the Mo Clan being extremely lively, many people also came to the tiny huts where Qin Wentian resided during these few days. His parents, Qin Yuanfeng and Luoshen Qianxue also arrived. They came here quietly. And other than them, his foster father Qin Chuan, Mo Qingcheng’s family from her previous life, were all here. After that, they quietly stayed in this tiny city and didn’t bother the Mo Residence. Only a few days were left. They were willing to wait quietly until Mo Qingcheng recovers her memories.

As for the so-called marriage proposal by a genius of an immortal sect as well as an immortal wanting to accept her as a personal disciple, all these to them were simply an insignificant matter. There was no need to worry too much about it.

The day where Mo Qingcheng turns twenty was finally coming.

In the tiny city, horses galloped on the streets while flying beasts blotted out the sky. In a radius of several hundred miles, everyone came here to witness the magnificent scene and to offer congratulations. Today would be the day where immortals from an upper world would descend.

Everyone in the Mo Residence was standing at the platform to welcome the immortals. When they saw the countless figures in a radius of several hundred miles, their faces were filled with smiles as they clasped their hands in response to the congratulations. They were all in high spirits.

At this moment, a group of figures suddenly floated down from the air. There were over a hundred people. The young men were all handsome and graceful while the young women were extremely beautiful. All of them exuded an extraordinary air. These people were disciples in the branch of the immortal sect here in this particle world. They also came to the platform and gazed up at the air, like they were waiting to welcome someone.

In the sky, immortal light flashed. After that, everyone saw an immortal beast flying over. The aura of the immortal beast was extremely shocking, everyone could feel it even from extremely far away.

“They are here.” The people of the Mo Residence felt excited.

The disciples of the immortal sect knelt with one knee on the ground as they bowed, “We welcome the immortals.”

“We welcome the immortals.” The people of the Mo Residence all bowed as well.

“We welcome the immortals.” The people in the surroundings of over hundreds of miles in radius all bowed together to show respect. These were all immortals from an upper world. It was rumored that these immortals were people with very high statuses in the immortal sect and many immortals would listen to them.

The Mo Residence was going to ascend to the skies. Everything was because the Mo Clan had given birth to a good daughter.

The golden-colored demon immortal beast descended on the ground, everyone could truly sense how terrifying this demonic beast was. It was a golden condor and his sharp eyes swept across everyone like they were nothing but ants.

The golden condor was extremely large and there were many people on his back. All of them respectfully stood there, standing around an immortal sedan. The auras of them all were clearly extremely powerful. All these were lofty characters.

At this moment, the curtain of the sedan pulled open as two figures slowly walked out. They walked from the back of the condor to the head and many people followed behind them.

This was a couple. The man was clad in luxurious robes and had an immortal crown on his head. The woman was elegant and graceful, like a female emperor. Her eyes had a hint of disdain as she stared at the people in this particle world. In that instant, everyone in the radius of few hundred miles held their breaths, in their vision, only the two of them existed now.

These two were immortals, high up and supreme. If it wasn’t for Mo Qingcheng, maybe all of them here would find it hard to be able to meet with such existences.

“Father, mother.” A young man appeared. This young man was extraordinarily handsome and he had a smile on his face. He was born extraordinary and came to this particle world to temper himself. It was here where he met Mo Qingcheng. He wanted to take her as his wife and even asked his parents to show up here, descending from the upper world. Truly, they had given the Mo Clan enough face.

“Where is she?” The woman calmly asked, not bothering to show too much respect to the Mo Residence. Their arrival was already showing favor to the Mo Clan. Her immortal sense swept through this world, this was ultimately still a particle world after all and it was so weak that it felt pathetic. It’s rumored that this place was the hometown of the Ancient Godly Monarch but in any case, there would only be one such person in the world. It was improbable for so many heaven-defying talents like him to exist.

“Quick, call Qingcheng over.” The people of the Mo Clan felt extremely anxious. This was the first time they were receiving such major characters, immortals from an upper world.

A moment later, Mo Qingcheng walked out. She looked at the immortals from the immortal sect but she was very calm.

“Qingcheng, why are you not paying your respects to the immortals?” Beside her, Mo Qingcheng’s second uncle hurriedly urged.

“Not bad.” At this moment, the woman nodded her head lightly, she looked very satisfied after seeing Mo Qingcheng. Regardless of cultivation or appearance, Mo Qingcheng truly could be qualified enough to match her son.

“It’s truly rare for the Mo Clan to be able to have such a descendant.” The man beside her also nodded in satisfaction. Seems like their son’s judgment truly wasn’t bad.

“Many thanks to the immortals.” Mo Qingcheng’s second uncle was incomparably respectful. Even now, those people from the immortal sect in Azure Mystic haven’t walked down from the golden condor yet. But no one dared to say anything about their arrogance. After all, they had the right to be arrogant. But even so, Mo Qingcheng didn’t feel too well about this. Her beautiful eyes stared at the crowd like she was searching for someone but she didn’t see the person she wanted to find.

“Strange uncle, you promised me that you would come. Qingcheng still wants to see you and talk to you.” Mo Qingcheng felt some sadness in her heart as she was unable to find the person she was looking for.

The young man’s figure flashed, he came to a place not far from Qingcheng as he spoke, “Qingcheng, two years ago you didn’t agree. But today, I especially asked my parents to head here from the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms. I’m sure you should be able to see my sincerity, right?”

Mo Qingcheng stopped her stray thoughts. Her beautiful eyes were calm as she stared at the young man.

“Mo Qingcheng.” At this moment, the beautiful middle-aged woman on the golden condor spoke. “I heard that you joined the immortal sect two years ago and your talent is outstanding. Now that I’ve seen you personally, I’m also extremely satisfied. In the future, you can be my personal disciple. If you put in some more effort, you should be able to establish your immortal foundation and enter the immortal realms.”

“Also, my son likes you very much and he brought this up many times to me. This time, us husband and wife came by because we wanted to propose marriage on his behalf. In the future, you can wait upon your husband well and improve together with him. Both of you shall be an idea immortal couple.”

Her words sounded so natural, like she didn’t even consider if Mo Qingcheng would reject this. From her point of view, this was a favor she was granting to the Mo Clan. It was Mo Qingcheng’s honor to accept.

Mo Qingcheng’s gaze showed hints of evasion, she was still searching through the crowd. This caused the beautiful middle-aged woman on the golden condor to frown. The man beside her spoke, “Mo Qingcheng, are you willing?”

“Qingcheng.” Mo Qingcheng’s second uncle spoke behind him. A hint of disappointment flashed in Mo Qingcheng’s eyes. She turned her gaze to the two immortals on the golden condor yet her heart was still thinking of that strange young man whom she named strange uncle. Would he really not come?

“The Mo Residence has struck it rich.” Countless gazes turned to Mo Qingcheng, waiting for her to say the words ‘I agree.’ There was no need to doubt the ending at all. Immortals came down personally from the upper world to propose. What an honor it was for the Mo Clan?

Mo Qingcheng’s eyes became somewhat wet. Everyone who was watching thought that she was emotionally touched. But who would know of her real feelings?

At this moment, a beam of light suddenly appeared in the sky. This beam of light was extremely bright, instantly attracting the attention of everyone. Many people inclined their heads and stared at it, but after that, a strange look appeared on their faces.

Mo Qingcheng also inclined her head. This beam of light was extremely bright. Not only that, a rainbow appeared and the rainbow continuously extended forth. Very soon, the rainbow filled the sky with multi-colored light. The multi-colored light actually gathered and took on unique forms, becoming the shapes of different saint beasts. There were dragons, phoenixes, black tortoises, and kirins. The scene was truly beautiful and magnificent.

“How beautiful.” Many people sighed in praise. Phenomenons manifested in the sky. Was the reason behind this the descent of the immortals from the upper world?

The light from the sky shot towards the ground, opening up pathways that seemed to lead directly up the heavens. This was simply incomparable. The people here have never seen such a miraculous scene before. At this moment, countless people in this particle world inclined their heads and stared up at the sky.

Mo Qingcheng’s eyes turned even wetter when she saw the phenomenons in the sky. The multi-colored light of the rainbow transformed into saint beasts but the person who will be marrying her wouldn’t be him. If that’s the case, what was the meaning of all of this?

“Phenomenons manifesting in the sky, an auspicious omen.” People from the Mo Residence spoke. Everyone in the Mo Residence was incomparably happy. Today, immortals from the upper world came by to propose a marriage and this event actually caused phenomenons to appear in the sky.

“Truly auspicious indeed.” The two immortals revealed smiles. It was very rare for such an amazing sight to happen.

It was unknown when but a snowy-white puppy suddenly ran out, moving towards Mo Qingcheng. Mo Qingcheng seemed to have sensed something. She stretched her hands out and Little Rascal leaped into her embrace. The light in her eyes brightened by a few degrees as she patted Little Rascal on his head. “Little Rascal, why are you here? Where is strange uncle?”

“Yiyiyaya.” Little Rascal gestured with his paws towards a direction. Among the crowd, a figure quietly walked over. This figure was clad in robes of pure white. He was extremely handsome and had an extraordinary demeanor. A smile appeared on his face, this smile was very warm and filled with tenderness. In his dark eyes, boundless emotions could be seen within.

Twenty years, a whole twenty years. It felt as long as a few centuries to him. The day he was waiting for finally came. Twenty years ago, he stood outside the Mo Residence waiting for Mo Qingcheng to be born. The destiny decreed by the cycle of reincarnation has finally come.

“Strange uncle, you are here!” Mo Qingcheng smiled happily. She was truly happy. Her smile was so radiant, but this caused the people of Mo Residence to furrow their brows. The young man who came to propose marriage also frowned, so did the immortals on the golden condor. Their eyes flickered with a cold light.

“What’s going on?” The beautiful middle-aged woman coldly spoke. Her voice was like ice. Such a handsome young man suddenly appeared and Mo Qingcheng’s smile was so radiant when she looked at him. She couldn’t help but to imagine things.

However, among the people who came here today from the particle world, there were still some elderly people who were still alive. Their cultivations weren’t low, at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm, hence their lifespan wasn’t short. When they saw that white-robed figure walking through the crowd, their bodies involuntarily trembled as their hearts pounded madly.

“My heavens, how can this be possible. It’s him, IT’S HIM!” They could never forget this figure, absolutely not. He, has returned.

“Mo Qingcheng, Mo Qingcheng…no wonder this name sounded so familiar.” They silently mused in their hearts. At this moment, they finally recalled it.

“I’ve come.” Qin Wentian gently stared at Mo Qingcheng.

“Strange uncle, I have some words I wish to speak to you about.” Mo Qingcheng spoke.

“Even if you don’t say them, I already know.” Qin Wentian replied.

Mo Qingcheng’s beautiful eyes blinked. So it turned out that he already knew. When she thought of this, she couldn’t help but blush.

In that case, he still came today?

When she thought of this, her heart pounded rapidly. “Strange uncle, then…should I marry him or not?”

“If you don’t wish to, you don’t need to marry him.” Qin Wentian’s reply was the same as two years ago.

“But if I don’t marry him, who should I marry?” Mo Qingcheng’s beautiful eyes stared at Qin Wentian.

“I will marry you.” Qin Wentian’s smile was incomparably radiant. When Mo Qingcheng heard this, the most beautiful smile in her twenty years of life appeared on her face!

“I will marry you.” Twenty years, in these twenty years, she has never heard of a single sentence that was so touching. The her right now tossed aside all considerations and worries. For this sentence, she was willing to pay any price!

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