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All I Really Want Is To Play Basketball summary:

In the 90s, as David Stern waits anxiously outside the Great Dynasty TV station building, looking at the NBA recordings in his hands and pondering about how to enter the Chinese market brimming with potential, never does he expect that... Praying to God, actually works! "Steel Shadow" (or Tetsukage if we want to go with the Naruto reference), "Northern Deity", "Smiling Guardian of the NBA hoop", "Never Shoots Unless He Does a Fadeaway Shot", "Elegant Jump Shots"..... When the bearer of all these titles, Su Feng, suddenly appears, it marks the beginning of youth for many people in the future! "Ah spat! How far must these haters go! My nickname is "Godslayer"!" Su Feng complains after reading the newspaper. G-O-D-S-L-A-Y-E-R. But have you wondered? How many godlike players can the NBA produce in the 90s?

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