Ace Of The Dragon Division Chapter 637

Chapter 637 Ye Xius Warning To Those Media Outlets

Xu Cheng wasnt purposely denying the five of them; the reason why he insisted that he did not want to bring Lin Chuxue with him was that he knew they did not have good impressions towards the entertainment industry. It was just like what they said, if it wasnt for Lin Chuxues willingness to quit the business for the sake of Xu Chengs reputation, they might not have even wanted to meet her.

Xu Cheng was afraid that they would pressure Lin Chuxue, so he was putting up a tough attitude right now because he was looking for an excuse for Lin Chuxue. He wanted to show how much he loved Lin Chuxue, implying that they could meet with her, but think more about how she would be treated.

Indeed, Lin Chuxue was also very patient, but she was also nervous when Xu Cheng said that he would bring her to meet those people in his circle.

This meant that she was really going to be Xu Chengs wife in the publics eye, and she would later be the Xu Familys daughter-in-law.

That social circle was huge, so huge that even her father back then could hardly touch the tip of the iceberg. Just hearing its name would make anyone afraid, so it would be a lie to say that she was not nervous.

Therefore, Lin Chuxue tried to relax herself and excused herself by helping Auntie Lan to prepare for her wedding so she could avoid meeting those people for the time being.

At least now that the major media were still broadcasting her affairs, she could not appear in front of those people. Otherwise, it would humiliate Xu Cheng.

A popular actress!

Lin Chuxue was a smart woman, it was not that she didnt want to meet the elders, but she just didnt want to be there at this time.

At the Royal Capital Entertainment Company

Liu Ziqi closed Weibo and said to Lin Yan in disdain. "What a stupid woman, Im afraid she doesnt even know that shes getting into trouble."

At the same time, other younger generation celebrities walked in and heard about Liu Ziqi for backing up Lin Chuxue on Weibo and asked, "Sister Liu, youre really not afraid that shell come back and snatch your position away from you if you back her up like this?"

Liu Ziqi frowned, glanced at the one who asked, and said, "If Sister Chuxue were to make a comeback, not only would I support her, I would also stand up for her and promote her. Im telling you, she didnt need to do this at all, because if she didnt leave in the first place, I wouldnt be where I am today. Im not saying that her leaving made me who I am, but she has once helped to pave the way for me. We are all from the same company and Ill tell you something just between us, that Lin Yan is definitely in trouble, so dont follow her footsteps at this time, understand?"

They all nodded.

But they still didnt quite understand how Lin Yan was going to end up doomed according to Liu Ziqi.

It wasnt just Lin Yan on Weibo, the news about Lin Chuxues marriage was also difficult to accept for those male celebrities who had been secretly in love with her.

They even encouraged their fans or hired people to curse Xu Cheng in his Weibo.

"You are just an ugly toad trying to go for a swan!"

"Leave our Princess Snow, you dont deserve her!"

"Return our Princess."

"Who is Xu Cheng? How come Ive never heard of him before? But recently, I heard about you because of Princess Snow, you scum!"

Yan Xian who disliked Xu Cheng before, and hadnt been popular since, also stepped out looking for attention at this time.

He was eagerly trying to prove himself. "When I first recorded that reality show, I didnt know about their relationship, and in my dedication to the show, I didnt know what I had done to Lin Chuxue, but I was then set up by Xu Cheng secretly for revenge."

A stone stirred up a thousand waves, and Yan Xian immediately jumped into the spotlight.

Many people expressed sympathy for him.

It just happened that when Ye Xiu, who was in charge of dismissing all the negative and unrealistic news about Lin Chuxue was doing his job, many small celebrities in the entertainment circle who wanted to get some clout off of this hot topic actually jumped out into the spotlight.

This made Ye Xiu furious.

According to Old Master Yes arrangement, he was to cover up Lin Chuxues recent news before the wedding so nobody in their circle could talk about her in this manner. It was also for Xu Chengs sake, so Ye Xiu was in charge of handling it.

After he looked into what happened with Yan Xian at that time, he called upon Ou Li to deal with it.

The first time Ou Li contacted Ye Xiu, he was so scared by his background that he started to bite Yan Xian like a rabid dog with no restrictions. He directly spoke to Yan Xian on Weibo, @-ing his account name: "You shouldnt have said that. Back then, I invested in three movies with you, and because of what you supposedly did to Lin Chuxue, I was affected as well and those three movies couldnt even be aired. I lost a hundred million dollars from that. Let me tell the public what you did to Lin Chuxue: he wanted to use dirty tricks and use his relationship with me as the producer, to take down a certain actress. If you read up the newspaper at that time, you would know."

This turn of events slapped Yan Xian back down and stopped him from trying to come back up.

Not just the fans, but almost everyone started to curse at him for what he did.

Ye Xiu also noticed a lot of male celebrities hiring a lot of people to spread rumors about Xu Cheng, and he directly contacted an influential newspaper in the entertainment industry to publish an article.

This report was titled: "The Man Behind Lin Chuxue"

The first photo in the entire news was the one taken by all the reporters this time, in which Xu Cheng was holding Lin Chuxues hand, both of them wearing sunglasses, while Ye Xiu himself was following behind him carrying the luggage!

At the end, there was a photo of Ye Xiu as the driver, driving Xu Cheng and Lin Chuxue away.

The photos formed a sharp contrast.

Then, the report stated: the man behind Lin Chuxue may be someone with a mysterious background.

First of all, the full article did not mention anything about Xu Cheng, but it was suggesting that Xu Cheng could have a potentially powerful background.

For example, one paragraph of the article was as follows: "Look at this photo, yes thats right. Look at the man carrying the suitcase behind these two people. You may be a little unfamiliar with this man, but this man is not simple. He is only known to the big names in the circle, he is the leading member of the young generation in Yanjing, the only grandson from the Ye Family! It could be said that he was a person that even certain entertainment and broadcasting bureau heads would have to give face to. But this person was carrying luggage for Lin Chuxue and her husband! When they were leaving, he was even the driver who picked up the two. From this detail, it isnt hard to see that Xu Chengs identity isnt simple, or to say he has a greater position compared to Young Master Ye!"

Once this report came out, Xu Chengs identity suddenly became even more mysterious.

A lot of the entertainment and news companies started to look into it, and that was when they finally noticed Ye Xiu carrying the luggage behind them in all the photos they took. After they carefully asked around, the head of the entertainment companies was shocked to find out.

Then one by one, they withdrew from reporting Lin Chuxues news.

This was a warning!

Ye Xius warning! He didnt want to take them down with a big move, so he gave them warnings in advance.

Those big entertainment companies and newspapers went and fully deleted and withdrew any unfavorable articles about Lin Chuxue.

Simply thunderous!

But Lin Yan still hadnt realized what was happening, and neither did those few actors who hired people to spread rumors about Xu Cheng.

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