Absolute Great Teacher Chapter 261

Chapter 261: From Today Onward, We Are Partners

A translucent blue-colored crystal stone shot out from the spring water and floated before Li Ziqi.


Li Ziqi caught it and passed it to Sun Mo.

"Your filial piety isn't bad. But will he be able to understand it?"

The Wind King mocked.

Due to being sealed for too long, the Wind King's mentality was a little perverse. The Wind King Divine Movement Art was written in the ancient language of the nine provinces because he wanted to make things difficult for Sun Mo, as well as lower his position in Li Ziqi's heart.

Li Ziqi ignored the Wind King.

"I will remember this!"

Sun Mo made a mental note in his heart about the Wind King. "System, are there any books about the ancient language for sale?"

It had been a long time since Sun Mo looked through the merchant store. He also had no idea if there was any new merchandise up for sale.

"Yes, there's an expert-grade book. It costs 5,000 favorable impression points!"

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