Absolute Great Teacher Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Protection of the Wind King

"Don't look down on her because she's just 13 years old. She has comprehended the 'self-taught' halo and has the qualification to become a teacher."

Sun Mo introduced the little sunny egg to the Wind King.


This was the first time Ying Baiwu and Lu Zhiruo heard of this. Their eyes instantly widened as they looked at Li Ziqi. (Are you not a little too heaven-defying?)


After hearing Sun Mo's praise, Li Ziqi felt a little embarrassed. (Am I really so good?)

The Wind King was taken aback. If he were to impart his knowledge to this little girl

"That's right, I can nurture her into my student. At that time, I won't have to worry about her betraying me."

The more the Wind King thought about this, the more he felt this was a good idea.

(Damn, why didn't I think of this in the past? But then, it is not that easy to find outstanding students.)

"I want to test you!"

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