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  • Ablackwing

  • Genres : Romantic
  • Status : Ongoing
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Ablackwing summary:

One Winged Demon... Angel of Death... Monster... Those were the titles he acquired on the day when he descended to hell in rage. His sword sung a song of death as he slaughtered countless devils. He was cold, ruthless and dangerous. She was a human who used to look at the moon and long for unknown feelings. She used to have a strange dream of an angel who grew beautiful white wings on his back...

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Ablackwing Chapters

Time uploaded
84 Find Me4 weeks ago
83 Her Memories4 weeks ago
82 His Memories4 weeks ago
81 Heir4 weeks ago
78 Return4 weeks ago
77 Maria4 weeks ago
75 Betrayal4 weeks ago
74 Raziel4 weeks ago
73 The Contrac4 weeks ago
71 Ruins4 weeks ago
68 Omens4 weeks ago
65 Unheard4 weeks ago
64 Magic Tricks4 weeks ago
63 Michael4 weeks ago
61 Bloodthirsty4 weeks ago
55 Seraph4 weeks ago
54 Queen Of Lus4 weeks ago
52 Eden Knows4 weeks ago
49 Thirty Three4 weeks ago
45 Pandoras Box4 weeks ago
41 Home4 weeks ago
9 Ablackwing4 weeks ago
6 Crybaby4 weeks ago
5 A Monster?4 weeks ago
3 Angel Hear4 weeks ago
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