A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 9

9 Remove Your Under Garments.

Nanny: "Yes beta.. It's 9:30 p.m."

Anna: "I slept the whole day?"

Nanny: "ha beta... Maybe because of medicines."

Anna: "What medicines?"

Nanny: "Your treatment medicine for your wounds..

What happened last night beta..

After your call..

Mark sir, immediately ran and took his car keys in a hurry and started..

He didn't tell me where he is going..

So I am worried and waited for him..

He came to the home around 2.30 am. In midnight...

I am shocked when I saw you in his hands with full of blood strains on both of your shirts.."

Anna: (He carries me?

Why blood strains on his shirt?

Something bad happened to him because of fight?

He is hurrying and worried because of me?

All the thoughts are revolving around my mind...)

"Nany anything bad happened to him?

Is he ok?

Why blood strains on his shirt?"

(I asked her in worry)

Nanny: "Everything ok beta..

He is fine..

He just had a slight cut on his palm...

The doctor treated it too.."

Anna: "Why the bloodstains on his shirt?"

Nanny: "I think it's your blood strains..

He carried you..

So it may strain on his shirt too.. "

(with a brief smile on her face).

Anna: "Is that doctor male or female?"

Nanny: (keep a hand on Anna's forehead)

Don't worry beta its lady doctor..

Our family doctor..

She lives nearby..

Sir, calls her on his way to home...

So she came to our home after a few minutes you people arrive..

Anna: "Then?

Who's there when I am under treatment?"

Nanny: "Sir, lay you on this bed..

Immediately the doctor came, she said you lost a lot of blood..

Maybe you should admit in the hospital..

Later, both sir and doctor discuss something and started your treatment here itself..

Sir told me to stay here with you tonight to take care..

From tomorrow, a nurse will join to help your treatment...

Anna: "Where is my dress?

Who changed it, Nanny?"

Nanny: (with a brief smile)..

The Doctor removed your entire clothes, and she did treatment because she wants to know any further wounds you have she just checked..

After the treatment, I keep a t-shirt and panties on you..


Anna: and?

Nanny: she told to not to put on a bra until your wound gets recovered..

Anna: Why?

The wound is not exactly on my boob, it's just above to that..

Nanny: "yes dear, she told me not to keep...

Maybe it increases the blood pressure on the wound and it may not recover fast.."

Anna: "Nanny during my treatment does Mark stay here?"

Nanny: "No beta..."

He's waiting outside..

He's worried about you..

After your treating doctor said you will be fine..

But you should take some rest..

Anna: "Thank you Nany for taking care..

You can go to your room and take some rest.

I can handle myself.."

Nanny: "it's ok beta I will sleep here..

No problem..

But you should call me if you need anything.."

Anna: Ok Nany...

(I just close my eyes..

Reviewing yesterday scene..


I was Shame calling him as my brother..

But mom..

Why he killed my mom.

I think I need to perform some rituals to her dead body..

What about my dad?

Does he take care of my mom?

Or John did something bad to dad too?

I just wake up and check the time it's around 10.30..)

I ask nanny about Mark...

"when he will go to bed.."

Nanny: "Usually in between 11 to 1 dear...

After Ria's death, he's not sleeping well.."

Anna: "Nany, can you show me his room?

I need to talk to him, it's urgent.."

Nanny: "Sir is staying in Ria's room Beta..

But you need to take some rest

You can talk to him tomorrow."

Anna: "Please Nany it's urgent..

And can you help me with some clothes to put on..

And my undergarments, please.."

Nanny: "Sorry beta, doctor told me to not to put bra..

I washed them... But..."

Anna: "Please Nanny, I need to talk to him I will remove it whenever I reached the bed.. Please.."

Nanny: "ok beta, take this short and bra..."

Anna: (I wear bra nanny helped to keep the back hook of bra and I wear shorts it's just above my knee below my t-shirt (long white t-shirt)

Nanny: "I will come with you"

Anna: "Sorry nanny I can manage..

It's about my family matters.."

Nanny: "ok beta, take care.."

Anna: "I started slowly towards Ria's room.."

The door was closed but not locked, it was just a few inches gap..

And the lights were on..

I knock on the door..

Mark: "Who's this?"

Anna: "It's me, Anna,"

I want to talk to you.

Mark: 2 minutes

After (3- 4 min)

"Come in..

Does Nanny with you.?"

Anna: (I can see his back, he is doing some work on the laptop.. He is in t-shirt and shorts) "She stayed in my room..

I mean the room am taking care..

I told her to not to come.."

(He doesn't even turn back and see my face).

Mark: "okay..

What do you want to know?

Anna : abb.. abboouttt my faa faatherrr

(I stammer)

Mark: (he stops his work, and he didn't turn around and said) "I informed to cops, they didn't find your father and your brother..

Both of them were escaping..

Anna: "My father doesn't escape, he tries to hide from John; I think."

Mark: "Don't dare to bring his name in front of me.." (He shouted all of a sudden)

Anna: Wwwhaaatt abb abouttt my Mmm motherrr? (Tears filled in my eyes)

(he didn't even turn around and look at me)

Mark: "Some postmortem procedure is going on.."

I will take care of her death rituals..

And Get Out of my Room and stop your funny questions..

Anna: (Funny questions?

I just ask about my dead mom and hidden dad..

He thinks it is a silly question?

But anyway, he saved my life I need to thank him)

"Ok.., Thanks for saving me.."

(I said, and I turned around.., to leave his room)

Mark: "It's better, If You Remove Your Undergarments"..

Anna: (A sudden shrill pass in my stomach after hearing those words..

I turn around and look at him..

He is just doing his work on his laptop very casually..

I didn't respond and turn around and reach the door..)

Mark: "Your wound will heal soon... So.."

Anna: okay..

(What I said okay to him?

To remove my undergarments?...

It's embarrassed me.

I just come out of the room..

When I get an image of those words, my heart is racing..

I just came to the room..

I remove my bra (while removing the bra I can hear his echo Remove Your Undergarments...

I feel like he is removing my bra when I am unhooking it...

I feel like he is around me..

Annaaa come on..

He just said that because to heal your wound, not any further intention...

But how he knows that I wear Bra..

He didn't even turn back and saw me...

He might have eyes on his back too..


just come out of his thoughts...

Just come out of his thoughts...

I say to myself and said Good night to Nany and slept...

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