A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 8

8 Where Am I.

Anna's POV:

I got the same old nightmare..

That am falling from mountain Cliff...

But some hand came to help me..

I don't know whose hand is that..

I feel secure..

I clasp it as I ask him, "please don't leave me.."

He just touches on my forehead and says "It's ok, you will be safe"..

I hear that voice in real life..

Is that Mark?

Maybe not...

I say to myself that "am safe now, no one dares to touch me" and clench the hand..

I slowly open my eyes..

I feel safe..

I am covered with a warm pink blanket...

I feel I want to sleep again, but I feel hungry..

I tried to take the bed sheet..

But something struck on my hand as I look at it, it's saline..

Wait... What?

Some white bandage on my wrist...

Then I recall everything that happened

Mark call..

I went to his house..

I got hurt on my wrist...

My brother tried to kill me..

But he succeeded on my mom...

I ran on the streets..

A gang tried to tease me..

Someone saved me..


Yeah, it's Mark who saved me..

But how he knows that I was there?

Then I recall about our hug...

My cheeks turn red..

Why the hell I hug him..

I can recall that I hugged him tightly with fear...

He's just tapping on my back and saying it's ok..

After a few minutes, I realized that I hugged him tightly..

I can sense his hand is exactly on the back of my bra line..

I get into reality..

I can sense he arouses near my lower tummy..

Then I loosen my hug...

I can remember that's it?

What happened next?

Where am I?

I tried to get up...

I found some bandage on my neck..

And my dress?

I check my dress..

I just had panties and a long T-shirt which is just above my knees..

I don't have a bra too...

There is another bandage on the left side of my chest...

I tried to check the room..

I found Nany on the chair...

She is taking the nap.

I feel thirsty..

I found a water bottle near the table..

I tried to catch the bottle..

But the bottle got hit with glass its fall...

I just close my eyes for the mess I made..

But I can't hear the sound of the glass..

I slowly open my eyes..

The glass was not broken..

I saw a hand, which made a perfect catch..

I feel ok.. And saw who's this hand..

It's MARK...

I stare at him.

I just sit upwards and lean backwards to my pillow...

Am starring at him..

Mark: Do you need water?

Anna: I just nod my head as a yes..

He pours water into the glass and gave me..

I drank some water...

Few drops of water fall on my shirt...

I tried to clean them and look at my T-shirt.

Then I realized clear coverage of my boobs over the T-shirt...

I didn't wear any bra...

My nipple dots are clearly visible through the shirt...

I immediately grab my blanket to cover my chest and then I saw his Face..

He just turns around and asks for more water if I need..

I say no...

Meanwhile, Nany gets up from her chair and asks mark that she will serve me if I need anything..

Mark left the room..

I feel relaxed..

My heart is pumping normally now..

I ask Nany where am I...

She says that I am at Mark's house..

What's the Time now Nany?

Nanny: its 9.30 PM


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