A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 54

54 Her Innocent Face

Mark's POV:

After I check the tickets..

I got a call from Tom..

Tom: Hey Mark..

I got the tickets..

Did you get yours?

Mark: yes, just now..

(Meanwhile, Mona interrupted)

Mona: Mark.. Plan your working schedule..

And don't try to skip the trip..

Mark: I will try..

Tom: Mark.. If you skip the trip I will beat you to death...

It's been very long that we went to a trip..

So adjust your schedule..

Mark: okk Guys, I will..

Mona: Did you tell to Anna..?

Mark: not yet..

And Tom.. Do you have custody of Anna's visa and passport..?

Tom: Yes Mark.. When I searched her house for investigation, I found them..

They are with me..

Mark: ok then..,

And Mona.. Help Anna for shopping..

I think she needs clothing..

Mona: Sure Mark.. We will go..

Mark: ok come by 10 am and pick her up from my home.

Mona: ok Mark..

Mark: ok then.. Bye..

(After the call I went to the dining room..

I saw Anna..

She is having her food.. But her face is pink..

I didn't speak to her..

My thoughts are fighting among Alex and her..

Why she is hiding..?

I got an idea to check that she is saying truth to me..

So I decided to ask her about visa and passport...

She said those are at home...

But when I ask her she was worried and ask me Why...

I like to tease her.. So I didn't tell her..

When I get close to her pink lips destruct me,

I try to warn her, but I can't take my eyes off on her lips..

But the thought of Alex, that she is hiding from me is killing me inside..

I went to my room...

It's very tough to get out of her thoughts..

And in front of her, I may not control myself, I will definitely want to fuck her...

I still remember the night of the party when I was drugged..

I can remember fluckely that I rip her top..

I kiss her beauty spot..

And I kiss on her lips..

I squeeze her lips with mine

I bite on her boob just below her wound..

I still remember the bandage she wears on that day..

I didn't forget her voice with a crying tone shouted my name "Mark"

When I wake up I feel guilty...

But she acts as nothing happened..

I saw there was a small bite of her lip...

She covered it and said nothing happened..

Actually, I am in dilemma that I really did bad to her or not...

I just went to her room to see her..

She hugged the teddy very tightly and sleep..

I didn't disturb her..

I came to my room and sleep..

On the next day, around 9.00 am when I am doing my work Tom and Mona visit my room..

Mona: Good morning Romeo

Mark: good morning Mona..

Hi Tom..

Tom: here you go Anna's passport and visa (he handed over to Mark..)

Mark: I think it's better I should quit the Trip.

Mona: Why?

Mark: because of our paparazzi plan..

May be Anna's father or her brother may try to meet her..

If we are out of the city it takes longer to solve Ria's case..

Mona: Hey Mark.. The trip is just 2days..

We will be back on the 3rd day..

Tom: Yes Mark..

It's a matter of 2 days..

I will take care of Ria's case from my sources..

So don't worry..

Mark: what about Anna..

What if she says that she is not interested..

Tom: you didn't tell her about the trip..?

Mark: nod his head as Yes..

Mona: Hey Romeo I will take care of your Juliet don't worry, she will definitely join us and you both have fun..

(She wicked her eye.. And laugh..)

Mark: Very funny..

I don't care that she join our trip or not..

I only care if she stays here.. She may meet his father.. We may miss to catch him..


Mona: okkk.. I will deal with Anna and we will go to shopping after I had my breakfast I am starving..

(We all the started to the dining hall..

I saw Anna from her backside, she is having her breakfast..

She didn't even turn her face to look at us..

I sit opposite to her...

I am answering to Mona's stupid questions..

Meanwhile, I saw Anna's face..

Her nose turn to red..

And her face is in pink...

She didn't raise her head..

She is looking into the plate..

Something wrong..

She is worried about something..

I immediately look at Mona and she saw me..

With my eyes, I told her to look at Anna..

She raises her head as Why..

I again look at Anna..

Then Mona interrupts Anna's thoughts.

She started crying immediately with deep Sobbings...

I and Tom look at each other and went near her chair..

She hugged Mona and hiding her face..

We didn't understand what just happened..

I feel very bad when I saw her crying..

I will definitely kill the one who is responsible for her cry..

I was worried about what may be the reason..

After a few minutes

She said she will go to the orphanage..

I was shocked when I hear her words..

She feels very lonely..

We can't understand why she feels depressed..

Then I handed her a tissue to clean her tears..

She didn't even look at me..

Then Mona forced her to tell the reason, then she said that.,

She thinks that we are planning to shift her to another place...

We all laugh at a time...

She stares at me with a serious note...

I tried to control my laugh..

Her innocent face is very pretty..

I want to deep kiss, her pink lips...

Then she knew the fact about our trip to Grindelwald..

She feels shy..

Tom and Mona try to console her...

And all of them blame me that it's my mistake...

I shouted at them and went to my Room...

I still remember her innocent crying face..

Why she thinks that I will leave her,

And Orphanage.. Why she thinks about the orphanage..

Does she want to leave me alone?

And she lives lonely in an orphanage?

whatever she thinks.., I don't care..

I don't leave her alone in my life..

Then I call to Genie and informed her to book my charter flight for to and fro of our trip...

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