A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 50

50 Grindelwald.

Mark's POV:

After I played some time with Alex..

I return back to Home from Mona's house..

Why Anna Didn't tell me about his Brother..

Did she forget about him..?

Or she thinks he will be safe in the Hostel..?

She will be worried by now if she contacts the hostel about Alex..

Because the management will inform her that..,

Alex is not there in the hostel.

So it's clear that she didn't contact the Hostel..

But Why she hides Alex from me..?

Maybe she thinks I will harm to Alex if I know about him..?

What The Hell..

Why I will harm to Alex..

If I want to take Revenge on her Family..

On the first day itself, I will kill her..

I don't save her mother..

I haven't been the Guardian for Alex..

Why can't she understand me..

I am taking such good care of her..

Why she is not trusting me..?

(I hit the car steering with Anger..)

Okay, Anna.. I will wait..

I will see how long you can hide your little brother from me..

(I reached the house..

I went in and check for Anna..

Nanny said she is in the Garden..

First, I was worried about why she is in the Garden..

The first time she went to the garden, she expressed her bad memory to me.. She feels alone..

I went to the garden in a hurry to check her..

I saw her back.. I can see her curves clearly from the back and her French plaited hair add essence to her structure from the back..

She sits on her knees and bend forward and doing something..

Her perfectly round ass.. Make me arouse..

I went and sit beside her closer..

Then she says she is planting the Strawberry seeds..

I feel happy that she is planting strawberries, which I like the most..

Which implies she is taking care of me indirectly..

She is not ignoring me..

I tease her a little bit..

But when I hear What she said about me..

She really mesmerizes me..

She knows about me perfectly in this short interval..

When she is saying about me..

I was really shocked and stare into her eyes..

When she finished with Teddy..

I think how she identified it was me who keep Teddy in her bedroom..?

She is looking into my eyes very naughty..

I can't control myself..

I just want to eat her strawberry lips and rip her clothes off and fuck her right there..

I went close to her..

She closed her eyes..

I think it's a sign of encouragement..

I almost place my lips on her..

In one second I stop..

I got a thought of Alex.. I don't know why I feel insecure when I am thinking that she is hiding her little brother from me..

And why she is hiding it from me..?

I got little anger on her..

I came back a few inches..

Then I saw mud on her lips..

Which looks like chocolate on the sexy tempting place just below the lips..

My manly hood tells me that I don't want to leave her until I fuck her..

But the arrogant person in me is saying about Alex..

Between the fight..

I didn't kiss her.. Instead, I rub her lips to clean the Mud with my thumb..

She opened her eyes slowly..

Her eyes asked me why don't you kiss me..

Then I replied to her..

I love strawberries Anna..

(After few seconds..)

Your lips are like strawberries..

(After few seconds..)

I will squeeze and eat them..

Anna widened her eyes when she hears my words..

She is in puzzle face that I will eat her lips or I eat strawberries..

But I love her puzzle face..

She looks pretty..

Meanwhile, Nanny calls me that Genie has visited..

I got very angry when I hear her name..

I went immediately to give a warning to her that she should not look at Anna again..

I went to the hallway.. She is waiting..

Genie: Hi Mark.. How are you,?

(She tried to come close to hug him..)

Mark: (I make a step backwards with my anger looks, that I don't want to hug her..)

Genie: (in question face)

What happened Mark..?

Mark: You don't know what happened Genie..

(I asked her trying to control my anger..)

Genie: Did I do something wrong..?

Mark: Wrong..?

Wrong is a small word Genie..

You did more than that..

You are a cheap trick player..


And you keep others life at Risk for your revenge..

Genie: I am not understanding what you are talking about..?

Mark: I am talking about the acts you did to Anna..

Genie: Anna?

(Does he know about the dress and drugs..

No way..

There is no chance he knows about that..

Maybe he is talking about I humiliate Anna in the girls' hall..)

(Then I shouted at him..)

"You are Mad at me Just because of that unworthy and useless girl.."

" She is the one who interferes with me when I am speaking to that Fat Girl.."

"She poisoned you by saying against me Mark.."

Mark: "SHUT UP.., GENIE"

(I can't control my anger anymore..)

You are the one who poisoned her in real through Drugs..

You spoil her dress..

And You always try to humiliate her..

I have the proofs for everything..

If I put a police case on you..

You will be in Prison for at least 5 years because you are dealing with Drugs..

I leave you, just because of seeing your father's face...

If you repeat it again..

Your case will be worst Genie..

Never dare to repeat it again..

(I can't control my anger and I shouted at her very loudly..)

Genie: (crying in front of him..)

Sorry Mark, I just feel jealous of her..

(But I will definitely kill that Anna if I see her instant..

Because of her, he is mad at me..)

Mark: Get Out..

And don't come to my home for any reason..

We will meet in the office for office work..

Nothing more, nothing less..

Genie: ok Mark.. (crying..)

Mark: And don't dare to call me again with my Name...

Genie: ok sir.. (Then I turned and return back to my car...

I cried loudly that I can't get close to Mark..

And Blood boiling revenge on Anna..)

Count your days in this house, Anna...

I will definitely take revenge on you..

You need to pay your life..)

Mark: After Genie went I went to the garden to check Anna..

She is not there..

Nanny told me that she went to her room to take some rest..

I think She is resting maybe because of her 2nd day of periods..

Then I went to my room..

I am checking my mails..

I got a mail from the couple event organization about our hill station trip...

They send me the air tickets for both Anna and me..

And resort booking details for 3 days and 3 nights..

Then I check the date of the journey..

It will be just a Day after Tomorrow...

Then I check the place of the hill station..

It is "Grindelwald" in Switzerland..

Then I smile to myself that I have the opportunity to spend more time with Anna..

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