A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 49

49 Pure In Love And Sensitive In Hear

Anna's POV:

After Mona went from my room..

Nanny came with breakfast..

While I am having breakfast.. Nanny packed my party dress..

And told me that.. "Sir asks me to bring this dress Beta.."

Anna: Mark..? Why.?

Nanny: I don't know.. He said to me to pack the dress and bring it to him...

Anna: (maybe he will take it to the shop..)

Ok, Nany..

She left with the dress..

After breakfast..

I sleep for a few hours..

Then I got up and fresh up..

I comb my hair and plait it..


I went down for lunch..

I ask Nanny about mark..

She said both Mona and sir went out together..

And he didn't come back..

Anna: Nany... Thanks for the Teddy..

Nanny: Teddy?

Anna: Yes nanny.. The Teddy in my room...

You bought that for me, right..?

Nanny: No beta..

I didn't buy any Teddy..

I think you bought that Teddy..

Anna: No Nany.. I didn't buy that Teddy too..

Nanny: Maybe sir bought that beta..

(She pampered on my head..)

He will surprise by keeping the things in the room without intimation..

He always does that to Ria..

But Ria.. When she found new gifts in her room..

She ran into her brother's room without any doubt and thank him..

Sometimes he also does that to me..

When I need money..

I hesitate to ask him..

I don't know how he finds my necessity..

The next day I saw the cheque on my table in the outhouse..

I later, thank him..

He always looks like he is busy with his work and doesn't care anybody..

But his heart is very Pure and sensitive..

He always keeps an eye on whom he cares..

But he pretends he doesn't care..

Anna: So.. It's Mark, who keeps the Teddy in my room.. (I am blushing..)

Nanny: Yes Beta...

Anna: (Mark always keeps an eye on whom he cares..?

It means he identified when I am playing with Angel and her Teddy..

So he bought that Teddy for me..

But when he buys that Teddy..?

Anyway.. I am happy that I got a clue of confirmation, that he is caring for me..

And Yes.., what Nanny said is right...

He had "Pure And Sensitive Heart.."

I saw his sensitive side when he is on Drugs..

But in reality, he always acts like Arrogant..)

I came out of my thoughts and finished my lunch..

I take some rest and in the evening I come again to check Mark is there or not..

He didn't come yet..

Then in the kitchen, I saw some ripen strawberries..

Then I got an Idea.

I take those ripen strawberries and place tissue and rub the strawberries with my thumb finger..

Then the seeds fall on the tissue..

I smile to myself and went to the garden..

I found gardening tools.. With the help of them..

I dig the mud in the garden near the pond..

That place is the most memorable special place for me..

This is the place of my first kiss..

Mark first kisses me here.., on my forehead..

I smile to myself, andDig the ground into half feet around the area of 2 feet...

Then I take the seeds from the tissue and spread into that area plot..

My hands are full of mud..

I am covering the seeds with the mud as a layer..

"Are you playing with the Mud..?"

I heard a voice suddenly from my back..

I was shocked and turn my face back..

It's MARK..

I don't know I feel happy when I see him..

I smile at him..

He came and sits beside me..

And ask..

"Anna.., you still like to play with mud..?

Anna: I am not playing..

Mark: Then?

Anna: I am planting the seeds..

Mark: Seeds..?

Anna: Yes.., Strawberry seeds..

(Mark looks at me with widened eyes..)

Mark: Woww.., But Why Strawberry seeds..?

You can plant other fruits or flowering plants..

Anna: (I smile and continue to cover the mud on the seeds and said..)

Because the Owner of this house likes Strawberries.. Soo..

(Anna represents the owner of the house is Mark..)

Mark: So you will do what the house owner says..?

(Winked with one eye..)

Anna: (I stare at him..) and said.." No.. I will plant what he likes.."

Mark: hoo.. You know what his likes and dislikes..?

Anna: Maybe few..

Mark: Then tell me about your opinion on him..?

(After a few seconds silence..)


If he thinks it to happen.. He will make it happen..

Mark: Maybe he is arrogant..

Anna: Not all the times..

Mark: Really..?

Anna: Yes..

He pretends to be Arrogant..

(I pause, keeping the mud layer on the seeds and look at him..)

But he is Pure in Love And Sensitive at Heart..

He pretends that he doesn't care..

But he always keeps an eye on whom he cares..

He pretends he doesn't Give any Gifts..

But he secretly keeps the gifts in the room like Santa Claus..

Actually, I found one in my room..

The Teddy..

(Mark is looking at me with narrow eyes..

He leans close to me..

Near to my face...

I can sense his hot breathing on my face..

I don't know why..

I just close my eyes..

I think he kissed me on my lips..

I am waiting for his kiss..

Then I sense his finger just below my lower lip..

I opened my eyes..

He is cleaning the mud on my face near my lip..

I stay still..

His face is close to mine..

Mark: I love strawberries Anna..

(After few seconds..)

Your lips are like strawberries..

Anna: (I widened my eyes when I hear those words..

He is saying it real or he is teasing me again..)

Mark: (After a few seconds..)

I will squeeze and eat them..

(Meanwhile Nany from the door call Mark..

That Genie has visited..

He suddenly gets back to his position as if nothing happened and went to the hallway..)

I rub my mouth with my shoulder..

What he means he squeezes and eat..

Did he say about strawberries or my lips..

I imagine that he press my lips with his lips and licking into my mouth very passionately..

Like he kissed me when he is on Drugs..

Then how passionately he sucks my boobs..

He bites on my boob..

I still feel pain on my boob..

I got goosebumps all over my body when I imagined..

I came out of my thoughts and complete the layers of soil on the seeds..

And I placed the gardening tools at the original place..

And I went to the kitchen..

I am washing my hands..

Then I hear Genie's loud voice..

Is she crying..?

After a few seconds.. I hear Mark's voice..

His voice is louder than Genie..

I was shocked when I hear his loud voice..

He is shouting and giving warning to Genie..

I didn't hear what he exactly speak..

Meanwhile Nany handover coffee to me..

I take the coffee and went to my room..

I can't see Mark's angry face..

I saw him angry when we first met..

I was scared of his anger..

So I left the Dining and went directly to my room..

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