A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 48

48 Alex. Little Brother

Mark's POV:

After we find Genie mix the drugs in the drinks..

And she is responsible for Anna's dress spoil..

All of us in shock..

Tom is still in confusion..

Me and Mona have the clarity that Genie did this because of jealousy..

We are returning back to Mona's house..

Tom: there is a reason why Genie mixes drugs in the party..

It's just because both Anna and Mona humiliate her..

Mona: Hello Mr. Tom...

She is the one who humiliates that chubby girl and Anna..

Me and Anna just take the stand to support others..

Tom: (smile to himself)

Sorry, my dear Doctor..

I don't mean that..

I have a doubt that..

Gen had reason to mix drugs in the party..

Because the scene happened in the girls' hall..

But Why Gen spoils Anna's dress before the day of the event..?

Do Anna and Gen know each other before..?

What I mean is..

Is there any rivalry between them..?

Mona: (smile on her face..)

Yes, Tom..

Both of them are rivals to each other..

(Both Tom and Mark look at Mona in confusion..)

They are looking for our Romeo..

(And she pointed at Mark..)

Tom: what..?

Mark: Mona, will you just stop talking nonsense..

Anna just speaks to Gen only once before the day of the party..

That too, she asks Gen "who are you?"

And Anna came to my room and mention me about Gen visited to meet me..

That's it..

Anna doesn't care about her..

Mona: Mark..

I think you are too much supporting to Anna..

Mark: I am not supporting..

I am saying the fact..

Tom: Cool guys..

Let me know what happened..


Mark: After Anna said about Gen visited to meet me..

I went to meet her..

She bought some business files..

I am looking into them..

Meanwhile, she asks me for her partner in the couples party..

I denied her..

And I told her that I found another partner..

Gen asks me who's that girl..

I didn't say to her it's Anna..

Because I know about Gen..

She definitely humiliates Anna..

Meanwhile... My Great Friend (Mona) visited my home.. With Anna's dress and she announced Gen about Anna..

(Both Mona and Tom laugh.. Later, Mark also laughed..)

Mona: Yeah, I know about her..

That's the reason I told her the price tag of the dress..

She feels jealous of Anna..

That's the reason she tries to spoil Anna's dress..

(Meanwhile, we reached Mona's house..)

Mona: Hey Mark..

Come inside..

Visit Alex once...

He asks you every day..

Mark: ok, I will park the car and come..

(Both Tom and Mona went inside..)


He is 5 years old..

He is Anna's little brother..



The day I met Anna on the street when she is teased by a gang..

I went there to save her..

I found her phone..

I gave the phone to Tom to investigate..

He found the pictures of Anna and her family and Some Ria's photos..

In Anna's family photos, I saw a kid..

We investigate the kid details..

We found that he is Anna's little brother..

I.e, Alex parents are Anna's Mother and her stepfather...

We found the details that he is staying in the hostel for education..

Why they joined him at the hostel at such small age..?

We didn't find the reason Why..

Me and Tom has strong doubt..

That either Anna's father or her brother will come to visit Alex..

Again we think that there is a threat to Alex from his big brother..

Because that bastard tried to kill both Anna and her mother..

Luckily, her mother was saved even though she is still in coma..

So Tom uses his influence and takes personal custody on Alex..

We keep him at Mona's house..

Simply Mona is babysitting Alex..

We appointed caretaker for Alex if Mona went to the clinic..

Mona can't handle children..

That's the reason..

In the restaurant when Tom is coming with Angel..

She outburst that she can't handle her..

And she is already taking care of one child who is Alex..

I cut her in the middle.. Because there is Anna..

I didn't tell Anna about Alex..

I want to make everything secret until Ria's case gets solved..

I don't know why..

Anna didn't tell me about her little brother..

Why she wants to keep it a secret..

Or did she forget about Alex..?

I thought when she is playing with Angel she definitely remembers her little brother and I waited for Anna's explanation that why she hide Alex from me...

But she didn't..?

Anna handles Angel very carefully as she is experienced with kids.. I.e., Alex..

We don't know how it may end..

#End of recap#

I went into Mona's house..

Alex ran to me and hugged..

Hi Mark..

Why you are not coming to visit me..

(Actually, we both became nice friends..

I purchased him play station..

Toys he likes, everything he wants..

Because he should not make trouble for Mona..)

Mark: I am a little bit busy Alex..

How are you...?

Alex: I am fine.. Uncle Tom is taking good care..

Mona: Hey hero.. What about me...?


Alex: I love you Mona aunty..

(He hugged Mona)

(His eyes are similar to Anna's eyes...)

Tom: Mark..

Come to my room..

I need to talk to you..


I nod as a yes and turn to Alex..

Arrange the play station Alex..

I will be back in a few minutes..

(Tom and I went to Tom room..)

(I saw Anna's phone on his table..)

Do you find any information?

Tom: yes, Mark..,

We are trapping Anna's mobile incoming calls..

The one who calls her is her father's number...

We trace the address..

The address matches with the bike number you gave to me to trace..

Mark: it means..

Tom: Yes.., Anna's father and her brother are staying in the same house..

But we are too late..

When my team went there to catch them..

They escaped..

Mark: Anna's father is saving her brother..?

Tom: we don't know exactly..

We need to find them..

Mark: Anna told me that her father helped her to escape from his brother..

In that case..

Why his father again helps to his brother..?

Tom: Maybe.. Anna's brother threatened her father..

Meanwhile, Mona entered the room..

Lunch is ready guys..

Tom: Yes Mona.. We are coming..

(When we are having our lunch..)

Mona: so what you think about Genie,.?

What action we should take..?

Mark: I will warn her..

I can't remove her instantly from the job.. Because to maintain the secrecy of business..

And her father helped our family..


Mona: I think no need to remove her from the job..

It's enough if you strongly warn her..

And don't let her come to your house..

She may threaten Anna..

Tom: Yeah, I agree with Mona..

Alex: Anna.. She is my sister...

(We all turn to Alex.. That he's listening to us..)

Mark: you like your sister..?

Alex: yes.. Very much..

Mark: Even I like her too..

(Both Tom and Mona looked at me with smiling faces..)

Have food Alex..

We can play by then..

Alex: ok Mark..

After we finished our lunch..

I play some time with Alex..

Then I return back to Home..

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