A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 47

47 Will You Marry My Brother

Anna's POV:

I wake up in the morning..

I went to the washroom to fresh up..

I feel better than yesterday night..

I Comb my hair and make a pony..

Nany entered with a glass of milk..

" Have this Milk beta you feel better.."

Thank you nany.. I take the glass and smile to her..

I drink the milk and hand over the glass to her..

I sit on my bed and thinking about our dance at that party..

And the kiss picture in the newspaper..

Does he really liking me..

Flashback memory with Ria. :

Anna: hey Ria we are going to leave this school..

Ria: no worries Anna.. We will join in the same college..

Anna: after that.. We need to get a part...

Re: Hmmm.., we will join in the same company for the job..

Anna: No Ria...

You want to be with me forever..

Ria: I will be with you till my Death Anna..

Anna: death..? You won't die until I am alive..

Ria: ok then.. Do one thing.. Then you will stay with me forever

Anna: What..?

Ria: You should not scold me..

Anna: Why I will scold you..

Ria: promise me that you will accept it?

Anna: promise Ria..

Ria: Will you marry my Brother..?

Anna: What?

Re: Yes, Anna.. If you marry him, you can stay with me life long...

He will take very good care of you..

Anna: Riaa.. What if..?

You married another guy and you leave your house..


Ria: that's the reason I am asking you Anna..

After my parent's death.. Me and my brother,

We are alone as a family

We support each other..

But I can't make him happy all the time..

In future, I have to leave him after my marriage

He feels alone again..

I don't like that..

I know you Anna..

You will really take good care of him..

Anna: Riaa.. Let's finish our first project...

We can discuss this later..

Ria: You promised me Anna..

Don't forget...

End of flashback..

(This is the last discussion between Ria and Me before she died..

She asks me to marry his brother..

And in the suicide note..

She particularly mentioned that..

"Take care of Mark"..

Sure Ria..

I will take care of him..

If he wants to marry me.. I will definitely Marry Mark..

It's my promise to you Ria..

(Tears were rolling from my eyes..)

Meanwhile, my door was knocked..

Hi Anna..

This is Mona..

(I clear my tears with my hand and went to the door and opened..)

Anna: I hugged Mona..

I think you are ok now..?

Mona: yes, I am perfect...

How about you Anna..

How're your cramps..

Anna: yes.. I feel better than yesterday..

Mona: ok.. Let me dress your wound.. (On the chest)

Anna: (she will definitely identify the Bruise that caused by Mark on my left boob just below the wound..,

It's better I should manage myself..)

It's ok Mona.. I will do it myself..

Mona: What?

Don't talk like Mark..

I am the doctor and you should listen to me..

I need to check it..

Whether your wound got any infections or not..?

(And she pulled down my t-shirt and started dressing..)

Anna: (With one of my hands.. I just placed on the Bruise to cover it..)

But when Mona is cleaning it with spirit..

I felt pain and I removed my hand accidentally..

Mona: Anna.. What's this..?

(She suddenly shouted and pulled my t-shirt down more to see the Bruise on my boob..)

Anna: (I tried to cover it with my hand)

I think it's an allergy Mona..

It will cure itself like other Bruise..

Mona: No.. It's not an allergy..

Its teeth bite...

I can clearly see the marks of the teeth..

(Mona paused for a minute..)

Who's this Anna..

Who did this to you..?


Leave it Mona..

Just forget about it..


No Anna..

Tell me who did this..

If you don't I will inform to Mark..

Anna: No, no..

Please don't tell to Mark..

If he knows about this..

He feels guilty..,

Mona: Why he feels guilty..?

(We both remain silent..

After a few minutes..)

Did Mark Bite you..?

Anna: (I am looking into my fingers..)

Nod my head as Yes..

Mona: When..?

Anna: at the party night..

He was drugged with the juice..

After we reached home..


Mona: Is that followed by Sex.,?

Anna: (I widened my eyes)


He just kisses me and rips my top and start sucking my boobs..

I can't control him..

I tried to push him..

But he is more passionate..

Then I cried out loudly and shouted at him..

He stopped immediately and went to sleep..

He didn't do it intentionally Mona..

He was on drugs

He didn't remember anything by next day morning.

He asked me what happened last night..

I act normally..

I didn't want him to know what he did to me..

Because he feels guilty..


Mona: (tapping on Anna's back as ok...)

Mark is lucky, if he accepts you in his life..

Anna: I look at Mona in Question face..

Mona: You understand him very well Anna..

Anna: (Mona keeps her thumb finger on my lower lip and ask.. )

Mona: Did he bite you at the party..

Or he did this when he is on drugs..?

Anna: (I lower my head in shy..)

It happened when he is on drugs..

Mona: yes.. Maybe..

Because.. In the party, he is in consciousness..

So he doesn't bite instead, he kisses you..

(I wink my eye to Anna)

Anna: No..,

He didn't kiss me at the party..


Don't you see the article about our party in the newspaper..?

Anna: I nod my head as a yes..

It happened in the glass room..

When my dress strip was cut off..

He helped me..

I closed my eyes in fear...

I think he pecks me to open my eyes..

They captured the picture at that time..

Mona: I smile to her innocent explanation..

Anna: and please don't say to mark that I know about the picture in the newspaper..

Mona: Why..?

Anna: Mark hides the newspaper from me..

But I saw the news..

Maybe he thinks that I may hurt if I see that post..

So he hides it..

So I want to hide that I know the news..

Mona: (I think Mark liked Anna..

If I confirmed that I will arrange for them to get married..

Because Mark needs a person to care personally.. Physically and mentally..

Anna is a perfect match for him..,

My thoughts were interrupted by Anna..)

Anna: What about you Mona..

You act weird after you had juice..

You kiss Tom..

Mona: (with a smile on her face..)

Actually, I did it on purpose..

I was conscious when I am kissing him..

Anna: what..?

Mona: yes Anna..

I got unconscious when we are in the car..

Till then I remember everything..

I remember that Tom carried me in bridal style..

Both of us laugh loudly..

And he didn't take any advantage on me that night..

He cuddles me tightly.. Because I may escape..

I was happy that Tom is back again in my life,

(After I give medicine to Anna..)

Ok, Anna.. I should go now..

Take care..


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