A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 46

46 Truth Revealed

After we reached home..

Anna went to her room..

Then I found nany busy with some kitchen work..

I went to her and informed her about Anna that she got her periods and take good care..

Then I went to my room..

I checked mails..

I didn't get any business mail from Genie..

I think she takes the day off due to yesterdays party..

Then I make a call to Tom..

Tom: hello..

Mark: Hey Tom..

Tom: Hi Mark.. Mona is just telling about you..

(He laughed)

Mark: enough Tom..

I needed to talk to you about Yesterday's Drink..

Tom: Yeah..

Even I am thinking about it...

Mark: Why they will mix Drugs in complimentary drink..?

Tom: We need to ask management for information..

I will call them through my sources and I will inquire it.. And I will inform you if I know anything..

Mark: ok Tom..

Can you give this call to Mona?

Tom: Sure Mark..

Mona: Hi Mark.. What's up..

How's your Juliet..

Mark: Mona.. I just take her out to a movie to find if her father or brother is spying on her..

Mona: Mark..

I didn't ask you why you went to a movie..

I just ask how's your Juliet ..

Mark: ok..

She is fine maybe..

Mona: Maybe..?

So you accept that she is your Juliet..

Mark: Mona if you are done with your teasing..

I need to talk to you about Anna's dress..

Mona: Dress?

Mark: Yes.. When we are entering the party hall..

Anna's dress strip was torn..

I managed the strip to knot on her back shoulder with another strip...

Mona: What..?

Mark: Yes Mona..

I want to know about the dress condition when you purchased it..

Did you check it..?

Mona: yes Mark.. It's in perfect condition..

And she trails that dress and it fits her perfectly..

That's the reason I purchased it..

Mark: When did you last check..?

Mona: I think on the couch in your house..

Actually, I wanted to show the dress to Genie..

I tried to show her full dress..

I just pulled the top of the dress..

Meanwhile, you interrupted me..

So I leave the covers at the couch..

Mark: ok Mona.. Tomorrow we are going to the shop and ask them what may be the reason

Mona: ok Mark I will be ready by 10 a.m.

Mark: ok Mona..

Bye, good night..

Mona: Good night..

After the call, I went to Anna's room to check her..

I saw her, she is sleeping by keeping the heating pad near her tummy..

I don't want to disturb her and I leave her room silently..

I came to my room I am thinking about Anna..

She resists her periods pain to not fail our movie plan..

I was happy..

I don't know why..

Her face is very funny when I am speaking to Mona in the car..

Then I went to bed and I sleep..

Next day morning I was busy with my daily routine..

I went to the dining room for breakfast..

I ask nany about Anna..

She said she didn't wake up yet..

Meanwhile, when I am having my breakfast Mona visited..

Mark: hi Mona let's have some breakfast..

Mona: I had mark..

After your breakfast.. You get ready..,

Meanwhile, I check Anna..

Mark: ok..

And I turned into Nany and ask her to get Anna's

Party dress..

After some time..

Me and Mona went to the shop..

I just throw the dress to them..

The owner immediately comes to me...

" Sorry sir.. Actually, we maintain high-quality standards.., if you give us few minutes I will check it personally.."

I nod my head as ok..

Mona: So Angry about your Juliet dress.. ah?

Mark: it's not about dress Mona..

If something bad happened before paparazzi..

We are the one who's responsible for that guilt..

Mona: yes Mark..

I agree with you..


How's your kiss... (She smiled)

Mark: Kiss?

Mona: Don't cover it again..

I saw the article in the newspaper..

Mark: ok..

Even I want to inquire about that..

Mona: Why?

Mark: because I took her to the blind spot that no paparazzi's will capture her..

Her dress was exposed to her boobs..

She is very nervous..

So I helped her..

Mona: Helped her by kissing?

Mark: I didn't kiss her Mona..

Maybe the cameras capture in the wrong angle..

I think secret cameras may capture it..

Mona: why don't you kiss then..

You don't like her..?

(I look at her with my widened eyes)

Meanwhile, my phone was ringing..

it's Tom..

Mark: Hey Tom..

Tom: hi Mark.. Does Mona with you..?

Mark: Yeah..

She is busy in eating my brain..

Tom: (laughed)

It's ok Mark..

I ask the management about complimentary drinks..

They said they didn't arrange any kind of complimentary drinks..

Mark: What..?

Tom: yes mark.. And I ask them about the CCTV footage..

They said they had the recording of CCTV footage..

So after you are done there..

We go to the party hall to check the CCTV footage..

Mark: Ok..

After I off the phone.. Mona asked me what happened..

Tell her that the drinks are not provided by the management..

Mona was shocked and Meanwhile, the shop owner came with the dress..

"Sir.. It's not the manufacturing fault or quality fault..

The half-width of the strip was cut by a sharp instrument..

Check this.."

He showed us..

Again he said..

" The remaining half-width of the strip was cut just because of the dress pressure or maybe some external force.."

Mark: (some external force..

Then I visualize everything on that day just before our glass room..

It's mee...

When the strip was struck with seat belt, I am the one pushing the seat belt...

Maybe its cause to break her strip..)

Mona: Mark.. Mark..

Who can it be..

Who will try to cut Anna's strip intentionally..?

Mark: I don't know Mona.. We need to ask Anna if she knows anything..

Then we take the dress and started to Mona's house to pick up Tom..

Tom: Mona you go to your clinic..

We have work to do..

Mona: I am coming with you..

No more arguments..

All the 3 started to the party room to check the CCTV footage..

In the CCTV footage, Mona identified the serving girl and show to Tom and me..

" She served us the complimentary drinks..

After she served us..

She served normal drinks to others..

So we preview her before the complimentary drinks..

We saw her she is talking to Genie..

And the serving girl took the drinks and went to genie again..

Then she immediately came to Anna's table..-

Mona: Is that Gen..?

Mark: Yes..

We need to confirm it by inquiry that serving girl..

Then we call to the management and ask about the whereabouts of the serving girl..

They give the address..

We went to her home..

But Tom as a cop.. Deal her properly..

Within a few minutes, she tells the truth..

That Gen offered her 1 lakh to serve Anna and Mona those drinks..

Gen also said that powder is just to get vomiting sensation..

We warn the serving girl and we leave her..

Then when I am thinking about Anna's dress.. And Genie..

"Yes, I found Gen near the couch.. Near the dress cover..

With some nervousness on her face.. She was tense when she saw me and she left immediately on the day before the party..

We all look at each other and say at a time..

"It's Genie.., Who done everything.."

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