A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 45

45 I Will Take Risks For Sex?

Genie's Pov:

I came to my home at 4.30 a.m. After the party..

My body was soaring..

I take a steam bath

But I am frustrated when I am thinking about Anna and Mona..

They just missed by chance due to my stupid ex-boyfriend..

I will now plot a perfect plan..

I will make sure that mark will throw her out of his house..

Meanwhile, I put panty and Bra

I got relieved..

I go to Bed..

I wake up at 4 p.m.

I was thinking about the failure of my plan..

My idiot ex-boyfriend plots me to trap with gang bang..

If he didn't interfere I may succeed with my revenge..

Both of them were raped by the Hulk gang..

But my ex with his other 3 friends, they perform very cruel sex with me..

I enjoyed it.. But I was shocked when I know that was the arrangement made by my ex...

I don't want to give lenience to my ex...

If I give freedom to him, he will use me to the worst...

I need to warn them..

I take my phone and I called him..

Gen: Hello..

ex: hi Gen.. I am thinking about you...

You always make me crazy..

Gen: you just stop your nonsense..

How dare you to arrange your friends to gang bang me..?

Ex: hey Gen.. You enjoyed it...

So what's the big deal..?

If you want.. We can plan again with 6..

Is that ok..?

Gen: Big deal..?

I am going to the police station right now, and I will make a complaint about you that you and your friends have raped me...

Ex: serious Gen..?


Don't you think I will take risks for sex?

Gen: what do you mean..?

Ex: what I mean is..

Just check your messages I sent you a video..

Have fun and cum more for me..

(And he turned off the phone..)

Gen: after he off the phone, I got a video message..

I opened it..

I was shocked when I see that video..

It's me.. And my ex and 3 Hulks having gang bang..

The video description:

When my ex pushed me onto the bed..

He locked the door..

Then all the four have the packet powder..

All of their dicks were erected and came near to me..

My ex put his dick in my mouth and slap me to start..

Meanwhile, the other one removed my clothes..

They already know about my body..

So one of them put in my ass and the other in my pussy..

The other one went to my ex..

He licks my ex's lips..

It was weird to see..

My ex Also responding to his kiss..

And my ex slaps me on my body where ever he wants..

Then he keeps his dick into my ex ass..

My ex's dick was in my mouth..

Both the hips are moving in the same direction to my mouth..

And I am encouraging them with more strokes with my mouth..

That hulk enjoyed fucking my ex..

My ex is moaning loudly..



Give me more hard strokes..


And he is slapping me too..

From down the other 2 increased speed too..

All of them are just shaking me to cum in their own way...


In few minutes gap..

My pussy my ass and my mouth were filled with there cum..

My ex ass also filled with his ex cum..

Then my ex went to my pussy with his friend..

Both inserts 2 dicks at a time..

And the other dick in my ass..

And my mouth is busy with another dick..

They again started to fuck..

They are shouted like..

Fuck bitchhhhhh..

Give us hard strokes...

Make us cum..





Cum for daddy...



They cum again..

They make me doggy style..

Now they put 2 dicks in my ass..

And one in my mouth and one with my hand..

They catch my hair and raid more time..

I was moaning in between with pain..


sslloo... oollyyy...

When I asked them to do slowly..

They are doing with more speed..

I enjoyed their ride...

I enjoyed being a slave...


Cummm in me...

I am moaning in between...


All of them cum again.

I closed the video and started fingering...

I insert 3 of my fingers..

And started to watch again..

Then they make me stand..

One dick from the front of my pussy and the other from my ass..

They are fucking me in a sandwich..

Both of them crushed me with their aggressive movements..

Meanwhile, the other 2 friends keep their dicks on their friends' ass and they also started again to move in and out..

More pressure increased on me..

We are shouting loudly...



Fuck me harddddd...

Cum on meeee....

you bitchhhhhh...


You are making us harder....



cum for usss..

daddyyy cum in me...



They started speeding and all of us cum...

One of them started kissing me..

Another is licking my pussy....

My ex keeps his dick into his friend's ass...

And that friend keeps his dick in my hand..

And ask me " make us cum again, you bitch..."

Then I give hard strokes to all of them again...

I got more energy when I saw their dicks..

I don't want to leave them..

it's like heaven to enjoy 4 men..

After a few minutes, 2 of them went to sleep..

The other two fuck me 2 more times and they sleep again..

Then I went and sit on one of them..

They are still sleeping maybe because of drugs..

I ride on him..


Daddy wake up..


Until I cum..

I ride all the other 3 when they sleep..

I kiss them..

I keep one of their dick still in and sleep on them..

End of the video..

I cum 2 times when I watch the video..

It's better I should shut my mouth..

If this video was out..

Everyone knows how dirty I am..

So I should be silent and

I should only concentrate on Anna's revenge first..

I need to get her out of the mark's house...

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