A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 44

44 Change In Flavour Gives Pleasure

Mark's POV:

When we entered the complex..

I look at Anna..

She is a little bit nervous..

After we reached another floor, she suddenly stops walking..

I looked around and check..

And ask her, "Are you ok?"

Then she asks today's Date..

And she said she got her Period's...

Then she grabs my hand and write some medicines on my hand and request me to bring them..

I said ok and I leave her..

I am thinking that

Why she is nervous and hurry all of a sudden..?

I got an idea and I take the picture of my hand from my mobile and send to Mona and I message her..

"What is period's..?

Does she suffers from any disease..

Anna is hiding something from me, we need to find out..?"

I send the message to Mona..

And I reached the medical shop and show my hand and said its emergency..

(Because I don't have a medical prescription so they may not give those medicine..")

The boy in the shop smiles a bit and in a few minutes, he gave me the medical seal cover..

Then I ask him what's this for..

He replied.. "These are used in Period's sir.."

And his smile to himself and take the prescription from the person behind me.."

I paid the bill and left the counter with medicine cover..

But when I reached Anna she immediately grabs the cover and asks me to wait there..

I don't know where she went..

After a few minutes, she came normally and said..,

"Let's go-to movie Mark.."

I ask her that we can go to home..

But Anna denied it and pushes me to go to a movie..

Then we enter the theatre..

We sit in our chairs..

I look at my phone.. Mona didn't reply anything..

We just watch the movie..

But at intervals when we are giving orders for snacks.. She ordered Dark chocolate ice-cream.

Mark: I think you like Butterscotch..?

Anna: yes.. I always love to have butterscotch..

But sometimes change in flavour gives us pleasure..

And she winks at me...

Mark: I was a little aroused when she winks at me..

(A change in flavour gives her pleasure..?

Does it mean she can enjoy my strawberry flavour if it gives pleasure,.?

I will give you pleasure Anna... Then I smile to myself..)

Then we continue with the remaining part of the movie..

After the movie..

When we are going to out of the complex near the car parking..

I saw Anna was very sick..

Actually, I want to take her to dinner..

But I can sense she feels not well..

So I am riding to my home..

Meanwhile, Mona called me through phone..

My phone was connected to Bluetooth speaker to the car..

both Anna and I can hear what she is speaking...

Mona: Hey Mark...

Mark: Hi Mona.. How you feel now..?

Mona: Better..

I just saw your messages..

Mark: Okey..

(I look at Anna she is listening to Mona and looking outside through window..)

Mona: Mark you know what..You are really Dumb...

(I can see Anna from the side look that she is smiling to hear from Mona that I am Dumb..)

Mark: Mona Can you please control your mouth..

I am in the car...

Mona: so what..?

You really don't know about "Periods"..?

(After listening to Mona...

Anna immediately turns her face to see my face.

And widened her eyes..)

Mark: If I know why I will ask you..

If you don't know let me know.., I will ask another doctor..

Mona: Mark.. Mark.. Every girl on earth know about what is periods..

And every man who is taking good care of women Also know about it..

But I know you are Dumb in everything I will explain to you..

Mark: Okay..

(Meanwhile, Anna holds my hand and nodding her head as No... She feels embarrassment...

I didn't respond to Anna..)


Periods means it is the monthly menstrual cycle that occurs in the "Female reproductive system" that makes pregnancy possible.

Menstruation also termed period or bleeding..

It is the process in a woman of discharging blood and other materials through the vagina from the lining of the uterus at about one-month interval from puberty..

This discharging process lasts about 3-5 days.

Mark: I know about the menstrual cycle..

I mean.. Women will get blood from there Vagina..

Do you mean that..?

(I look at Anna she looks through the window and her face is red..,

I think she feels shy.. When I am saying about Vagina..)

Mona: Exactly..

And the picture you send it's Sanitary pads and painkillers..

(Anna immediately turns to me again in shock..)

Mark: (I just fake cough)..



Other signs and symptoms of menstruation may include headache, pains in the lower abdomen, Cramps, tiredness, mood swings, food cravings like Dark chocolate,

Breast soreness, etc..

So Maybe she is suffering from abdomen pain so she takes pain killers..

And they use sanitary pads to absorb the bleeding from Vagina..

(When I look at Anna she is biting her nails)

Mark: ok then..

I am taking her home.. I think she needs some rest..

Mona: Taking to home..?

Where are you now..?

Mark: we came to a movie..

We are returning to home..

Mona: Wowww..

My Romeo is enjoying to hang out with Juu..

(She is about to say Juliet, but I cut her in the middle because Anna is beside me)

Mark: MONA..

We are in the car..

Can you please understand..

Mona: Bluetooth speaker is on?

Mark: exactly..

Mona: Hi Anna..

How you feel now..?

Anna: hi Mona.. Am fine..

Mona: after you reach home take heating pad near your abdomen, it helps to get rid of the Cramps..

Anna: Sure Mona..

Mona: And have some Dark chocolate..

You feel better..

Anna: ok Mona.. I had one Dark chocolate ice-cream..

It feels better..

Mona: ok then.. Take good care Anna Bye..

Bye mark..

(After Mona off the phone..

We both didn't talk to each other..

it embarrassed both of us..

Mark Break the silence..)

Mark: Do you feel better now..?

Anna: (I nod my head as Yes)

Mark: Do you want to eat some more Dark chocolate..?

Anna: I nod my head as Yes..

(He immediately turns the car and take me to the Dessert shop..

I ordered a hot dark chocolate dish..

I enjoyed it..

I feel better when I am having it..

After we have our food.. We started to home..

I feel very happy..

Very blessed..

What a girl needs... Is caring for her..

Especially in these period times..

I am lucky to have Mark by my side..

I don't know.. Which direction our relationship will go..

But every moment I spend with him makes me blessed.. Make me special...)

We reached home..

I went to my room..

after few minutes Nany came to me with cover..

I look into them.. sanitary pads..

Anna: I wanna come to you to ask about this Nany..

Nany: Sir told me that you got periods..

and he also intimates me to take proper care..

Anna: you always take good care Nany..

I smile and get up fresh and I feel some back pain..

so I lay on my bed..

Meanwhile, Nany came with hot pad to keep on my tummy..

she raised my top and keep the hot pack..

I hold it and I went to sleep...

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