A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 43

43 I Will Make Him Happy

Anna's POV:

When Mark asks, What happened last night..?

I didn't tell the truth..

Because he didn't do that intentionally..

I just tell him that he is unconscious..

And I left his room and came to my room..

I take a bath..

I sit on my bed...

I was thinking about what Mark said last night..

"Anna don't leave me alone.."

Then I remember what Tom said about drug symptoms..

That they outburst their emotions..

It means, Mark is feeling that he is Alone..

Yes, actually He is alone..

He lost his family..

His entire family..

It's been 2 years since his parents' accident..

For Ria, it takes so much time to overcome that depression..

But for Mark..

Maybe he is 23 or 24 of his age when his parents died..

He needs to take the entire responsibility of his family and business..

He acts Normal to Ria to make her happy..

But he actually not..

He was pressured..

When he recovers from his parents' tragedy..

Rio is the only hope he is living in..

But Ria was raped by a gang.. And she attempted suicide..

She left him alone..

His present aim is to find the culprits of Ria's case..

Sometimes I think..

It was just because of me..

If I stay at home that day..

Ria is still alive..

But my family made a big mistake

My brother makes a big mistake..

He even kills my mother..

I will make him to death..

If I am in Mark's place.. I will definitely kill the entire family for Ria's loss..

But Mark didn't do that..

He was angry with me when we first met..

I still remember his red eyes with anger..

He holds my hair tightly..

For one second I think he will kill me..

But he doesn't..

He leaves me..

At that night..

When I am speaking to him through the phone..

He identified that I am in danger..

He comes.. He saved my life..

If he didn't come that night..

Maybe I was dead like Ria..

He gives me the shelter..

He cares about me..

And he asks me "don't leave me alone"

I made a promise to him...

I don't leave him alone..

I will make him happy..

I will help him to get out of his loneliness and depression..

Until I am alive..

Later I went for lunch..

It's been around 2:30 p.m.

I am asking to Nanny that Mark had his food or not..

She said he didn't have food yet

Meanwhile, he is in the hallway..

I am having my food..

Mark come and sit in front of me..

He didn't speak anything..

His face is a little bit worried..

What happened in the hallway?

I just want to make him normal and ask him about Mona..

He said Mona is ok..

When he is about to leave from the dining room..

He asks me to get ready by 5...

No, no.. He didn't ask.. He ordered me..

To get ready..

I don't want to reject it..

I don't know why he wants to watch the movie all of a sudden..

Meanwhile, Nany interrupted and told me after Mark leaves the dining room..

It's been 2 years, sir went to the movies with friends..

He always busy with work...

I was happy that he is changing..

I don't have any objections to going movie with him..

So I am done with my food.. And went to my room..

It's been 4 p.m. So started getting ready..

Meanwhile, Nanny came and give me a crop top and jeans to wear to the movie..

I thank her and changed my dress and Comb my hair.. And I have applied just compact and lip gloss..

It's 10 min to 5..

Mark told me to wait downstairs..

I went to the hallway..

I sit on the couch..

There are newspapers on the table before the couch

Then I found something odd from my side look

I look into that

I found a newspaper under the cushion..

I take out..

I was shocked when I see that..

It's me And mark..

The image says we are kissing and I closed my eyes..

I looked at the background of the image..

Its a glass room..

Then I remember I sense he bites on my Lower lip..

Why he bites me..

Does he really like me..?

Then I remember about the que card questions..

If we are the best couple..

Maybe all the answers were right..

It means he knows about my mole..

Then I remembered yesterday night he rips my clothes and he started sucking my mole first, as he knows the exact place..

Then I hear his footprints..

I keep the newspaper under the cushion.. Pretend I don't know..

And went to the dining room..

Maybe that's the reason the picture in the newspaper.. Makes him worried at lunchtime..

Maybe he doesn't want me to know about that article.. Particularly that picture..

He came.. And I act normally..

But in the car, I break the silence..

Because I need to know about how he knows about my mole..

I think I am interrogating him..

But actually he interrogated me..

he is very tricky..

Sometimes he makes me mad with his cross-questions..

Then finally he said..

"It's my fantasy that my girl should have a mole in that spot.. So I guessed it..

I feel relaxed after I hear he guessed it..

But I was shocked when I hear it's his fantasy..

I can remember the last night how he passionately kisses on my mole.. When I am thinking that sudden shrill pass through my stomach..

He suddenly stops the car..

I feel little pain in my lower abdomen...

I look outside, we are at the theatre..

We both went to the complex..

It's a big multiplex..

There are so many brand shops in the complex..

I am looking at them..

Suddenly I feel the pain again..

He looks at me..

I act normally..

When we enter another floor by escalator..

The pain is starting slowly..

Then I immediately turn to Mark and ask..

What's today's date?

Mark: 22..


Anna: Shit..

Mark: "Are you ok..?

Your face is sweating Anna.."

(I touch her nose and remove the sweat..)

(Then I saw her eyes, they are wet..

I saw her dress.. Everything was ok..)

Anna: It's my period's Mark..

Mark: period's?


Anna: (he doesn't know about periods.. It's a girl's menstrual cycle, how he knows..

In my period's I will suffer from severe stomach and body pains..

It takes 2 days for me to get Normal ..

But now.. I came to the movie with mark..

It's been 2 years for him to watch the movie..

What should I do.. And I look around to check any medical shops for Sanitary pads..)

Mark: "Anna do you need something?

What you are looking for..?"

Anna: I am looking for a medical shop mark..

You know where it is..?

Mark: "Yes, it's near the entrance..

But why you need a medical shop..?

Don't you feel well..?"

Anna: I will explain to you later..

I will write some medicines will you please bring it to me..

Mark: Don't you feel well,.?

I will call to Mona.. She will suggest a good medicine..

Anna: Mark.. Please listen to me.. I don't have time to explain to you.. (and I grab a pen from his pocket and write on his hand...

Sanitary pads company and 2 tablets pain killers) please bring these.

He left me in confusion...

After a few minutes he brings the cover it was packed that he doesn't know what's inside..

I said to him, "wait here I will be back in few minutes.."

I went to the washroom... And keep the pad..

But my tummy it's hurting..

The pain is increasing little by little..

I take the pain killer..

When I saw Mark

He was nervous..

He looks worried..

Then I said casually

Come, let's go to a movie..

Mark: No Anna.. I think you don't feel well.. Let's go home..

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