A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 42

42 Movie Plan

Mark's POV:

I opened my eyes very hardly..

My head was a hangover...

I slowly get up from the bed..

I look around..

I am in Anna's room..

I immediately get up and check her around in that romm..

She is not there in the room..

I went to the door..

The door was locked from outside..

I then went to washroom for fresh up..

There I see her peach-coloured dress to the hanger...

Then I got a visual that I rip her top and sucking her boobs..

I just hold my head and get out of the washroom and sit on the bed.. And try to remember everything..

I can't remember anything..

I tried again and I remember hardly that..

I say to Anna that I Love her.. And ask her don't leave me alone..

Is that true..?

Or it's just a dream?

Between my thoughts, my door was unlocked from outside..

It's Nany..

She was shocked when she saw me on Anna's bed..

But I ignore her expression and ask her

Nanny, Where is Anna..?

Nanny: I don't know beta.. I came here to check Anna..

After hearing nany.. I rushed outside to check everywhere in the garden near the pool..

Near the hallway.. Near the dining table..

I thought she left the house..

But I am sure that she will come back again..

She doesn't leave me alone...

And I return back to my Ria's room..

When I opened the door..

I feel very happy and relaxed..

I saw Anna on the bed..

She is in deep sleep..

I went near her to check..

She is covered with a blanket..

One of her hands she holds Ria's photo frame..

Her eyes are swollen little bit..

And her lip at the edge there is a small cut..

Then I remember a visual that I kiss her on her lips and bite on her lips..

Did I hurt her in real..?

I don't want to disturb her..

She is in deep sleep..

I went to my table and start checking mails..

There are so many emails and messages, poking me about the relationship between me and Anna

After one hour, I sense she opened her eyes..

I look at her..

She is looking at me with widened eyes..

I went close to her..

She feels nervous when I am going closer to her..

She holds the blanket tightly..

Then I hold her hand and ask what happened last night..

She said nothing..

She is acting normal..

That means it's just a dream..?..

She interrupted my thoughts and ask

"What happened?"

I told her it's just a Nightmare..

And I look into her lip a small cut on the edge of her lip..

I keep my thumb finger on her lip and ask "What happened to you, Anna..?"

(Pointing on the cut..)

Anna: "I bit my lip when I am eating food.."

And she smiles at me casually..

Is she saying the truth?

Then she asked..

Who unlocks your door?

Mark: it's Nany..

Anna: okk.. Then.. I will go and fresh up..

And I leave his room..

I again went to check mails then I got a mail regarding our hill station trip..

I smile to myself And I remember that Mona also takes the drug through juice..

I called her phone...

After a few rings

Hello Mona

Hello.. (I hear a male voice..)


Tom. : Yes Mark..

How are you now..?

You feel better..?

Mark: Yeah I am fine..

How's Mona..

Tom: She is sleeping..

I don't know when she will wake up..

I am waiting..

Mark: okk.

Did Mona behave weird last night..

Tom: Maybe yes after the drug..


Mark: What kind of weird acts she did..?

Tom: as usual, just drug symptoms.. Emotions outburst etc..,



Nothing Tom.. I didn't remember anything..

So I just want to know..

Tom: You are unconscious till I dropped you at home..

Then Anna takes care of you..

Ask Anna if you want to know..

I think you sleep well..

Don't worry..

Mark: ok Tom, let me know when Mona gets up..

Tom: ok Mark.. Bye

Then I came into the hallway..

And checked the newspapers..

There I found an image which attracted me..

I look into that

It's an image of Me and Anna

The image is snapped exactly when I peck her on her lip.. Anna closed her eyes and I peck on her lips to open her eyes..

The image looks like we are kissing to each other and anna closed her eyes responding to my kiss..

Beside, I found Tom and Mona's kiss picture..

And the headlines of the article is

"Couples of the Night"

In the news, they give every detail about the event..

And they stated we won the trip..

I closed the article..

I heard Anna's voice..

She speaks to Nany..

I hide the article and went to the dining table..

I saw at Anna..

She looks at me casually..

Maybe she didn't know about the newspapers..

I sit before her..

Nanny serves me the food..

Anna asks me about Mona..

I told her that Mona didn't wake up yet..

Then I ask her..

"Shall we go to a movie?"

Anna: movie?

Mark: yes.. I booked 2 tickets the show is at 6 p.m.

Get ready by 5 p.m..

(I left the dining room and went to my room

And didn't wait for her reply.. I just ordered her.)

Actually, I didn't book the tickets..

I am in a hurry to book now..

I don't know why I asked her about the movie..

I want to spend some time with her..

Then I check for the articles about yesterday night Event..

I found a few..

But they are casual pics of Anna and me..

She is holding my hand casually..

By checking them..

My door was knocked..

Who's that..?

It's me Anna..

I am ready Mark..

Ok, Anna..

Stay downstairs..,

I will be there in a few minutes..

I said to her and I get ready and went to down stairs..

I saw Anna..

She wears a crop top and jeans..

She leaves her hair with semi curly..

She is as simple as that..

She didn't wear much makeup...

I went near to her..

Let's go, Anna...

We both started..

She sits on the passenger seat..

We didn't talk to each other for a few minutes..

Then she breaks the silence..

Anna: Can I ask you one thing..?

Mark: I look at her face to ask...

Anna: What are the answers you gave about me in yesterdays Que card?

Mark: Why..?

Anna: I want to cross-check them with mine..

Mark: hoo..

Then tell me your answers..

I will tell you whether I answer the same or different..

(She looks at me with widened eyes..

I love her cute expression..)

Tell me..

Your favourite ice-cream..?

Anna: I ask first..

So you should tell..

Mark: (she made cute little pout face..)

Don't act smart Anna...

Let me know.. Whether I am right or wrong..

Tell me about your favourite ice-cream flavour.?

Anna: No, I don't.. (I turned my face to the window..)

Mark: ok then, I will tell the answers you confirm them ok?

Anna: I nod my head as ok..

Mark: Your favourite ice-cream flavour is Strawberry..

(She immediately turned her face in shock and said)

Anna: No

Mark: you don't like strawberry..?

Anna: I like them, but I love butterscotch..

Mark: I see..

(Anna narrowed her eyes at me.)

Mark: so our second question you adore?

Anna: tell me whom I adore?

Mark: You adore Mr.Mark..

Anna: (look into his face again..)


Mark: Why.. You don't like me?

Anna: the question is about whom I adore..

it doesn't mean whom I like..

(I said strongly..)

Mark: ok then now tell me.. You like me..?

Anna: You are Tricky..

Mark: that's not answer to my question..

Anna: Its Ria..

I adore Ria more than anyone in my life..

(few seconds we both are silent..)

Mark: ok Then our 3rd question..

(and I look at Anna's face her face is red..)

Your secret mole..?

Anna: what you think about that..?

Mark: I don't know..

Anna: what's the answer you give in the que card..?

Mark: it's.. it's..

It's between your Boobs...

Actually, it's my fantasy that my girl should have a mole in that spot.. soo I guessed it..

Is that Right place..?

(I want to cover the topic because if anna asks me how you know I can't tell her that I see her mole without her permission..)

(I look at her, she is biting her nails)

Anna: I don't know..

Mark: What..?

Anna: I mean I don't want to say to you..

I just want to know the answers that's it..

(He stops the car..)

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