A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 41

41 I Love You Anna

Anna's POV:

After we reach our home..

Tom stopped the car..

I look at him and said..

"I can take care of Mona too..

It's not safe for Mona to leave her at her home.."

Tom: Don't worry, Anna..

I will stay with her..

And I promise I don't take any advantage of her..

Trust me..

Anna: I nod my head as ok and open the car door and I get out and trying to get out the mark of the car..

"Mark, wake up.. We reached home.."


He slowly opened his eyes..

And says..

"Anna.. "

Mark gets down from the car..

(I am pulling him out of the car..)

He slowly gets down..

He takes one of his hand on my shoulder and started walking with me..

Then he said..

"Anna.. Why you look soo cute..?

Mark.. You were drugged.. Please don't talk and move...

(But I feel happy inside by hearing from him that I am cute..)

"Anna.. That's true.. You look cute.. Pretty..

And sometimes you make me horney too.."

(I was shocked when I hear from him that I make him horney...)

I didn't speak anything and helping him to get stairs of our duplex..

"Anna.. Do you think I am stupid, idiot, rascal and everything.."

(I look at him why he is scolding himself..)

Anna: "No Mark.. Why I will think about you in such a way..."

Mark: "Anna.., Do you love me?"

(It's better to not answer to him...

I stay quiet.. We climbed the steps..)

"Tell Anna.. You don't love me.."

"Wait.. Wait.. Why are you taking me to my room?.."

"I will drop you first in your room then I will go to my room.. Come.."

(He pulled me towards my room..,)

Anna: "Mark.. Mark.. I can go to my room..

Before that, we should go to your room.."

(He didn't listen and he takes me to my room..)

Then he showed my bed and said

"Sleep Anna.."

I smile a little bit for his actions..

He is unconscious and he is taking care of me..

Anna: "Ok Mark, I will sleep"..

I told him and remove my heels and get on the bed and closed my eyes and acted that I am in deep sleep...

After a few minutes, I can hear Sobbing..

I opened my eyes, it's Mark..

He sits on the edge of my bed and he is crying..

I went near to him and keep one of my hands on his cheek and ask..

"Mark... Are you ok?"

Then he took a deep sobbing and said..

"No one love's me Anna..

Everyone leaves me alone..

My parents.. Ria.. My friends..

I have nobody..

I am alone..

I don't know why I am living.."

I feel my eyes are wet when I am hearing him and when I saw tears in his eyes..

He is feeling lonely..

I hold his hand and said

"Mark.. I am with you.. I don't leave you alone.."

He holds my hand tightly..

Mark: Can I believe you?

Anna: yes Mark.. I won't leave you alone..

After 2 minutes he is ok..

He falls back on my bed and he is sleeping..

Then I sit down and take his shoes..

And I tried to pull him straight with his hands on the bed...

When I am almost done..

He immediately grabs me and pinned me to the bed and he is top of me...

I was in shock.. What just happened..?

He leans his head near me and asks..

"You don't leave me alone?"

I nod my head as Yes..

(He is top of me.. It's hard for me to breath he is heavy)

Then He said

"I LOVE YOU Anna.."

A sudden shrill pass through my stomach when I hear him...

Does he really love me?

Meanwhile, my thoughts were broken by his kiss..

He kissed me on my lips...

I widened my eyes.. I didn't understand what just happened..

He is licking on my lips and kissing me..

I didn't respond to him..

Then he bites on the edge of my lip..

I didn't respond..

And I tried to push him with my hands..

Then He bites me hard which cause bleeding..

I opened my mouth in pain.

He entered his tongue into me and playing with mine..

I can't even breathe properly..

He is kissing me deeply..

When he is kissing me, I sense something hard near my Tummy..

It's become harder and pushing against me for entrance..

Then he licks my bleeding on my lip with his tongue...

And he slowly moves his head on my neck..

I was crying..

I didn't expect him in such a way that what he is doing right now..

And I tried to push him aside and try to get down from the bed..

He pulled me again to the bed..

I look into his eyes..

They were red and his face is Angry..

"Don't dare to leave me again Anna, " he said..

I was shocked by his words and his actions..

I didn't stop crying..

Then he pulled my knot on the strip which is on the backside of the neck..

With one pull he drags my dress down near tummy..

My boobs are popping out..

He looks at them and smiles.. And said

"Here is my treasure.."

He keeps his head between my boobs near my mole.. And kissing and licking it..

With one of his hands, he is squeezing my boobs..

I am crying heavily and trying to push him...

He then moves his head towards my boobs and sucking them very passionately..

And all a sudden he bites on my boob..

I shouted in pain...

And he keeps one of his hand near my pussy..

I was crying loudly and shouted again..

"Mark... Please stop it..."

And I cried loudly.. And shouted again..

"Mark.. Please stop it.."

Then he immediately gets down on me and looks at me..

"Anna.. Did I hurt you..?"

Then I immediately get up and sit on the edge of the bed and cover my boobs with my dress with both of my hands..

I was crying deeply..

After a few minutes, I look at him..

He is sleeping..

The tears didn't stop from my eyes..

I slowly get up from the bed and went to the wardrobe and take the clothes and went to shower..

When the water drops are falling on me, I feel pain on my waist.. I look at my waist..

There is a red bruise.. It is the old one, but when mark holds me tightly in the party.. The Bruise again swollen..

And I feel the same sense on my boob..

There is another bruise on my left boob just below the wound..

It caused just because of Mark bite me..

Then I think about Ria..

How she was raped by 4 men..

How pain she takes..

And I sit in the shower and I cried out loudly..

After some time I get out of the shower..

I wear clothes..

I came to the room silently..

He is sleeping on the bed..

I checked the time it's around 3.45 am in the morning..

I think it's better not to sleep here..

Because he is not conscious..

So I come out of the Room..

I lock his door from outside..

And I went to Ria's room..

I tried to lock Ria's room, but the lock system is not working..

I look into the room..

I found a photo frame..

It has Ria and me in that photo..

I hold it and touch Ria's face...

Am sorry Ria..

You take so much pain just because of me..

Just because of my brother..

I cried again..

And I sleep on the bed, holding her photo frame..

I am hearing something..

The buttons sound..

I slowly opened my eyes..

it was blurr..

I rub my eyes and see around..

I am not in my room...

Then I saw a photo frame on the other hand..

Then I realized everything..


I locked him in the room..

(The sound was stopped I turned my face to look at what's that sound is..)

It's Mark..

He is sitting in the chair and a laptop on his table and doing some work..

I look at him..

He is looking at me..

I widened my eyes and look at him again..

(Thinking how he comes out.. I locked him in his room..)

He is coming near to me..

I am getting the visual that he byte on my boob..

I was scared..

I hold my blanket tightly..

He sits beside me..

Hold my hand..

"Anna.. Am sorry for what happened last night.."

(I widened my eyes.. Last night?

What can be the time now?

And he is normal..

He is speaking normally..

I feel relaxed..,

And I get up from my bed and rest back on the bed head..

He is still holding my hand..)

Mark.. Are you ok now?

Mark: yes I am...

Can you tell me what happened last night?

Did I hurt you..?

Why I sleep in your room..

And you sleep here?


Mark.. Mark.. cooooll..

You are fine now.. Am happy for that..

(I keep one of my hand on his cheek..)

Mark: Did I hurt you..?

Anna: (I think he doesn't remember anything..

It's better he forgot that..

He hasn't done intentionally..

It's just because of the drugs he acted in such a way..)

No Mark.. You didn't hurt me..

You are just unconscious..

So I take you to my room and lock from outside for your safety..

And I sleep here..

Mark: that's it..?

Anna: Yes Mark.. (He is in deep thoughts.. I break them and ask..)

Why, what happened..

Mark: I got a Very Bad nightmare Anna..

I was scared that was in reality or it's a dream..

Maybe its a dream..

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