A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 40

40 I Never Leave You Alone

Anna's Pov:

My thoughts are filled with Mona's questions..

She asks me directly that I am liking Mark or not..

Yes, I am..

I don't know why..

I feel secure when I hold his hand..

In the glass room when I saw my dress strip..

I hold his hand instead of holding my dress..

He immediately understands my feelings..

Does Mark like me?

What he will do with me after Ria's case solved..?

Did he leave me?

I don't know why? The thought of leaving him is killing me from inside..

Ok.. Whatever it may be..

I won't leave him until Ria's case gets solved..

Mona: What are you thinking Anna..

Anna: Nothing I am just thinking about Ria's case..

Mona: Tom and Mark will take care of..

Don't worry about that..

Meanwhile, a serving girl with 2 orange juices came to us..

Serving Girl:

Good evening Mam..

This is the complementary Drink for the winners..

(And she served on the table..)

Mona: I think you bought 2 drinks only..

But we are 4..

Can you please bring 2 more drinks..

Serving Girl: Sure Mam..

Meanwhile, you can have these..

( She smile and she leaves..)

Mona: (Take one sip of juice)

Hmm, taste good..

So Anna..

Did you love anyone?

Anna: (with a laugh) Me... Love..

No way...

Mona: why?

Anna: Because I didn't study in co-education...

I am planning for U.G. Course..

Maybe there is a chance I may find one..

Mona: (take another sip of juice)

So what are the qualities you are looking for.?

Anna: I don't know particularly.. But I need a sharing and caring guy..

He should replace the place of Ria..

Because I don't have any friends or family..


(My eyes become wet that I am missing Ria..)

Mona: (take another sip of juice)

It's ok Anna..

You will get the guy who cares more than Ria..

Have a drink...

(What happened to me..

I feel dizzy..)

Anna: (I take the juice glass when I am about to drink, we were interrupted by a voice..

I look at them..

It's Mark and Tom.. With so much foodstuff treys in their hands..)

Mark: you can't wait till we come with food..?

Tom: I think both of you are very hungry..

But no worries they are just having the drinks..

(And he looks at Mona..)

Here you go, dear.. You can enjoy lots of food..

Mona: (I don't know what happened to me..,

I feel a little dizzy.. When I saw Tom I feel happy that he is with me..

So I immediately get up and hugged him and kissed him on his lips deeply..

Tom is responding to my kiss...

Anna: I just placed my glass on the table when I hear them..

I was happy to see Mark.. Mona is killing me with her logical unreasonable interrogation...

Meanwhile, Mona gets up and kissed Tom deeply..

They forgot that we are here..

They are kissing more passionately that the world is ending..

I dropped my mouth in shock..

What she is doing..

Mark came near to me and sit beside me and said..

" Close Your mouth Anna.."

I immediately closed my mouth and turn to him..

He is looking into my eyes and says..

"I think Mona is missing Tom very badly.."

I nod my head as Yes..

Then he smiled and ask me..

"Do you miss me?" by winking one of his eyes..

I widened my eyes and say "No"...

[He will definitely ask me a kiss if, my answer is yes.]

He smiles and looks at them..

Mark: I didn't see Mona like this before..

Anna: I think they are Love birds now..

(Mark widened his eyes at me)

then I tried to explain to him that

Mona said Tom proposed her last night..

Maybe they are in Love..


Mark: Soo?

Anna: They are kissing..

Mark: so you mean only love birds will kiss to each other?

Anna: yes..

the one who has love on the other will kiss..

Mark: So you love me..?

Anna: (with widened eyes)


Mark: Because you kissed me yesterday (I am thinking about Anna kiss me when she is sleeping..)

Anna: It's an accidental kiss..(I think of the restaurant kiss)

I didn't mean to kiss you..

(I pout my face and bend down my face and looking into my fingers..)

Mark: (I smile to myself)(she didn't remember that she kiss me in her sleep..)

I took the juice glass before Anna and take one sip..

What's this? (I asked Anna pointing to the glass)

Anna: (I saw that he is drinking the juice..)

I think it's orange juice..

The serving girl served us by saying its a complement juice for the winners..

and Mona told her to bring 2 more..

(meanwhile, he took another sip..)

Mark: Its taste Weird Anna..

(when I am taking sip by sip my dick is getting hard..)(this time it turns hard not because of Anna.. Maybe this juice..)

Anna: what do you mean..?

Mark: (By taking another long sip I finished half of the glass..)(I am sure something drug is mixed up.. the parties like these are common with drugs..

Immediately, I look at Mona's glass she drank 3/4th glass..

and I look at her..

both are kissing deeply..

they lost their worlds..

I look at Anna..

she is looking at me in question face..

I through both the glasses..)

Anna: I didn't understand what he is doing..

he just throws both the glasses with juice..

I hold his hand and ask.. " What happened?"

I was shocked when I hear a word from his mouth..


What do you mean Mark..?

Mark: some drug is mixed in this juice Anna..

That's the reason Mona is acting weird..

(I feel a little bit dizzy in my eyes..)

we need to go home immediately..

Anna: (I feel very nervous when I saw Mark by holding his head with both of his hands..

he is closing his eyes unconsciously..

he is trying to open his eyes..)

Mark are you ok?

(he just fall unconscious I immediately get up and give support to him to not fall from his chair..

his face is full of sweat..

he is trying to open his eyes slowly..)

I was holding him and shouting "Mark wake up..

Are you ok?

Then I look at Tom..

He is busy in kissing Mona..

Both of them are in their own world..


Meanwhile, Tom tried to break the kiss and hugged Mona tightly as she is hugging him tightly.. and lean her head towards his shoulder..

and Tom asked me

" What happened Anna"

Anna: Mark said the juices are mixed with Drugs and he said we need to go home immediately..

Mona takes 3/4th of the glass and Mark takes Half of the glass.." I said in a nervous tone..

meanwhile, Mark grabs me near to him and hold me around my Waist in sitting position..

and he keeps his head between my Boobs..

I got sudden goosebumps all over my body..

I just tapping his head slowly and said: "You will be ok.."

In between, I look at Tom..

Mona is in crying face and requesting Tom..

"Please don't leave me alone again..

I can't live without you "

she is hugging him tightly and kissing him again..

Tom was convincing her by saying..

"Never in my life, I don't leave you Mona..

I am sorry for what I did to you.. Let's go home.. ok?" he is convincing her between her kisses..

He is dealing with her very smoothly and lovingly.. and he looks at me..

I was stand like a statue holding mark..

Tom: Anna.. I will drop both of you at Mark's house in my car..

you take care of him..

Anna: I nod my face as Yes..

Tom: (I hold Mona in bridal style and ask Anna to follow me along with mark to parking slot..)

Anna: I bend close to Mark's ears and said..

" Mark.. Get up.. We need to go home..

Get up.. and I tried to get off his hands.."

He loosens his grip and he again keeps his head between his hands and said..

"Anna.. I feel very Dizziness.. stay away from me.. I may harm you.."

I hold his hand and said,

"Mark.. I never leave you alone.. and you never Harm me ok.. come let's go home..

get up.."

(He tried to get up .. he take two steps and he may slip I immediately support him by keeping one of his hand on my shoulder..

we both went to car parking slot meanwhile..

Tom take care of Mona by taking her into the passenger seat and lock her with seat belt..

and come back to me to help mark to sit in back seat..

I sit beside Mark..

I hold his hand..

he closed his eyes and lean back to the seat and saying "Anna Stay away I may harm you.."

I hold his hand tightly.. and said it's ok..

Meanwhile, Mona is saying..

"Tom.. please don't leave me.. I love you.."

he is holding her hand and driving with another hand..

Anna: Tom.., Do you have any idea about these drugs?

Tom: I don't know exactly which drug they take..

But the basic common symptoms are..

They feel dizzy in starting..

they don't hide their emotions as Mona did..

but there are some specific drugs deal in the black market..

they are specific in sexual desires..

I think maybe the drug they take related to this kind..

because Mona never kisses me this Deep and passionate..

Anna: I was in shock when I hear those words..

Specific in sexual desires?

That's the reason Mark is warning me to stay away..

I look at Mark..

he is looking soo cute..

I didn't see him when he is closing his eyes..

I still hold his hand..

I don't leave him alone in this state..

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