A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 4

4 Rage On John

Anna's POV:

After reading the letter, I collapsed, and my mind was blank.

My heartbeat increase..

I can hear my heart raising

I saw Mark's face; he stands in front of me with full rage and anger in the eyes..

"Du dossse my Brother John Raped Ria?"

I stammered.

He catches my neck and makes me stand with force..

I was forced to breathe.

And mark warned me "I will ruin you and your family, you people will get punishment at par for the act of your Brother."

And he pushed me back.

My back touches the door, my eyes are with full of tears and I caught for breathing.

I asked Mark

"can I go to my brother and ask for truth please."

Mark: "What you will ask..? How they raped my sister?" He shouted at me.

The post-mortem reports clearly say a gang raped Ria.

Anna: "Please give me one day to find out the truth."

I will return back to you definitely with the truth..


Mark: "Don't dare to escape.. I will ruin your family..

Get lost..."

He threw me out of the room.

I immediately went to my house.

I saw John on the couch..

I ran to him, grab his collar and slap him quick and hard.

"How dare you to touch my friend, you idiot"

I punch him on his nose.

His nose started bleeding.

He defends himself and tied my hands behind me with a towel and pushes me on the couch.

He then laughs at me.

John: You are talking about your poor little friend?

Anna: "Her name is Ria."

John: "She is very Tasty" (he Smirks)

Anna: "How dare you to touch her..?"

John: "My dear lill sister Do you think I only touch her?" (He laughed loudly)

Anna: "I got shocked and I can't move an inch.,

What your friends and you did to Ria?"

John: "I told you I enjoyed her inch by inch...

She cried a lot, so we tied her mouth with the same towel I tied your hands...

She pleased me to don't Tare her clothes,

She pleased me to don't touch her,

She pleased me to don't ****..."

(He laughed loudly)

You know about me, my lill sister, if somebody asks me to don't do I will do it..

She aroused me...

I touched her Inch by inch..

I enjoyed her...

She is soft, clear, clean...

I can't take her from my dreams from that evening...

Anna: I screamed and shouted, "You Pervert"

John: "You know one thing my friends also enjoyed her after me..

We did so many times in those 2 hours..

Her boobs are popped out after removing her bra which makes me hornier...

I squeeze them as hard as I can until I cum between her boobs...

Do you want to know more?

She is a VIRGIN, The blood strain on your bed is your dearest friend..."

Anna: "Why? Why you did this to her?" I shrieked.

John: "Because of you.. Am jealous of you, my dad is taking care of you than me.

And your mother will see me as a creature..."

Anna: "That's not true.. Mom and Dad love both of us.

And just because of the admission letter you raped my friend?"

John: "Not exactly.. First, I tried to tear that application into pieces, but your poor little friend scolds me I try to slap her...

Unfortunately, she falls on me her boobs squeeze against me so it goes on..."

He laughed..

Anna: "You will pay for this, I will complain to police the rest of your life is in prison."

John: "You need to be alive for doing that," he said he immediately grabs a knife on the table and kept on my neck and he smiles.

From the backside, my mom shouted and try to grab the knife from his hand.. The blade slightly touches on my neck and above my left boob and it bleeds lightly.

He stabbed on the back of my mom..

I can't help my mom because of my tied hands..

Meanwhile, my father came and beat John from behind with a flower vase.

He just lost his consciousness..

My father releases my hands and he told me to escape and run.

I saw my mom..

She is not breathing anymore..

My heartbeat stopped for a while..

My father grabs me to the front door and pleased me to escape from him..

I ran on the streets increasing my speed..

I can remember the nightmare I got last night that am running on the streets..

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