A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 39

39 Did You Like Mark?

Mark's POV:

After hearing the speech of chubby girl...

I saw at Anna...

She is feeling nervous when the Chubby girl announced Anna's name...

I tap on her back that everything is ok..

then she announced Mona name as well

Mona takes a stand for Anna..

I want to know who humiliate Anna..

I look at Mona and ask..

"Who's she"

Mona replied..

" It's Genie.. Mark.."

Meanwhile, Anna tried to stop Mona to don't tell..

Mona: Wait, Anna..

Mark should know..

she is his P.A.

So he needs to know about her..

and Mona turned to mark and said everything..

Mark looking at Anna but Anna is looking into her hands that she is not interested to discuss about the topic..

Mark: Anna.. Does Genie is the reason for your decision to not come to the party?"

(Anna didn't respond to his question..

Meanwhile, Host interrupted..)


Well.. Well..

So luckily.. Both girls i.e, Ms Anna and Dr.Mona are the partners of our heroes Mr Mark and Mr. Tom..

So 2 best couples qualify all the 4 Tests..

So I would like to announce both of them are the Winners for today's event party

Best Couple award..

And Both of them are eligible for the Trip..

We will contact you the details later..

Let's enjoy the party.. Have Food..


The entire hall was filled with Claps..

As we all are looking into each other's face and smiling at each other...

But Mark looking into my eyes staring..

Meanwhile, Tom interrupted..

Ok.. okk.

We are going on a trip...


and Mark you should adjust your work according to our trip..

Mark: okk Guys..

Mona: ok then brings something to eat for Anna and me..

We are starving..

(Both Mark and Tom went to bring some food..)

Me and Anna are alone at the table..

Mona: Are you happy Anna?

Anna: for what?

Mona: Because you won the trip...

Anna: Yeah..! I am happy about that..,

But winning as a couple is a little bit awkward..

Mona: Don't you like Mark?

Anna: it's not about liking him..

Actually, I like him.. Because he takes good care of me..

Even though my brother raped Ria..

He never makes me humiliate..

And I want to help him until Ria's case gets solved..

Our relationship is as simple as that..

If Ria's case gets solved, we will be apart maybe..

I am happy for that too..

But there is nothing more between us..

Mona: I can understand Anna..

But Mark is better now than before you enter into his life..

I didn't see him laughing for the past 2 years after their parents died..

I think he is healing himself around you..

Anna: Maybe..

Mona: Did he kissed you?

Anna: I got goosebumps when I heard that question..

Widened my eyes and look into her..

Mona: Tell Anna..

I keep the secrets..

Anna: No Mona.. We never kiss..

(But I kiss on his lips for the first time when Mark is holding angel..

It's an accidental kiss..

That's it..)

Mona: Then what is the physical intimacy test that you passed?

Anna: Maybe we hugged.. When you are dressing his wound..

I think they captured it..

Mona: Hoo..

Did you ask Nanny about Teddy?

Anna: No.. Not yet.. Why?

Mona: Actually, I want to purchase the same Teddy..I want to take the store address..

(Actually, I ask Anna because I think it was bought by Mark.. But he hides it from me..

I got this doubt on him when he holds Anna exactly on the same Bruce..

So there is no secret person Anna is meeting..

So I will catch Mark red-handed..)

Anna: I will ask her tomorrow..

Or else you can take my teddy if you like it..

That's ok with me..

Mona: hoo.. No Anna..

If you found the store address then give it to me.. That's enough..

Genie's Pov:

I saw 4 of them, they are laughing at each other..

host declared both couples are Best..

What the hell is going on..

That stupid Anna thinks that she is the partner for Mark...

That poor girl what to be the Queen of Mark's kingdom..?

I smile to myself and saw the powder packets in my hands..

then I grab one of the serving girls into the corner..

Hey Girl..

If you do what I say then I will give you 1lakh..

the girl was shocked..

I show her money

the girl nods her head as Yes..

Bring me 2 juice glasses..

she went..

within a few minutes, she came along with 2 juice glasses..

I take the powder and mix in both the glasses..

That girl stares and ask me... "Mam, what's this powder for.."

I smirk on her and said "it will get vomiting sensation... I am just doing a prank on my friends..

so please help me..

and take this reward I hand over 1lakh..

she takes the money happily and went to Anna's table with that orange juice glasses..

I am observing them that they are having drinks or not..?

the serving girl went there and serve them..


after they drink I need to take them to that Hulk Room..

Then I need to video shoot them and show to Mark..

Mark will never see there faces again..

I smile to myself with revenge..

Mona had her sip of juice..

while Anna is having.. someone stands before me..

I saw who's that..

It's my creepy ex-boyfriend..

"Hey, Gen..

Am searching for you..

Where have you been..?

I look at him and said..

I will tell you later but I am busy right now leave me alone..

(and try to see Anna's glass..)

Boyfriend: Busy...

You are dating me today you should not look at other guys.. ok?

(then he grabs me to the wall and pinned me against the wall and started kissing again..

between the kiss, I try to see them but No..

I can't see them.. Meanwhile, my pervert boyfriend is hitting me with his aroused dick for entrance..

Boyfriend: Let's go to Room we can have fun all night.. he escaped the words between his kiss..

(but my body was swollen due to gang bang..,

I can't have sex for today..)

Sorry, dear.. I am busy..

Boyfriend: Busy?.. let's see.. he grabbed me out of the event hall near the changing room..

I am shouting..

"No.. this room is filled.. we can go to another room.."

Meanwhile, he opened the door and pushed me..

he entered in..

all the other 3 boys laugh at him..

Then I ask..

"You know them?"

Boyfriend: of course.. they are my friends..

I showed them you, that they can easily crack..

but before they had you, I enjoyed you in the restroom .. then I handed over..

All the other 3 with raised Dick come near to me..

all of them took another 4 packets of powder each..

Again they started Gang bang on me...

its been almost 6 times each person cum..

they all are sleeping..

all my body was filled with there cum..

I take a shower and had my dress..

I came slowly out of that room..

I can't even walk properly..

they continue to fuck me with 2dicks in ..

I was enjoyed but I am thinking what happened to those poor girls..

I came to the event room..

The hall is empty..

No one is there in the hall...


I missed them..

then I take a cab and went to my home..

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