A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 38

38 Gang Bang

Genie's Pov:

I went to the party room..

My partner came to me..

He is my ex-boyfriend..

In school, we always do make out section..

I lost my virginity with him...

We enjoyed sex every time we meet irrespective of our relationship..

When we both meet at the party...He kisses me passionately..

By holding my head with one of his hands and with the other hand, he is pulling me towards him..

But I didn't come out of the thoughts of Both Anna And Mona Humiliate me in front of everyone..

Meanwhile, he bites on my lip.. (Because I am not responding to his kiss..)

Then I responded to his kiss...

I keep my tongue into his mouth we are playing with both and kissing deeply..

Meanwhile, he takes one of his hands on my boobs..

It is not tough to touch my boobs..

My dress coverage clearly supports to grab my boob..

He is squeezing my boobs and kissing me deeply..

I lost myself..

I was wet..

I want his dick to put in me..

So with one of my hands, I press his bulge..

It was erected...

then he stopped kissing me and come near to my ear and said...

"I want to fill my Hot liquid in your pussy.."

and byte my ear..

I again Started kissing him to tease him..

By touching his erected dick and playing with his tongue..

He immediately grabs me to the toilets and closed the door and locked..

Then, with one pull down on my dress, my boobs are popping out..

He started kissing them and biting them on my tits....

Meanwhile, I remove my panties..

He keeps directly 3 fingers in me..

Ahhhhhhhhh.. I moan loudly...

He gets up and shut my mouth with his mouth and fucking me with his fingers..

He is moving in and out with his fingers..

I escape a moan between our kiss..

I was full on..

Then he pushed me towards the wall..

He didn't waste his time..

He takes out his large erected dick..

I am leaning down to lick it..

He raised me up and take one of my legs around his waist..

Then he directly keeps his dick into my pussy..

I feel the hotness of his dick..

Then he started giving me deep hard strokes..

He is squeezing my boobs with his hands...

I feel like heaven.

I am moving my hip to his dick in and out..



Cum in me Daddy...

He then increased his striking speed and said..

Your Daddy is cumming in you directly...

My little princess...


Yes, daddyyy..

Fuck me Hard..




With few more strokes we Both cum..

I again move his dick to tease him..

He stopped and said..

We are in party dear..

We can make out later...

Then he takes his Dick out..

and I pulled my dress up..

and I rearranged my makeup and hair..

I was relieved now..

I want to get revenge on both Anna and Mona..

I came out of the toilets..

Then the music started..

I checked around them..

I found Both of them..

Mona is dancing with one guy..


Anna is dancing with Mark?

Both of them are looking very happy..

By seeing them, I got very temper...

I need to dance..

I checked my partner, he is dancing with some other girl..

He always flirts with the girls and takes them to bed..

He has done sex with me so he leaves me and searching for another girl to keep his dick..

Then one guy comes near me and ask..

"Will you dance with me"..

I gave my hand and say Yes..

and we both started dancing..

After a few minutes... He said Huskily..

" Your boobs are very big."

I smile at him..

I know every man will fall for my boobs.. Except for mark..

then he asked "Can I touch once..

I nod my face as Yes..

We are moving the dance move and he keeps his hand on my boobs and squeeze it very hard..

Genie: Ouchhhhh..

It hurts..

I smirk to him..

He laughed at me but didn't take a hand on my boobs..

He is moving his dick near my pussy to get my attention..

I can sense his erection, but act like nothing to tease him..

He is pressing his hard towards me more to identify..

Genie: I think something down to touch me harder..

What's that? I asked him, teasing

He said, " You don't know what's that?"

I nod my head as No..

Then Let me show you...

Not hear and he grabbed my hand and pulled to the outside of the party hall there is an attached room.. Named Changing Room on it..

He took me to that room and pushed me on the bed forcefully.. I turned around and see he is locking the door..

Then I hear another voice..

"We got a chick to a gang bang..."

I turn around there are 2 more men.. Where they are exposing their erected dicks stroking towards me..

I look at the first person..

What he has done to me..

But he is busy taking his clothes..

Then I realized there is no way to escape..

then one of the men went to the table and take one packet and open it and take the powder..

He became more sexually aggressive after taking that powder..

He came to me and slap me on my cheek to open my mouth..

I opened my mouth, he keeps his erected dick in my mouth..

then the other 2 went there and take 2 more packets and have the powder..

one of them makes me nude..

and the other is licking on my pussy..

I feel very pleasure..

all the 3 are aggressive to sex..

I am enjoying every one movement..

I take one of my dick into my mouth..

and the other 2 with my hands and stroking them in and out..

"You Bitch Give us Hard Strokes.."

one of them pinching me on my nipple..

I moan between the strokes...

I was wet.. i need them to fuck..

but one of them cum into my mouth and the other 2 cum into my hands..

I thought they were done..

but I am wrong..

they just started to eat me..

the powder they took..

make them hornier..

after they cum.. their dicks are still erected..

I was shocked to see there erected dicks..

then they changed my mouth with other dick..

and one of the dick put directly into my pussy..

and the other dick I sense between my boobs..

all the 3 are moving accordingly to come again this time more hard strokes..

I feel pain in pussy because it's Big Dick..

he strokes it speedy and passionately..

I love it ..

and I am moving my mouth more speed..

he holds my hair and makes me move according to his satisfaction..

I can sense wet between my boobs..

he is squeezing his dick between my boobs more hardly.. then he cum between my boobs again..

and my mouth was load with cum once again..

He catches my face tightly and said..

"Swallow it, my Bitch"..

I followed their orders.. and swallow his cum..

then he entered his dick into my ass...

and the 3rd one keeps his dick in my mouth..

and started moving again..

one dick in my pussy..

one dick in my ass..

and the other in my mouth..

all of them started again there stroking..

the room is filled with the sounds of bed..

Dab.. dab..

and the tapping sounds of our skin...

they are shouting..

You slut...

Make us cum in you..

and increased their speed..

ahhhhhhhhh.. bitchhh.. you are awesome..



Come on make us Hard more...

they shouting in pleasure..

I filled My mouth again with cum..

he comes close to me and asks

"will your pussy bear 2 dicks?"

I was shocked hearing to him...

I was shouting to him noo.. meanwhile other 2 didn't stop there bang bang..

he pushed his dick into my pussy between his dick..

I was shouted and scream with pain..

they started laughing..

and started giving strokes to me..

I was shouting...

I feel very pleasure..

I didn't feel this pleasure before..

they continuously increased the strokes..

in and out...

then I said loudly...

Cum in me Daddy..


ufghhhh... cum in..

Yes, bitch...



then all the 3 again load in me and take out their dicks..

each one cum 4 times with me..

all of them are relaxing with me..

Then I break the silence and ask them..

"what's that powder you take?"

One of them replied..

This is a drug.. you can't get it in the black market..

it enhances the strength of the organism and builds more sex Desires..

the one who takes this powder can't control themselves..

and they laugh themselves..

(then I got one Idea...

I will mix this powder in the drinks of both anna and Mona..

and I bring them into this room..

Then they will be lost there virginity with these stupid hulks.. and I will shoot them...)

I ask them "can I have 2 packets?"

Yes, you can..

but before that, we need to cum again...

I widened my eyes..

and request them..

I will bring 2 more girls we can have more fun..

but I need these packets to bring those girls..

then one of them get up and give me the 2 packets and kiss me on my lips and said..

we are waiting here come fast..

Then I grab those packets dressed up and ran to the event hall..

The hall is silent and everyone sits in the chairs..

I saw the fatty girl on the stage..

I realize its a prank..

then I searched for the girls..

they sat beside there partners..

Mark is tapping anna on her back..

I feel jealous..

I look into my hand with 2 packets in it..

and I smirk to myself...

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