A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 37

37 We Can Use Butter Scotch Flavour.

Mark's POV:

We came to the Main Party Room...

After a few minutes on the other side of the Room, our partners are entering the room..

All are busy in searching for their partners..

I found Anna..

She stays still where she is standing and her face is worried...

she is looking around..

Maybe she is looking for me..

I went near to her silently..

and keep my hand on her cold back..

She recognized my hand and look into my eyes directly..

Then I ask everything ok?

She smiles and she nods her head as yes and holds my hand..

She immediately asked what happened..

I don't even recognize about the wound on my hand that is bleeding..

I saw her face, she is most worried..

I tried to hide my hand, but she didn't leave it and hold it with a tissue..

Then Mona and Tom came to us.

Mona checked on my wound and she finds an alcoholic glass..

I was scolding Mona and closed my eyes..

then I sense one hand on my blazer and the other hand on my cheek by tapping slowly to consoling me that everything ok..

Then Mona poured alcohol on my wound..

I hold Anna's waist tightly and hide my face in her neck by pressing my lips on her shoulder in order to control my scream..

Then after few minutes, Mona said..

"Mark you are hurting Anna exactly on her bruise on waist.."

then I realized that I am pressing Anna's waist..

So I released my grip and I move back..

Meanwhile, the music got started..

Mona along with Tom go for a dance..

Then I look at Anna..

she is looking around..

I don't know she likes to dance or not..

But I like to dance at the parties..

I am not a specific dancer, but I can manage in the parties..

I look into Anna's eyes..

she doesn't feel any embarrassment to dance..

So I offer her by giving hand to her..

"Will you Dance with me..?"

She immediately looks into my eyes with a smile on her face..

And she holds my hand and said "Always"

And I keep one of my hands on her waist and with the other hand, I hold her hand and moving slowly like a slow salsa step..

I am looking into her eyes..

she is very happy to dance..

She is taking the step perfectly according to the slow music..

Then I ask her...

" You like to dance?"

Anna: I love to dance...

then I rotate her and lift her by holding her waist and landed her like a salsa jump..

She immediately responds to my step and makes it a perfect move.. and we both didn't take our eyes off..

We are looking into both of our eyes..

Then I ask her..

Mark: Did you answer the Que card?

Anna: (a sudden shrill pass through my Spain..

I can remember those questions about him regarding Condom..Kiss.. and Rod..)

and I nod my head as Yes.. (With a blush on my face..)

Mark: What did you answer to the first question about my favourite flavour?

(We are continuing our dance steps)

Anna: I got goosebumps when he asks about condom flavour..

I stable my mind myself and said..


Mark: He smiles a little and asks..

Did you like strawberry flavour?

(With a smirk on his face..)

Anna: (what he is asking about?

He is asking about strawberry condom flavour or strawberry flavour in casual..? )

Then I nod my head as No...

and said..

"I don't like strawberry flavour"

Then he smiled to himself and said


"Ok, then we can use Butterscotch flavor..

I think you like Butterscotch?"

(I love to see her expression...

Her confusing face..

and her blood flushed face with embarrassment..)

Anna: (a sudden shock on my face..

What he is talking..?

What did he mean we can use?

What are we discussing about?

A Condom of butterscotch flavour or a strawberry flavour?)

Meanwhile, he asks me Ok?

Then I nod my head as Yes..

(What I just said.. Yes?

Yes for a condom of butterscotch flavour?)

Meanwhile, he smiled at me by seeing my face..

He again lifted me by holding my waist and land to the other side as a salsa step..

Then the speed of the music increased..

We increased our dancing steps speed.. and we both are enjoying our dance...

I was a little embarrassed about his questions..

Is he going to be teasing me..?

We didn't stop our dance and we are continuing the dance.. We lost in our own world..

Then a final note of music we heard and he keeps me in a salsa pose bending me back by catching my waist with his hand..

I can hear claps around the hall..

then I get back to reality..

On the dance floor, only 3 couples are dancing..

I saw another 2 couples one is Tom and Mona they are kissing with each other.. and the other couple I don't know..

I was scared that everyone is looking at us and I hold Mark's hand as a Lost puppy..

We get down the dance ramp and went to the table arranged with 4 chairs to sit

Me, Mark, Anna and Tom sits near the same table..

We laugh with each other..

Mona: Anna I don't know that you dance..?

Anna: I like to dance.. Me and Ria participated in so many dance events..

We have a band in our school too..

Mona: wow... That's great..

Meanwhile an announcement attention everyone..

We all look at the host who is the host of this event

Host: Hi friends..

Good evening to everyone..

Firstly I am going to thank every couple for attending this event and making it successful..

I hope you all are enjoying..

But there is a little announcement..

I didn't inform you of prior...

I would like to sponsor a trip to the hill station for the best couple of this evening..

We are scaling the Best couple by the following parameters..

1. Que card

2. Physical Intimacy

3. Social Responsibility

4. Couple dancing

You all know about the Que card..

we collected from everyone at the time of entrance..

we sorted 20 couples out of 50 couples give all the 3 right answers about their partners..

(all are murmuring and laughing..)

(Anna: I know we are definitely not in that 20 list because we don't know each other about our personal spot and measurement..)

Out of these 20 couples..

14 couples qualified for physical Intimacy..

I mean these 14 couples are caught on our hidden cameras when they are participating in sexual Intimacy with there partners.. like making out.. kissing.. hugging.. holding sexually etc.,

Out of these 14 couples, 3 couples won the couple dancing by not leaving their hands throughout the song..

(Anna: I was scared because we are one of the couples in the 3 couples in dancing.. I feel nervous if we are going to win then I should answer to Mona about intimacy.. about the que card etc., and it feels awkward before Mark..

because we are not real couple..)

Host: And the final test is public responsibility..

no one doesn't know about this test that we are conducted...

Let me explain...

after the que card was done you all have waited in the hall for a few minutes..

Then we arranged a prank on both men's side and Girl's side..

On men's side..

we plot 4 men as a gang to tease one of the

management girl..

Only 2 men support that women and beat those gang to death..

and one of the 2 men is a cop I think he informed to the station some cops are waiting outside..

So Mr Cop please excuse us, and say to your team members to leave our boys...


Tom raise his hand as ok.. and both Tom and mark look at each other and smile..

But Me and Mona was in shock and staring both of them for their heroic actions..)

and the host invited That management girl..

Girl: I am personally thanking to Mr. Mark And Mr. Tom..

I am extremely sorry to prank you..

But your caring on the girl's values make me flat on both of you..

actually, I need to nominate only one..


I am nominating both of you to the final..

Mona: I think you both won the trip for hill station.. go and enjoy yourself..(with a pout on her face..)

All the 3 laughs at Mona's comment

Host: And we prank the social Responsibility on girls too..

When they are staying in the room before entering the party hall..

We send a Fatty girl.. and ask her to mingle with the girls..

in that short time who's getting close to her will be our finalist..

Let me invite her and the chubby girl is on the stage..

Me and Mona look at each other..

Chubby girl: Hi everyone..

There is a reason to conduct this prank..


some people think that body structure shows the status..

Some people think that internal beauty is status..

I give priority to the people who care about internal beauty than physical structure..

In this case..

The prank went to worst and I literally cried for the humiliation by one of the girls in this party..

Out of all the girls.. one got support to me.. she raised her voice to support me...

She is Ms Anna...

Thank you so much...

(Anna: I was shocked when I hear my name..

mark hold my back and tapping me as Well done..)

Chubby girl:

But that girl humiliation did not end with me..

she raised her voice on Ms Anna..

Here my other friend came to support Ms Anna .. she makes that girl shut up..

(I look at Mona.. I know the chubby girl is saying about Mona..)

And she is none other than Dr.Mona...

I am heartfully thanking you for your support..

I should only nominate one but

I am nominating these 2 girls to Final..

Let's our Host decide who can be the winners..

(we all 4 look at each other and smile to each other..)

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