A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 36

36 Will You Dance With Me?

Anna's Pov..

I went in the direction where the girl showed me..

There is a room..

Where chairs were arranged to sit..

There are many women in that room..

Some are very fashionable.. Some are simple..

Some have exposed there body's too much..

I am looking at them..

then I saw Genie..

She wears a short frock.. The height of the frock has been just below her hips..

And as usual, she exposed her boobs cleavage clearly..

she is speaking to a few more girls..

then a girl passed to Genie and she stopped there asking for something..

That girl looks very fat.. Around 120kgs..

But she wears a dress too.

I marvel at her confidence..

I.e, even though she is fat she gets into the party with a frock..

and her face makeup also very cute on her chubby face..

she doesn't feel shy..

She is very confident in her face..

Then I saw her eyes were wet..

Then I found Genie is shouting at her..

then I get up and went near them..

Then I hear..

Genie: You are a waste for trash..

Why this kind of people will come to the party..

May be to spoil our mood..

Chubby girl: what wrong I did..

I just want to mingle with you..

So I came to you...

(Her eyes are wet)

Genie: look at you and your dress..

Do you think you can mingle with My Status..?


(I feel very angry about Genie and her abusive words on the Chubby girl.. I immediately shouted when she talks about her dress and status..

I said loudly)

Definitely No...

She will not match to your status..

Because your mind is such a low standard.

and her way of thinking is far better..

So it's clear that she is not a low standard..

and I hold the chubby girl hand..

Genie: Look at this poor girl (pointing to Anna)

She didn't have clothes to wear..

This party dress is also rented..

she is getting ready to argue with me about the status..

(All the girls laugh..)

Anna: (genie started humiliating me..

She is the reason I made a decision not to come to the party..

I am just looking at her..

I can't speak a word to defend myself..)

Then I hear a loud voice which makes everyone look at who's that..)

It's Mona..

I feel very happy to see Mona..

Her face is Angry and she is looking at Genie very serious..

Mona: (in a rising tone)

For your kind information Gen.. Anna's dress is not rented..

I personally helped her to select the dress and the cost of the dress is around 22 lakhs..

Do you think She didn't have clothes..?

Her partner is the owner of one of the top 5 clothing industry fashions...

(All the girls are starting murmuring..)

Yes, she is the partner of Mark..

And you are humiliating her about the status..

Grow up Genie..

(By saying those words entire room was silent and everyone is looking at Anna's face..

While Anna is looking at Me...

then I turned to Anna..

and didn't care about Gen..

I didn't look back and went to Anna

Her eyes are wet..

But she is ok now..)

I smile at her..

Anna: Mona (I immediately hugged her)

Mona: it's ok Anna..

Don't spoil the party mood...

Let's have some drinks..

and I turned for the drinks for all the 3 (i.e., me Anna and Chubby girl)

We took the glass and sit on the chairs and started chit chat.

Anna: why don't you inform me that you are coming to this party..

Mona: actually I don't want to come..

But I found a partner last night so.. (I blush to myself..)

Chubby girl: it means Someone proposed you..?

Mona: I nod my head as Yes..

Anna: (with excitement..) who's that..?

Mona: its Tom.. Mark's friend..

Anna: Really..?

Wow that's so cute...

Both of you are made for each other ..

Mona: Yes, Anna.

We have been struggling with Love for the past 2 years..

Initially, we fight each other..

then we care each other..

We don't even propose our love, but we went to break up..

Again, we met in Ria's case..

He comes back in my life..

And he has been requesting me for the past one week to patch up..

Yesterday I accepted him.. But with some conditions (I smile to myself) to tease him..

So here I am...

(All of the three girls are laughing)

In between our discussion...

A sudden announcement stated that we should lead to the main Party Room..

We all went to the party room..

There are so many people everyone is searching for their partner..

I just take a few steps..

Mona went to check for Tom..

Chubby girl Also leaves me..

I found some couples are kissing with each other..

Some are hugging and they are busy in their own world..

Then I found a hand on my back..

(I know it's Mark.. I can sense him..)

I saw into his eyes..

Mark: everything ok?

Anna: I nod my head as yes.. with a smile on my face and hold his hand..

I found wet on his hand

I look into his hand where I found blood strains on his hand..

I immediately asked him "What happened?"

Mark: Nothing.. (and try to hide his hand because Anna is worried about him..)

Anna: (pushed his hand towards her.. to check..

the bleeding was from his palm..)

(I immediately take tissue near the table and try to clean it..

but the blood is not clotting..)

meanwhile, Mona and Tom came to us..

Mona: You know Anna..

What these heroes have done..

they fight to a gang it seems..

see his face.. (there is a little cut on his forehead near eyebrows..)

Anna: (I look into Mona's eyes with worried..

she is the doctor she will help for Mark bleeding)

Mona, it's bleeding still..

Mona: let me check..

(I saw the wound.. this is the wound he got on the first day of meeting Anna with her bracelet..

it still not cure properly.. so in today's fight it starts again bleeding..)

I look into Marks eyes because he and only me know that first actual cause of this wound I.e, Anna's bracelet..

then I turned around searching for something..

There it is..

and I bought alcohol glass..

Mark: Mona.. stop your idiotic ideas..

we can deal with this after-party at my room..

Anna: staring both of them in Question face..

What's going on?

Tom: It's alcohol Anna.. it cleans the wound and helps to heal fast and clot the blood..

Mark: and it hurts too.. like Spirit on open wound..

(and Mark closed his eyes tightly when Mona is ready to pour the alcohol..)

Anna: (I saw him nervous for the first time..

I know how it hurts if the spirit is applied on wound.. I even cried loud when Mona is dressing my wounds.. then I went close to mark..

and keep one of my hand on his blazer and the other hand on his cheek and taping "it's okay"

Meanwhile, Mona put alcohol on wound..

He immediately with his other hand he held my waist from the backside and pulled me towards his chest..

His hand is exactly on my waist bruise..

I feel pain when he is pressing my bruise hardly..

but I didn't respond to the pain..

Mark don't know that he is hurting me..

but I stay still..

his head is lean to my shoulder...

and his lips are pressing on my naked shoulder beside my strip..

meanwhile, Mona cleaned it with tissue

and pressing the wound with tissue to stop bleeding..

after she has done with the treatment..

She saw both of us literally hugging to each other and

Mona and Tom look each other and smile..,

Me and Mark forgot about we are in the party..

and Mona and Tom are looking at us..

Then I hear Mona saying something to mark then I losses my grip on his blazer..

Mona: Mark you are hurting Anna exactly on her bruise on waist..

(then he immediately loosens the grip..

We both came to reality and he moved away.,)

Mark: You always do these idiotic acts Mona..

Mona: what happened now.? you relieved your pain by hugging Anna...? then why you mad at me..?

Anna ( my face was pumped with blood.. I turned down my face little to hide from Mona)

Meanwhile, music Started..

Mona shouted "Lets dance.."

and she took Tom along with her..


(I love to dance.. I and Ria always practice dance for our school events..

and I went to some special classes for salsa and belly dance particularly..)

When Mona shouted "Let's dance"

I feel very happy and I want to dance..

I saw around..

All the couples are busy with there partners in dancing..

I look at Mark..

Is he interested in dancing?

Maybe not.. his attitude clearly says he don't like dance..

So I act normally and pretend I am not interested too..

Then he offered his hand in front of me and ask

"Will you Dance with me..?"

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