A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 35

35 She Teases Me To Death.

Mark's POV.

When I leave Anna and move towards the men's side..

There I found a counter and a girl with Uniform. Holding a Trey with Envelopes..

She smiles and requests me to pick one envelope..

I picked one and hand over to them..

then they opened the envelope and take 2 cards from the envelope and they took one card and give me the other card with pen and ask me to fill in the answers for the questions in the card..

I nod as Yes and look into the card.

On the front side of the card..

Answer these 3 questions about yourself frankly.. (Your answers will be confidential and not shared with anyone else)

1. Which Flavour of Condom you like the most?

2. What kind of kiss you love to keep?

3. What is the height of your Rod?

(When I saw the questions I smile to myself..

I didn't have any hesitation to answer these questions..

But I want to know about it..

then I raised my face..

The girl in uniform..

she understands what I am going to ask..

She replies instantly..

This is a comparability test, sir..

The same card will be given to your partner and she needs to answer the questions..

If Both of your answers match..

then your couple will earn 3 points..

I nod my head as ok..

I saw the questions once again..

I can imagine Anna's face how she keeps her face after seeing this que Card..

The questions are very intense..

Then I started answering to my questions..

1) Strawberry

(I always prefer strawberry among other flavours.. Especially these sexual acts..

Because it helps me to erect...

then I think..

Which flavour she may answer...

Does she know about a condom?

Maybe she knew because she argued with me that she is a Grownup girl..

Maybe she prefers Butterscotch her favourite ice-cream flavour..

If she likes butterscotch.. Then I change my Condom flavour to butterscotch when we are having Sex..

Then I visualize that we both are naked.. and

I am giving Deep Hard Strokes..

she is moaning to want more...

My thoughts were broken when I hear a voice..

Hey Mark..

I turned my face and see who's that..

It's Tom.. My cop friend..

But he is not our school..

How he gets the invitation to the party..

May be his partner can be my school..

Tom: Hey Mark..

Mark: Hi Tom...

I don't know that you are going to attend this party..

Did you found my school mate to date?

Tom: Maybe.. she is not only your school mate..

She is your bestie and your family friend too..

Mark: Is she Ria?

Tom: (with a smile on his face..)

Exactly Mark.. Yesterday we discussed about this party..

I asked her to make me his partner..

and she accepted..

Mark: You ask for being her partner?

It means You proposed her..?

I shouted..

Tom: with a smile on his face.. Yes..

and she accepted it..

So here we are..

Mark: ok then.. Pick those funny cards and answer them..

and I showed my card as I am answering..

My answer to the second question..

2) French Kiss

(I love to keep french kiss, especially on her pinkish-red lips.. I want to chew them..

I imagine how I tease her about French Kiss instead of French fries..)

3) 6

(Yes, my Dick is 6 inches before erecting.. After erecting it will be more..

I think how Anna answers these questions about my private parts..

She hasn't even seen me nude..

I smile at myself.

I need to know what is the answers of Anna..

What she is thinking about my rod height...

Then I visualize that I am fucking her into her mouth.. She is responding to my strokes with those strawberry lips.... I was aroused when I am thinking about her..

Then in order to control myself, I turned the card..

There I found..

Answer these 3 questions about your partner..

1. Your partner favourite ice-cream flavour?

2. The person your partner adore most in her life?

3. Spot your partner hidden Mole?

I smile at myself..

I can easily answer her questions...

then I started answering..

1) Butterscotch..

(I know about this because yesterday we went to a restaurant... And she ordered a butterscotch ice-cream..

And she moans when she is taking her first spoon.. Which causes me erect then and now..

then I look at the second question..

Adore most?

There may be a chance of her family and Ria..

Her brother ruled out because he raped Ria..

Her father ruled out because she doesn't remember her original father and she is not adored her step father..

So there is a chance of Her mother and Ria..

Anna adores Both of them..

So what can be the answer..?

then I close my eyes and start thinking about her..

I got a glance that she told me about How Anna and Ria first met..

In the hostel..

Ray is her mental support..

And she spends most of the time in her life with Ria than her mom.. Because they Both are in Same school and same hostel..

So It's Ria...

then I answer..

2) Rio

then I go for the 3rd answer without thinking much I directly answer the question.

3) A mole between her boobs..

(I can visualize when I saw them..

when Mona is taking her clothes off for treatment then I saw the beauty spot..

Anna doesn't know that I saw her mole..

she may think that I answer wrongly to this question..

but what if she answers another mole..

I don't care about her answer..

I know only one hidden mole so I answered that..

then I handover my que Card to them..

And they directed me and Tom to a room to stay there..

until further instruction..

we both entered the room

there are few more men in that room who are participating in this party and few of them are my friends..

we are just talking to them..

and then our topic went on Tom..

I asked him

" So when you are going to plan for the wedding?"

Tom: Wedding?

I think it takes time..

Mark: Why?

Tom: Mona what's to be in living together relationship with me.. if I satisfied her.. then it leads to marriage..

(Tom laugh)

we both laugh to each other...

Tom: Why did you lie to Mona?

Mark: what? (with a question mark face)

Tom: About teddy..

Mark: (I was shocked when I hear about teddy)

Did Mona tell you about teddy?

Tom: Yes..

she said.. Anna is meeting someone secretly and that secret person gave a teddy to her..

and Mona asked me to find out who's that secret person can be..

and made it fast because it helps in our investigation soo..

then Mona said about the teddy that same as angel's teddy but 4 feet..

I saw the same specification teddy in that toy's shop..

then I went to toys shop and enquired..

then I found it's you..

Why you are hiding it from Mona..

Mark: (smile on his face.,)

You know about Mona she is master's in teasing..

if she knows I bought teddy to Anna..

She will teased me to Death..

So please don't tell her that's me who actually bought that teddy..

(we both laugh to each other..)

Tom: sure Mark..

we are good at keeping Men's secrets..

So tell me...

Do you have feelings on Anna?

Mark: Yes.. I have.. maybe those feelings may be lost if we had sex once..

(I smirk to Tom)

Tom: it's easy for you to have sex..

she is staying at your house..

Mark: no Tom..

I don't want to force her...

if she wishes to want sex with me then I will show heaven to her...

But we need to control until Ria's case get solved..

Meanwhile, we were interrupted by a girl screem..

she is the management girl serving drinks to the men..

there are 4 who's teasing her..

I don't know the 4 because they are not our school mates..

One of the guys is standing close to her boobs..

another guy is standing beside her pushing her towards the front and rubbing against her ass..

while the other is sprinkling drink on her.. and the 4th one is laughing..

By watching the scene ..

my blood was boiled..

and I immediately went and catch the men with his collar who stand back to her and I pushed him aside and beat him on his nose..

meanwhile, Tom takes care of the front guy..

the other guys come on us to save their friends..

I and Tom hit Both of them..

all the 4 fell down with some bleeding on them..

we check for the girl.. we can't see her..

maybe she left the room with fear..

Tom: I will take care of these rouges..

(he took his phone and inform to his co officer to come and collect them,.)

All the other men were staring at them..

Then one of manager entered the room and said..

sorry for the disturbance.. and making all of you waiting..

Please follow me to the main event room..

Then we both looked at ourselves and started to move..

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