A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 34

34 Que Card

Anna's POV:

When I hold Mark's hand, I feel very secure..

I immediately hold his hand when he comes near to me from the car..

He accepted me to hold him...

Then sudden flashes of cameras started..

Those cameras are held by paparazzi's..

This is my first time to face paparazzi's..

As far as I know, we should be very careful to answer them..

If something wrong happened before them..

We will be the headlines on the next day newspaper...

So it's hard for me to overcome them..

All these thoughts pass away when I hold Mark's hand..

Then when we take the first step..

They started asking questions..

Mark.., Is she your Girlfriend?

Mark.., Is she is the daughter of a billionaire?

Mark.., when will you get married..

I feel very uncomfortable when I hear those questions..

Daughter of a billionaire?

How mean it is..

Mark can only date a billionaire's daughter..

What if he dates a normal life girl like me..

Shhhhh Anna..

What are you thinking you wish Mark should date you..

All my thoughts are revolving when we are passing the paparazzi..

I hold his hand more tightly when we are passing them..

But Mark..

He kept on smiling while holding my hand and ignored all their queries...

and he didn't speak a word and walked along with me.

He knows how to handle them..

It's common for him in his day to day life..,

He just smiles at them and didn't answer to them..

Then we crossed a door, I feel super relaxed and then I realized that the strip around my neck was free..

I just checked it with my other hand and

I found the open strip on my shoulder..

Immediately, I hold his hand tightly..

then I see my dress I was shocked..

My dress has slipped down to expose my boobs curves just above my tits...

I.e, half of my boobs are exposed..

I was scared...

Tears roll down from my eyes..

I don't know what to do..

I immediately hold his hand with my other hand..

Instead of covering my dress..

Within a second he comes in front of me..

I just saw in his eyes..

I can't even explain to him..

I can't even go back to home because of paparazzi's are around..

and I can't move forward to the party with this dress..

then he saw my dress..

Within a second he holds my waist tightly..

and lift me up with his other hand..

As a responsive action..

I immediately hold him around his neck with both of my hands..

I don't know what's going..

But I feel secure that he will take care..

Then I hear..

"It's ok.. Open your eyes..

"Then I slowly opened my eyes and saw in his eyes..

He slowly lands me to the floor..

I feel no one can see us..

then I try to say to him about my dress..

But I stammer..

I don't dare to say to him either..


He looks at my chest.

I was shy and closed my eyes tightly..

I sense he is moving my hair front to clear my neck..

I didn't leave my hands around his neck..

After a few seconds, he pushed my strip and it hit me on my skin..

I closed my eyes even tighter for the pain..

Then I sense a bite on my Lower lip..

A sudden shrill pass through my stomach..

I opened my eyes and looking into his eyes directly..

Thinking that he just bite me on my lip?

then he said

"It's ok, I adjusted.."

then I look down my dress it was perfect as before..

and I nod him as Yes in relief..

Then he moved back and give me his hand and ask me to join the party..

I feel very relaxed and blessed after he arranged my dress..

We both went into the main door..

Then the manager asks us to apart..

Then we look at each other and agreed with ourselves..

And I move towards the ladies' side..

There I found a counter with few girls with Same dress code..

With short dresses..

Their dress was covered just below their butt and just above their chest..

They wish me to smile..

And handover me a Question card (Que card)..

On the first side..

I can see the followingAnswer these 3 questions about yourself frankly...

(your answers will be confidential and not shared to anyone else)

1. Your favourite ice-cream flavour?

2. The person you adore most in your life?

3. Spot your hidden Mole?

After looking into the questions I ask the girl is it necessary to answer..

They said, "Yes..."

"We are conducting a comparability test between the couples...

Please do answer the questions and support this event madam"

Then I nod my head as Yes and start answering to them..

1) Butterscotch

(Mark will easily guess this answer because we went to a restaurant yesterday..

I was ordered butterscotch..)

2) Ria

(Maybe this answer too..

He can easily answer..

Because Ria and me such a close friend)

3) At the centre of my chest..

Between the boobs..


Answer to this question..

Mark will definitely fail because he doesn't know..

He can't even guess..

I smile to myself what can be his answer..)

Then I turned the Que card..

then I found further 3 questions as follows..

Answer these 3 questions about your partner..

1. Which Flavor of Condom your partner like the most?

2. What kind of kiss he loves to keep?

3. What is the height of his Rod?

After reading the questions I got goosebumps..

What the hell is going to this party..

then I saw the girl and ask her

"is it Mandatory to answer.."

Please mam..

Please answer those questions it will be secure..

Please support this event..

then I ask her

"Is this the same questions asked in every que card?"

Girl: No mam.., it will vary from couple to couple..

Your couple I mean Mark and Anna right..

Anna: yes..

Girl: Then your partner picks up this card randomly and

We will get the copy of that card and

We will hand over to you to answer..

Anna: No chance to change the card?

Girl: No mam..

You can easily answer these questions these are very simple questions about your partner..

Anna: I was paused by the girl's words..

Does she think these are simple questions..

See my questions...

They simply ask about the ice cream, Ria.

But for him..

All the sensor questions..

I don't even know one answer at least..

Ok, I will answer randomly..

Maybe at least one can be right..

Then I started to answer..

1) Strawberry

(Whatever it is, he loves strawberry.Yesterday I heard both from Nany and Mona about how much he likes strawberry..,

and in the restaurant, he ordered for strawberry ice-cream too..

So definitely he prefers strawberry..

Then I visualize first time, that he is doing sex with me by using strawberry condom..

Shhhhh Anna, you are thinking too much..

Go to the next question..)

2) French Kiss

(I don't know why I write this..

But yesterday when he told me or ask me about french fries,

I hear him as a French Kiss..,

Maybe I am fantasizing him to give me a Deep French kiss..

Then I visualize that he is licking my mouth and playing with my tongue..

Come on Anna one more question..You are thinking much)

3) 6

(This was really a blindfolded answer..

Actually, he is not Rod he is a pillar...

I remember when Mona bought heels for me she said I should match to his height 6 feet..

So I remember 6 but I actually don't know what Rod exactly means..)

Then I hand over my Que card to the girls and they instructed me to another direction..

I started to go there..

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