A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 33

33 Glass Room

Mark's POV:

After Anna went silently by taking her dress cover..

I smile at myself..

Later I have my lunch and busy with my work..

then I think it will be going to be late to the party..

So I get up from work and went to the bath..

I came into the room when I look into the mirror and drying my hair..

Then I saw in the mirror a doll bends slightly..

Towards wardrobe..

I walked slowly and went near the doll...

I am looking at the ass..

I am a few inches away...

I just want to fuck the doll into her ass..

and I look her..

It's Anna..

she is searching for something in Ria's wardrobe..

She took something in pink color..

then I saw her back..

It was exposed clearly..

Her pinkish white skin and her peach dress colors are a deadly combination..

Any men will fall for her..

and her ass is in the perfect round..

Her dress is a opened back and her dress start covering a few inches above her butt.

I can keep my hand easily on her ass...

When I am thinking..

She steps backwards to leave..

Then she touched me with her bare back to my wet body..

And she started screaming..

I closed her mouth with my hand and said..

"You look damn hot in this dress"..

she widened her eyes and look at me..

I don't want to press my hand against her mouth because it may become bruised on her..

she is very sensitive..

I just leave her..

she didn't turn back and ran from my room..

I got a little jealous of her backless dress..

Everyone in the party will see her open back..

Then I compromise with myself, I am the one who forces her to wear that dress..

So I should accept if the other guys see too..

But if they cross the line they will die in my hand..

I come out of my thoughtsand then I get ready..

and went to down stairs..

And ask Nany to inform Anna that I am waiting..

Then I saw her, she came to the steps..

she is really stunning..

she didn't wear much makeup like party girls..

Her beauty is natural..

Her pinkish white skin is shining to attract me..

When she gets down from the steps..

Her hair was moving like a jingle bell..

Wait, wait..

She removed her bun to loosen her hair with some semi curls on..

she is not even looking me..

I think maybe she's not interested to come to the party so she is Angry with me..

she came beside me..

She increased her height, maybe because of the Heels..

then she saw me in my eyes and said with a little smile on her face..

"You look very handsome."

I feel something special that I Impressed her..

then I realized that she is not mad at me..

I can see from my side look, that her back is just exposed above the butt and below her hair..

then I kept my hand there to hide my princess..

and initiate her to move..

I feel her skin was cold..

Maybe she is nervous..

then we reached the entrance of the party gate..

There are paparazzi all around..

I saw Anna's face, she is looking paparazzi and feels nervous..

Her nose become red..

Maybe it is the first time for her to face paparazzi..

She just got the hiccups..

Then I hold one of her hands..

It was very cold..

I don't think she will be more nervous for paparazzithen I said to her..

"It's ok..

Don't worry..

This will be very common..

Do you want to drink water?

She nods as a yes and I gave her some water..

she is trying to take her seat belt..

I just pushed the seat belt from her dress to clear and ask her to get down and

I get down from the car and hand over the keys to door boy to park the parking slot..

then I went to Anna..

She immediately catches my left hand with her right hand tightly..

She is feeling more nervous when the paparazzi are around us and

They started asking me the questions..


Mark.., Is she your Girlfriend?

Mark: does she is the daughter of a millionaire?Mark.., when will you get married..

(She holds my hand more tightly when she heard questions about her, but she acts normally..)

I didn't reply to anyone and move casually not responding to them..

Then we crossed the glass door where paparazzi is not allowed..

In a few more steps there is another door which is a party hall..

When we entered the glass door..

Anna relaxed and hold my hand normally..

After we take one more step...

She again gripped my hand tightly..

There is no one in that glass room..

Why she feels nervous?

Then we took one more step she holds my hand with her other hand..

She is holding my hand with both her hands nervously..

Something happened..

I saw her face..

There is small sweat on her forehead and her nose and cheeks become red and I saw her eyes were wet..

Then I turn around in front of her..

To ask her everything ok?

Before I ask her I found her boobs cleavage..

and I found one loose strip on her shoulder..

Then I immediately lift her with one of my hands on her waist..

she responds to me and support by keeping her hands on my shoulders..

Covering her face on my shoulders..

I immediately turn around and took her aside towards the pillar where no one can see us..

then I told her in her ear..

It's ok, open your eyes..

She slowly opened her eyes..

then I make her land on the floor..

she didn't even take her hands on my shoulders..

I am looking into her eyes..

she is saying..

"Mmmyyy Dd ddrreeeass...

(She stammers with nervous)

then I look her boobs the dress is loosened near boobs..

it not fall..

I take the stripe on her shoulder..

It's attached to the dress so it may cut at the backside of the neck..

I think and I take her hair to one side and pulled her to my chest to check the other strip on the other side of the dress..

I just lean my head to down to check both the stripes and make a knot on her backside of the dress..

and I check by pushing the strip if it is ok?

Then the strip hits for Anna...

she holds my shoulders tightly with her both hands in fear..

I saw her face..

she closed her eyes tightly in fear..

then I saw her glossy lips..

Then I bend down and peck on her lower lip to open her eyes..

She immediately opens her wet eyes..

and stare at me..

Then I said..

It's ok, I adjusted..

Then she looks into her boobs and feels comfortable..

Then she nods her head as a yes..

then I ask her..

Come, let's join the party..

and I move backwards...

and give my hand..

She immediately grabs my hand as a child and nod as a yes..

Then we went to the main door of the party hall..

The door was opened..

A piece of loud music, noise, hit to our ears...

We entered into..

Then there is one guy who wears an I'd card of event manager came to us..

Manager: hello sir..

Hello madam..

I am the event manager of this couples party..

As our party rules Both of you should apart for a few minutes...

and we conduct some games..

Please cooperate with us..

Mark: I nod my head as Yes..

and saw Anna that she is ok for leaving me some time..

She nods as yes to me...

Then I turned to the manager..

Manager: thank you, sir..

Thank you, madam...

And he directed..

Gents this Side and ladies this side to both of us in different directions..

then we leave our hands and started to move the respective side..

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