A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 32

32 Remove Your Dress Right Now.

Mark's POV:

I wake up in the morning after I complete my workout..

I am busy with my work..

Mona knocked on my door..

I said to her to come in..

Mona: Hi Mark..

Good morning..

Mark: good morning Mona..

Mona: I think our plan is going to fail..

Mark: which plan?

Mona: the paparazzi plan on Anna..

Mark: why? What happened? The paparazzi are not coming to the party?

Mona: Anna is not coming to the party..


(Immediately stop his work and saw a staring look at Mona)

Why? she doesn't feel well?

Mona: she is fine..

she said she is not interested to come..

She will come and discuss about it, I think..

Mark: let's see then..,

Mona: Did you buy the teddy bear for Anna?

Mark: What?

Mona: the teddy 4 feet..

Mark: 4feet?

Mona: Don't you know about that?

It's exactly the same piece of angles teddy..

Mark: hoo..

I think she may buy it..

Mona: Anna also doesn't know who keep that teddy.. But she loved that teddy..

I think it's you..

Mark: do you think I will go and buy teddy stuff

Mona: maybe.. Why not.. What's wrong in that..

Mark: instead of keeping an eye on me.. It's better if you identify who's that..

Mona: yeah.. There may be a chance of hidden person too...

Mark: (smile to himself)

Ok am going to breakfast will you join?

Mona: no.. I had mine..

Am leaving then bye..

Mark: (I felt happy because Anna like that teddy)

and I went to the dining room..

I saw Anna is having her breakfast..

I went and sit opposite to her and having mine..

I know she is about to talk about the party..

I didn't see her and

I ignore her..

Meanwhile, she breaks the silence..

Anna: I won't come to the party..

Mark: (I was very angry when I hear those words.. Maybe because I think she is not interested to come party with me.. I looked at her angry..)

No one asks you for the permission..

I order you to come..

That's it..

(I told her seriously and ignore her and went to my room..)

After some time Anna knocks my door..

I told her to come in..

(She came with the dress cover)

Anna: sorry Mark, I don't want to come to the party..

Excuse me..

(She keeps the dress cover on my bed and she is about to leave)

Mark: Then forget about your mom and her grave..

Anna: (I was shocked when I hear the words coming from his mouth)

What do you mean..

Mark: if you want to see your mom's grave or if you want to know about where is your mom's grave then you should come to the party..

That's final..

Anna: (tears filled in my eyes.. Why he is talking like that..

He is just bargaining my mom's grave with the party..

He only knows where it is..

I need to know where it is at least.

So I clear my eyes and saw his face..

He is angry..)

Ok then I will come, but I don't want to wear a dress....

Mark: it won't be nice if you come nude to the party (I tell her to tease her.. But in a serious face..)

Anna: (what he is thinking..) I mean I don't wear this dress..

Mark: you don't like the dress?

Anna: I don't wear a dress which I can't effort..

Mark: I paid the bill for the dress..

Anna: I know, but I don't like to spend on me for such an expensive dress..

Mark: I didn't spend that money on you.. I spend for the party..

The girl who is the partner to me should maintain minimum standards in the party..

So I spent the more...

Anna: I don't want to be a partner of the person who is giving value to the dress than the person..

Mark: So you don't give value to the dress?

Anna: No.. Never in my life..

Mark: Then Remove your dress right now..

Then I will give value to the person than the dress (I smirk)..

Anna: what? (With a serious pout on her face..

But blood was rushed into her face..)

Mark: You should wear this dress to the party or you should remove your dress in front of me right now..


(I just catch the cover and went to my room silently.. I am getting the echo of "remove your dress.."

How pervert he is..

What Mona said was right..

If he thinks it to happen. He will make it happen..

He may remove my dress if I didn't take that dress cover..

So I silently take the dress cover and came to my room..)

The party will start at 6 p.m.

So by 5, we will start..


After lunch, I will start to get ready..

I had my lunch..

then I take the bath..

I dried my hair..

I tie up my hair as a bun

I wear a dress..

It's really the perfect fit for me..

But when I saw my back, I feel myself awkward..

It's better to lose my hair..

I need to make my hair a little curly..

But I didn't have curly clip..

I just finished my face makeup..

I wear it very simple..

Then I thought I can find curl's in Ria's room..

So I went and knocked on the door..

I knocked and waited for a few minutes he didn't respond..

But the door was not locked..

So I enter the room near the wardrobe..

There is a mess..

am searching for the curls..

Yes, I found 4 curls.. I think it's enough and step back to turn..

My back hit to a pillar..

Wait, wait.. There should be no pillar..

then I turned my face to backward up..

I was scared and scream loudly..

It's Mark..

He suddenly closes my mouth with his hand and with the other hand, he grips on my waist..

I can sense

My back is touching his bare wet body..

He is just in a towel..

He just came out of the bath..

Then he leans close to my ears and said..

"You look damn hot in this dress.."

I widen my eyes..

Does he start teasing me again?

Then he leaves me..

I just ran from that room by taking the curls..

I loosen my hair with curls..

So most of my back was closed..

then I feel better..

I am done with my eye makeup..

Lip gloss... and with some touch up..

Meanwhile, nanny called me that mark is waiting..

then I immediately leave the room and started..

When I am getting down to the stairs..

He is looking into me deeply..

I just turn my face down and stand beside him..

He wears a perfect fitness suite..

Every woman will fall for his looks..

then I break the silence and said..

"You look very Handsome.."

and I saw his face..

He is staring at me..

I am looking into his eyes..

then he suddenly kept his hand on my back..

Just below my hair.. And above my butt... On my nude skin..

I feel his hot hand on my cold skin..

and initiate me to Let's start..

We both went to his car..

I am near to his shoulder now just a few more inches are away from his face..

Maybe just because of the Heels I wear...

I sit in the passenger seat and he started the car..

When I sit I feel like my neck strip was loosened a little bit..

But I ignore it..

We reached the entrance of the event pub..

I was shocked when I see the paparazzi around my car..

I feel thirsty and I got the hiccups..

Then Mark holds one of my hand and said..

It's ok..

Don't worry..

This will be very common..

Do you want to drink water?

Anna: my face turned red when he holds my hand.. and I nod my head as Yes.. And my hiccups were stopped..

then I have some water..

then I remove the seat belt..

My dress strip was struck to the seat belt..

I tried to take it, but due to nervous, I can't help it..

Meanwhile, Mark holds the seat belt and pushed it away suddenly..

It came out of my dress..

But I feel looser on my neck strip..

then I came out of the car and I immediately hold Mark left hand with my right hand and about to enter the party..

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