A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 317

317 Handcuffs..

Mark's POV:

I don't want Anna to be low or depressed; I want her to be happy all the time; I want her to be a strong and brave girl all the time I want her to be happy and blessed all the time. I know she can overcome the things if I gave a little push-up to her. If I support her, she stands on her own to face the situations, and the live example is she fought on her own when she was surrounded by the three bastards on our Grindelwald trip. So whenever the situation comes, I help her to overcome the situation by filling the confidence in her.

And now, the moment she observed the needle, she scared and closed her eyes tightly in fear. She is trying to overcome the fear of needles by closing her eyes rather than crying by saying it no. So I again helped her to give a push-up to face the needle without fear. I know she has the worst memory with the needles, but she needs to overcome it, it may not happen in one sitting, it takes time, but I will support her every time to get out of her terrible memory. I helped her with my overwhelming love and replaced her dreadful memory with our sweet memory through my kiss, So from next time whenever she needs to face the needle, she may face it with less fear. As I said, she didn't realize of needle pain when Mona is giving injection, but her actions out of her innocence always make me surprise. The moment she said, "I will give you BDSM punishment." I closed her mouth out of embarrassment; I understand she doesn't know anything about BDSM. If she really knows what it is, she will definitely don't spell it out before Mark and Mona...

She opened up freely in the car about BDSM. When I am explaining to her about B for bondage in BDSM, I am getting the flashes of our memories of bondage we had unintentionally. We played erotic tickling in the name of the tickling game, and Anna behaved very seductively to win over me, by that time she doesn't know anything about it, and I still remember how passionately she kissed when she is playing the blindfolded game with Alex. Even though she is scared of darkness, she enjoyed it with me eternally. So I am sure our future sex life is like heaven to both of us, and I will show extreme pleasure in bed once we started doing sex...


When I am explaining to her about B for bondage, my dick was erected, and I want to try another technique of B on her immediately...

No Mark...


Control your self...

After I explain just a few lines to her about BDSM, I tried to control myself and stop explain to her, but Anna, with her innocent questions making me to speak about it more...

Anna: What about cuffs, Mark?

(She asked me with her confused face, I immediately chuckled for her question. How can I explain to her clearly, she doesn't have experience in sex, and she may get scared if I tell her in a detail. So I tried to explain her casually and in a simple way.)

Mark: Handcuffs..!

Imagine Anna, when both of your hands are locked behind you with the handcuffs or ropes or belt, and I am seducing you with my acts like kissing, tickling erotically, and making you nude and seducing erotically; and you are helpless to hide your treasures from me, and your boobs are waiting for my bite and kiss, but you can't do anything because your hands were locked behind you; You can only do one thing that is feeling the pleasure of my warmness and love...

(Suddenly I stopped the car with sudden break and lean close to her face, her face is just a few inches away to me, I feel aroused and horny by discussing about this stuff, Anna is staring at me with her widened eyes, and I can sense her shrills after listening to me, and I am sure she visualize what I said, and I can sense her breathless face, and she swallowed her thrust by looking at me soo close and biting her lower lip to control her feelings.

I immediately pulled her head towards me by holding her hair and pinned her hands with my other hand to her back and started kissing very passionately. At first, she tried to loosen her hands, but I gripped it more tightly like I just said before about handcuffs. After a few seconds, I pulled her more close to me and made her sit on my lap but still locked her hands to her back with my hand, and my dick is relieved a bit when her hips are caressing on my dick. After a few seconds, she started enjoying my kiss by responding with her tongue and stop her trail to get release her hands and closed her eyes and enjoying my deep kiss like a submissive...

We both are exploring each other mouths and playing with our tongues. After a few seconds, I loosen her hands because she may get hurt if I hold her in such a way for few more seconds. She immediately relieved her hands and held my collar with one of her hands, and with the other hand, she is caressing my hair and kissing me deeply with her soft, chewy lips.

Finally, I can say a Kiss is a secret told to the mouth instead of the ear, kisses are the messengers of love and tenderness, and we can convey the emotion to our beloved ones through our overwhelming kiss.

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