A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 314

314 Give Me My Gif

Mark's POV:


Another attack on us..!

What's going on?

The moment Anna's ice-cream cup breaks, I thought she holds it tightly, or it may slip from her hand, but the moment I heard from Tom that it's a gunfire, I realized another attack is planned on us. I immediately push Anna and Mona to the ground and Tom and I stand on either side of them to protect, but we can't shield if we stand either side of them. So I looked around, and the moment I looked at the table, I got a flash, and in next second I placed the table where we sat before placed on one side of them as a shield and Tom take another table nearby and shield on another side. So in just a fraction of seconds, we shield our girls and looking around to find who might attack on us.

Anna is holding my hand and pulling me down to make me hide, if I look at her, she will definitely convince me to hide beside her, but at this minute it's important to find who tried to attack on us, if we miss the chance we may be at the endless loop of the case like before. So Tom and I are looking around to find the attacker in all possible ways. All of a sudden, the hanging pot next to Tom's head which is few meters away got hit by another bullet. For one second, my heart beat skipped, and my mind was blank. I didn't hear the bullet sounds, but they are firing on us. If we know where the sound comes, then it's easy for us to find in which direction the attacker is attacking.

Tom: Mark, be careful, it's a soundproof gun, we can't hear the sounds of the pistol. Keep moving your head and body and don't give them a free target of your head.

By finishing his words, in the next second, Tom take out his service pistol and shot in the air, the crowd got disperse and started running in a hurry by listening to Tom's gunfire, so the attacker can't shoot us because the crowd may distract his target.

After a few seconds, another bullet hit on the table where we shield for the girls, it's an iron table so it may not harm our girls, but the attacking is not stopped yet...

Tom and I are looking around in all possible ways to check who it is, but we have no clue. Meanwhile, Tom called to the police station through his phone with his other hand and gave instructions to round off the ground. But suddenly my eyes catch a person who looks very casual when everyone is hurried with the pistol fire sound. He is looking at Tom with his sharp eyes, and I saw he is taking his pistol from his pocket very casually.

Mark: There he is..!!

I shouted at Tom, suddenly, by listening to my scream Tom looked at the person, but the person shot immediately towards Tom. Luckily Tom escaped from the gunshots, I didn't lose hope because he is still on my eyesight, so I take the glass bottle nearby to attack him, he is just a few meters away, so I threw the glass bottle, and it quickly reached him and hit on his spine. He collapsed in shock, and I can see the bleeding on his back. Meanwhile, I looked around, and there is a person who falls on the ground behind Tom, and I guess he got hit by the bullets fired by the attacker where Tom escaped from them, but an innocent man get caught. Tom looked at the person who is bleeding behind him with the bullet and again looked at the person who fell on the ground with my glass bottle shot, and he looked around once again. And shouted at me..

Tom: Mark, we don't know how many attackers are targeting us, there may be a chance of more than one, so take the girls away from here. It may take time for them to attack on us.

Mark: What if they attack when I am taking them?

Tom: I will shield all of you

Mark: Noo

Tom: It's not safe if you and girls are staying here, so please take the girls with you, Mark.

Mark: It's not safe for you if you stay here and you are important to me like Mona and Anna. So please come with us or else we all can stay here.

(I don't take a daring step to take the girls away out of the table shield. He looked into my eyes for a second.)

Tom: Okay, then, it's better to hide sometime with the girls.

(By finishing his words, we both sat beside our girls in-between the tables shield and looked at them. I immediately looked at Anna; her face is filled with tears and taking sobbings by closing her eyes tightly. I understand how much she takes the pressure; I pulled her close to my chest to make her calm down.

Mark: Anna, please don't cry, look at me, I am okay, and Tom is fine too...

(Meanwhile, I looked at Mona, and she is crying in the same way by holding Tom. I just give the time, and Anna gets stabilize after a few minutes and looked at me with her teary face.)

Mark: My red hot dress girl ran away without saving me, Anna.

(I said to tease her and make her calm down, she immediately pinched me on my abbs and looked at me.)

Anna: Do you think she will save you from the attack?

Mark: I thought she would be impressed again by looking at my fight.

Anna: What?

Are you looking for her attention?

Mark: I thought she would run to me and kiss me instantly.

Anna: Are you looking for her kiss?

And you don't care whoever kisses you?

(She asked me with her serious pout face, the more seriously she looked at me, the more crazy I feel by looking at her.)

Mark: Hmm..!

(I looked at her staring eyes and kissed her lips by holding her chin. After a few seconds, she started responding to my kiss, and her tears started flowing again, I paused my kiss and hugged her close to my chest.)

Mark: shhhhh, shhhhh... I am just kidding

Control your self, Anna...

We are safe, now...

(I looked at Tom and he is trying to console Mona in his own way.)

Tom: Hey, I bought a gift for you, dear, please don't cry...

Mona: Gift? You?

I don't believe...

(Mona said by clearing her tears.)

Tom: If you have doubt in me, ask Mark...

(I didn't understand what gift he bought or why he is talking about a gift at this time. Mona immediately looked at me, and I nodded my head as yes, but I don't know what should I answer if she asked me about the gift. She immediately turned to Tom.

Mona: Give me my gift...

Tom: Not one gift Mona, you got two gifts, one from my side and the other from Mark's side...

(Now I understand, Tom is talking about the two men fell unconscious from the attack, we suspect one of them is the victim, and the other is the attacker. Meanwhile, Mona turned to me.)

Mona: Give me my gift.

(I immediately laughed at her innocence, Anna is looking with her teary eyes towards Mona but she still lay on my chest.)

Mark: Yes, Mona, my gift you can save easily, but Tom's gift it's complicated to give treatment.

Mona: What?

Tom: You didn't understand yet?

We have two bodies outside there waiting for your treatment, dear.

(Mona immediately looked at me with a serious note.)

Mark: That's true, Mona, please give them treatment, one among them tried to attack on us.

Mona: You are asking me to give treatment for the one who tried to kill my boyfriend and my besties?

(Tom snuggled close to her.)

Tom: Mona, once we are done with the interrogation, you can kill him with your treatment, but please save him before you kill him.

(We all laughed and Anna feels a little bit relieved than before but tears are still flowing from her eyes.)

Mark: Anna, your tears may get flooded, and those two bodies will float before Mona's treatment.

(Mona immediately looked at Anna and took her close and hugged her gently to console her.)

Mona: Don't worry, Anna, from tomorrow we will tie both Tom and Mark at the house, so we no need to worry anymore for their acts.

(Tom immediately pulled Mona close to him and said in his husky tone to tease her more.)

Tom: Dear, I am ready for your BDSM punishment.

(Mona immediately blushed, and Anna is still looking at them in confusion, I understand, Anna didn't know what BDSM means. Before Anna asks a funny question, I diverted her mind.)

Mark: So, the excitement for the food stall got satisfied by both of you, I guess.

(Both Mona and Anna laughed at me, and Anna lay her head on my chest again, and I am caressing her hair, but my side look got distracted with the bloodstains. I immediately looked at it, and Anna's palms are filled with blood. The moment I looked at her hands with blood I got a flash of Rias hand.)

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