A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 313

313 Did You Call Her A Hot Girl?

Anna's POV:

Anna: What the hell is going on?

Mona: What happened, Anna?

(I didn't respond to Mona but still starring at Mark for his actions.)

Mona: OMG, these guys really bring a heart attack to us one day.

(I looked at Mona worriedly, she is busy in searching for Tom.)

Mona: Maybe some other girls take my Tom to the nearby bush to fuck...

(By finishing her words, Mona immediately left the table to search Tom. I again looked at Mark; now the girl is more close to him with her blushed face. He should have told her that he got engaged, but why he is so happy when the girl is close to him. I know he doesn't cheat me, so I immediately turned my head to another side to avoid the scene, but the pain and pressure are increasing, enough, why I should stay here and take all the pain?

I will go to him and save him from that girl like he saved me from those guys. I immediately went towards him, but he is talking something with his smiling face. I went close to him and pushed her slightly and stand before Mark. He shocked by looking at me, and his smile disappeared suddenly. Maybe he didn't expect my sudden entry between them. But he is staring at my back to look at the girl, I immediately turned around and find she falls on the ground, I am shocked and went close to her to help, but she hesitates to take my help. I looked at her sharp point heels; maybe she got imbalance when I suddenly pushed her, I shouldn't have done in such a way, so I apologized to her by saying sorry and went close to Mark like a lost puppy; he is looking at me with his smiling face. I immediately turn down my face towards the ground to avoid his glare.

Mark: Are you jealous, Anna?

Anna: No...

(I said sharply.)

Mark: Then, why you punched her?

(I immediately looked at him with my widened eyes.)

Anna: I didn't punch her, I just want to stand in front of you, and accidentally I pushed her a little because of her pointed heels she got imbalance and fell down.

(Mark started laughing at me, but suddenly he kept his head on my shoulder, and his face turned to a little furious, I turned around to check, and he holds the girl's wrist tightly whereas the girl tried to hold my hair, but she failed because Mark holds her wrist. I am shocked by looking at that girl very close to me. What if Mark didn't hold her wrist?)

Mark: I already told you, I am not interested in you and don't dare to touch my girl never again.

(He warned her with his furious face and leave her hand and pulled me close to him. I feel relieved and happy when he hugged me, particularly after listening to his words, and I feel more relieved when he said, my girl. After a few seconds, I raised my head to look at him, he is already staring at me, and we both laughed to each other.)

Anna: Where is my ice-cream?

Mark: I will bring it in just 2 minutes, Anna, please wait.

(He smiled and went near to the ice-cream stall and in a few minutes he bought the ice cream, and we sit in the table nearby. He bought only one ice-cream, so I offered him a spoon of ice-cream. He strikes his head as No.)

Anna: What happened?

You like ice-cream, right?

Mark: Yes, but I can't eat two ice-creams at a time. My tummy is full...

Anna: Two ice-creams?

(Then I got a flash that Mark ate ice-cream when that red dress girl offered him. I immediately looked at him with my serious face.)

Mark: you look so cute when you feel jealous, Anna..!!!

Anna: I am not feeling jealous.

(I said seriously.)

Mark: Then, why did you want to stand before me when I am busy with that hot girl?

Anna: What?

Hot girl?

(I immediately pinched him on his abbs.)

Did you call her hot girl?

Mark: Of course..!

Doesn't she look hot?

Anna: Everyone who wears a red dress is not hot, Mark, and I came to save you like you save me from those guys, that's it, and I am not feeling any jealousy by looking at your hot girl.

Mark: Saving me?

(He asked me in between his teasing laugh.)

Anna: Yes, I saved you from that girl...

(And I again offered him the ice-cream to eat, he strike his head as no with his smiling face, I understand that he is teasing me. So I forcefully keep the ice-cream into his mouth, and he ate the ice-cream.)

Anna: And how can you eat when she offered an ice-cream?

Mark: she offered me a strawberry flavour ice-cream.

Anna: So, whoever keeps strawberries or strawberry flavour food, you will eat without hesitation.

Mark: Why not?

Anna: Mark..!!!

(I scream with my angry tone, Mark again laughed at me.)

Mark: Anna, she is the prostitute, and she offered me a free service

Anna: Free Service?

Mark: Yes, she told she impressed by looking at my fight, so she offered me a free service.

Anna: What did you say to her?

(I asked him with my pout face.)

Mark: I said I am not interested in free service.

Anna: What?

(I scream at him, he again laughed at me teasingly.)

Mark: I said, I don't cheat my girl..!!!

(I feel relieved after listening to his actual answer, but he ate the ice cream if she offered?

I know he will eat if it is a strawberry flavour, and he doesn't care who is offering the food.)

Anna: I should have to take care of you like a kid, Mark.

Mark: Why so?

Anna: Are you not scared if anyone tries to poison you by using strawberries?

Mark: Anna, you are still worried about the food poison incident.

Anna: Of course I am, and I am worried about you, Mark. I already told you I couldn't live without you.

Mark: Anna..!

They are not trying to attacking me...

Anna: How do you know?

Mark: Do you remember?

If he wants to attack me, he may mix the poison in our drinks too. So, it is clear that he is targeting my uncle and taunting my family...

Anna: So, if he is taunting your family, then I might be his next target, right?

(Mark immediately closes my mouth with his hand.)

Mark: No, Anna, please don't talk in such away. I can't even take the thought...

(I slide Mark's hand from my mouth.)

Anna: Mark, there is a chance, right?

(He nodded his head as yes and looked at me with his worried face.)

Mark: I don't let anyone to come to you, Anna, I will save you...

Anna: I know you will save me, Mark, and I know no one dares to touch me or try to attack me if you are around me but what I worried most is, what if they even try to attack you and what if one of our servants is a spy?

Mark: Ok, let's leave this place, I feel some insecurity in this public place, Anna.

(I nodded my head as ok and took my phone to call Mona. She didn't respond; I looked at Mark; he understands by looking at me and called to Tom from his phone in after just a few rings, both Mona and Tom came to us. I feel relieved by looking at them and thinking they are safe. I looked at Mona, and her face is flushed with blood, and Tom looks happy too...

Maybe in this short gap, they are done with their make-out session.)

Anna: Do you wanna eat ice-cream, Mona?

Tom: No, Anna, we had our special dessert right now.

Anna: A special dessert?

(Mona immediately punched Tom on his abbs with her elbow. I understand there is a double meaning in it, so I stay quiet, Mark is looking at me with his narrowed eyes, so I confirmed it's definitely had a lewd meaning in it.)

Mark: Ok, guys, let's leave this place...

Tom: Yes, I want to have some more special dessert after I reached my home...

(We all laughed at Tom's lewd words to tease Mona and Mona suddenly get up from the chair and to hold Tom's neck, suddenly, I heard a sound of something hit hardly and the ice cream cup in my hand broken and I didn't understand what happened...)

Tom: Guy's, someone fired with a gun...

(Tom shouted and we all freeze like a statue.)

Anna: Gunfire?

(Tom and Mark immediately get up from their chairs, and my mind was blank and didn't understand what's happening. Mark immediately makes Mona and me to sit on the floor and shield the table before us, luckily it's an iron table so it may shield us from the bullet fire.

I am pulling Mark by holding his hand to hide under the table shield, but he didn't listen to me and busy in searching around to find who is attacked on us, and I heard a few more bullet firing sounds and the crowd got rushed and everyone is running in a hurry.

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