A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 312

312 Why Did You Beat Him?

Anna's POV:

Mark: Yes, Mona, you are talking nonsense, don't think Tom is alone; I am always there to support him

(I am really shocked by listening to Mark's words, I just signaled him to make them calm down, but he, he raised the issue by targeting Mona. For his behaviour, Mona got more furious and shouted at them.)

Mona: Both of you go to hell

(by finishing her words, she holds my hand and leads to a food stall. But I feel sad that she and Tom got a fight, at least I should try from my side to make her calm down.)

Anna: Hey, Mona, what happened?

Mona: One guy hits me on my shoulder, but he apologized and left, but look at Tom, he wants to give warning to him.

Anna: it's just a warning, let him give, why are serious about that?

Mona: You don't know how he will give a warning; the person who takes his warning will take at least ten days of bed rest, Anna.

Anna: OMG, then giving a warning is a complicated issue...

Mona: Exactly, that's the reason I tried to stop him. If I didn't react in this way, he would definitely finish his warning to them.

Anna: Thank god, I am scared you are mad at him now I feel relieved.

Mona: Why will I get angry with him, Anna?

He is my life

Anna: I guess that guy really hit you intentionally; maybe that's the reason Tom is more furious to give warning to him...

Mona: Yes, Anna, he hits me intentionally, but he pretends casually, Tom is right, and I know that, but I don't want to make it an issue.

Anna: Don't worry, Mona, Tom will definitely deal with it very carefully.

Mona: I am not worrying about the present incident, Anna; you know what makes me worried?

He will go to the extreme if anyone makes me hurt, and it may become our own threat. So I don't want the issues to get complicated in the future.

Anna: Mean?

Mona: See, if he really gave warning to that person who hit me, as of now he will definitely take bed rest for a few days, but one day he may want to take revenge on Tom or me, and this is not the first time. I face many incidents like this, and a few of them came to us to attack on us for revenge, but Tom handles it every time. I trust him, if he is with me, nothing will happen to me, but all days are not favorable to us. See what happen to Rubeus uncle; someone murdered him through food poison. What if something attack like this happened to any of us?

And I can't live without him, neither you can't live without Mark...

(Mona's eyes are teary, and I understand not only me who is nervous about the attacks, even Mona is worrying after Rubeus uncle's attack. I turned around and checked Mark and Tom; both of them are happily speaking and laughing to each other. I can't understand them...

How they can happily laugh to each other after hurting Mona in such a way?)

Mona: You should be more careful, Anna. You should be alert in all possible ways.

Anna: Yes, Mona, even I am scared too much after Rubeus uncle's attack, and Tom gave guidance to me.

(When I am speaking to Mona, we lead to one of the food stall counter, and Mona is giving the food order; I stay beside her. Suddenly, someone pushed me; I look who it is, and shocked by looking at him; it's Mark..!!!

And his face is more furious, by looking at his furious face my mind was blank and didn't understand anything. He is not looking at me; he is looking at the person behind him, and that guy's hand is twisted in reverse by Mark. The guy is screaming in pain, but Mark he is more furious than before and gave a tight punch on his face; I immediately closed my eyes with fear, after a few seconds I opened my eyes and looked at them, that guy's face is bleeding, but Mark still looks furious and slapping that guys bleeding face with that guys own twisted hand which is gripped by Mark. He might be dead if Mark repeated the same to him.

Anna: Mark, please stop it...

(He was not listening to me and continued slapping the guy's face with the guy's own hand. I looked at Mona; maybe she will help to calm down Mark. But I am more shocked by looking at her; she is pleasing Tom to leave another guy, while Tom is beating him even more hardly by making him fall on the ground. I immediately hold Mark's other hand and requested him.)

Anna: Mark, please leave him, please, Mark...

(He is not listening to me, and his face is still looking more furious. I tried to go in-between them and made Mark to look at me by holding his face with my hands.

Anna: Mark, please leave him, Please Mark

Listen to me

(By looking at me, his face get into normal than before and calm down in a few seconds but gave him one last punch on his tummy and left him. That guy friends immediately came and carried his friend, and I am sure Mona's hospital is nearby, definitely they will lead him to Mona's hospital. Mark immediately take a water bottle and washed his hands, and came to me casually as if nothing happened, but me here stand like a frozen statue and still in shock and didn't understand what happened and why he behaved in such a way, but I am sure, without a valid reason Mark don't react in such a way.

Mark: Did you order the food?

(I strike my head as no, he went to the stall and ordered some food; meanwhile, I looked at Mona she is looking at Tom with her teary eyes by folding her hands, and he stood beside Tom, and after a few seconds both of them hold the food trays, and we all lead to the table nearby. Some of the people are still starring at us weirdly.

Tom: Yes, Mark, you are right; this stall food really tastes good.

Mark: Yeah, I don't miss this dish whenever I go to an Italian restaurant.

Mona: Guys, can you please stop talking nonsense?

Mark: Nonsense?

Tom: We are discussing about food, Mona; why do you think it's nonsense?

(In-between Mark looked at me and raised his head as what. So without hesitation, I asked him directly.)

Anna: Why did you beat him?

Mark: He tried to touch you...

Anna: Touch me?

Mark: Yes, he tried to touch you intentionally.

Mona: How you know he tries to touch us intentionally?

Mark: Mona, there is a gang over there, and they are betting to touch the girls. One among them got succeed by hitting you, and their remaining friends came to try to touch both of you.

(I stay quiet and don't know what to say to him. If that guy really tries to touch me intentionally, then what Mark and Tom did is right. So Mona and I remain quiet.)

Tom: Ok, girls, to make you cool down, we will bring your favorite ice-cream, ok?

(By finishing his words, both Mark and Tom left us near the table and lead to the ice-cream stall.)

Mona: See, Anna, they know the techniques on how to make us calm down.

Anna: But they did the right thing, Mona; they gave the instant punishment to those guys who want to tease girls.

Mona: Yeah, but I am scared. What if they try to take revenge on us?

Anna: Don't worry, Mona, they don't dare to come to us after tasting the punches of Mark and Tom...

Mona: Yeah, that's true...

(We both laughed at each other; meanwhile, Mona got a call; she is speaking into the call and giving guidance of treatment. After a few minutes, she hangs the call.)

Anna: Anything serious?

Mona: No, Anna, those two guys admitted in my hospital...

(We both laughed at each other.)

Mona: My junior doctors are shocked because without analyzing them personally, I guide the treatment to them because I know about Mark and Tom's punches treatment...

Anna: Charge double bill as a punishment, Mona...

Mona: yeah, I will change double bill and give distilled water injection to all of them on their butt. So they can't even sit properly for a week at least...

(We both laughed at each other, and in-between my laugh, I checked on Mark near the ice-cream stall; I didn't find him near the ice-cream stall; I looked at the surroundings of the ice-cream stall, but the moment I looked at him I dropped my mouth in shock...

A girl with her red hot short dress stands very close to Mark by holding an ice-cream cup in her hand. She offered a spoon of ice-cream to Mark, and without hesitation, he is having it with his blushed face.

Anna: What the hell is going on?

Mona: What happened, Anna?

(I didn't respond to Mona but still starring at Mark for his actions.)

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