A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 311

311 Food Festival

Mark's POV:

Anna pinched me when I am teasing her about a muscular girl; her nails scratch on my abbs. The moment I showed to Mona to tease Anna, she immediately came close to me with her shocked expression and pulled down my shirt. Mona and Tom are laughing by looking at us but when I looked at Anna's blushed face, I suddenly pecked on her lips intensely, she is looking at me with her widened eyes and feel embarrassed before Mona and Tom; I know she always feels embarrassed when I kissed her before anyone. Meanwhile, Mona came to us and hold both of our ears and twisted gently.

Mona: From now on, you both should do your lovemaking sessions without hurting to each other, okay?

(Anna and I laughed at Mona and nodded our heads as yes, but Tom took advantage of the situation and hugged Mona from her back.)

Tom: What about me, dear, when you are going to train me regarding our make-out session?

(By finishing his words, he leans more close to Mona's ear and murmured something. The moment Mona listened to him, she widened her eyes and her face turned to blush, and she immediately left our ears and turned to Tom and punched him on his abbs in a teasing way. Tom smiled and hugged her caressingly. By looking at Mona and Tom, I really feel happy, I am looking forward to their wedding day, and I should take care of Mona's wedding because I am the only family to her. I will definitely ask Tom and Mona personally about it.

Tom: okay, Mark, let's go for dinner...

Mona: Yes, Anna, we find a new restaurant nearby, and the food is too delicious. Let's go to there...

(Anna looked at me with her excited eyes. So I accepted to go there for dinner, but I am a little bit scared to expose Anna to the public because everyone knows who she is, and there may be a chance of threat, but it's a sudden plan; so no one knows about it unless someone is following us.

We all started after Mona gave some instructions to her junior doctors.

In a few minutes, we reached the restaurant, and when we all entered into the restaurant, we observed a food festival in the ground attached to the restaurant. And a supervisor reached us...

Supervisor: Good evening, sir; we are very glad for your visit. I would like to let you know about the food festival organized by our restaurant.

Mona: Food Festival?

(Mona asked him with her excited tone.)

Supervisor: Yes, madam, it's our restaurant anniversary, so we are organizing a food festival in our restaurant grounds, and we arranged the food stalls with different regional dishes of different countries...

Mona: wowww, that's sounds excellent...

Supervisor: but the thing is its buffet...

Mark: Buffet?

(I don't care if it is a buffet or dinning but at present, it's like a food carnival and it might be crowded, so it's not safe to go there and expose to the public along with Anna. I am scared because of the repeating attacks on us and we don't know who is attacking us and I have no clue on which side the next attack will be. So it's safe if we stay away to crowded places.)

Supervisor: Yes, sir, you can select the stall of your taste and can pick up the dishes as you like and we arrange tables, so you can have a great time with delicious food.

Mark: I am not interested in the buffet, sorry...

(Mona and Anna immediately turned to me to convince me with their puppy eyes. I looked at Tom.)

Tom: Girls, try to understand, it's a public place, and it might have chances of attack on us.

(Tom also thinks in the same way as I did.)

Mona: Tom, we are just spending an hour, that's it...

Anna: Yes, Mark, no one knows that we visited here, so we can spend some time happily...

(By looking at the girls' excited faces, Tom and I are not supposed to say no to them. So we accepted.)

Mark: Okay, then, Lets enjoy the dinner in the food festival...

(By listening to me, both the girls jumped in excitement and hugged to each other, and we all leading to the food festival ground. While Mona and Tom hold each other hands and leading before us where as me and Anna hold each other hands and following them...

Mark: Where is my hug?

Anna: What?

Mark: You didn't give me a hug yet...

Anna: Why should I give you a hug?

Mark: why you gave a hug to Mona?

(She looked at me with her widened eyes...)

Mark: Tell me, why you gave a hug to Mona?

Anna: So, you will get jealous even though I hug a girl?

Mark: it's not jealous, I am asking for my right...

Anna: Right?

Mark: Yes, I accepted to go to the buffet, so I too have a right to get hug, tell me, when will you give me my tight hug?

(Her face immediately turned to blush by listening to me.)

Mark: say, Anna...

Anna: after we reach our home.

(When I am speaking to Anna, I observe one guy accidentally hit Mona's shoulder, Mona turned around to scold him, but he said sorry to her and continued towards walking to my direction, but I saw a smirk on his face, I understand he did it on purpose, and now he is coming towards Anna, if I am not wrong he will definitely try to hit my girl on her chest.

So, I immediately wrapped my hand around Anna's waist and gripped her tightly...)

Anna: Mark, don't embarrass me in public; I will do whatever you say in our house.

(I didn't listen to her, and in a few seconds, he is just a few inches away from us and coming close towards Anna...

I suddenly lifted Anna and hug her gently and make her stand on the other side of me. I smiled for success of my plot and looked back to check on that guy; he turned back in shock and staring at me. He didn't guess my sudden actions, and I can see a little upset on his face. I showed my index finger to warn him; he acted as if he has done nothing and went back to his group of friends and giving high five to each other...

Now it's 100% Sure that he came to touch the girls, and if I am not wrong, they all are betting on girls.

In between, I looked at Anna to check how is she. She turned her face to pout. Maybe she got hurt for the guys actions, but I saved her; why she is still with her pout face. So I tried to console her.

Mark: it's okay, Anna

Anna: what okay?

I already told you that I will hug you once we reach our house.

(I understand my Dumb girl didn't notice that guy, and she is mad at me that I hugged her to save her from that guy. I smile to myself by looking at her and pat on her head for her innocence and hold her hand and lead to where Tom and Mona are waiting for us.)

Anna: I am serious, listen to me, okay?

(I smiled at Anna's angry pout face and nodded my head as Yes, she feels relieved by looking at me, but the moment we reached Tom and Mona, they are seriously arguing for something.)

Mona: it's just an accident, Tom...

Why are you taking it soo seriously?

Tom: I know how it may happen if it is an accident...

Mona: by dealing with all the criminal cases, your mind turned in such a way that everyone is doing it on purpose.

Tom: I don't care whatever you think...

Mona: so, you don't care what I think, right?

It means you don't care for me, right?

Tom: I don't mean it, Mona...

You are taking the topic to another side...

Mona: So, now you are saying indirectly that I am talking nonsense, right?

Tom: Yes..

No no nooo...

What I mean is...

(I immediately laughed by looking at their little fight; meanwhile, Anna beat me with her elbow and signed me to stop them. I strike my head as No because it looks funny to listen to my sadistic friend's argument; I know it's just a small fight, and they will get normal after a few minutes, but Anna turned her face to another side with a grin. So for Anna, I interfered.)

Mark: Yes, Mona, you are talking nonsense, don't think Tom is alone, I am always there to support him

(Anna dropped her mouth in shock and looked at me because I know I created more mess to tease my sadistic friend.)

Mona: Both of you go to hell

(by finishing her words, she holds Anna's hand and leads to a food stall with her furious face. Tom and I looked at each other and laughed to each other.)

Mark: Tell me, Why she is furious all of a sudden.

Tom: Some guy hit her intentionally, Mark, When I am going to give a warning to him she stopped and giving a lecture that it happen accidentally but I know it not happen accidentally.

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