A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 31

31 Sleeping Beauty..

Mark's POV:

When Anna asks about her mom..

I told her that I will take her to grieve..

Actually, I would like to say the truth that her mom was alive..

But I hide it..

Because Anna is just recovering from the events take place in her life..

She thinks that her mom had died..

If I tell her the truth..

she may get hopes on her mom..

Her mom's health is in critical condition..

If something bad happened to her mom..

Anna can't take it more..

she will suffer again..

I saw her face, her eyes are filled with tears..

she is hiding her tears from me and she went to her room..

I need to give her time..

she will be ok by tomorrow..

I then went to my room and go to bed..

I am getting the visual of her eyes with tears..

The same way when I first met her I saw them with tears..

To get out of her thoughts..

I just came out of my room..

I saw nanny that she is coming out of Anna's room..

I ask her what happened?

Nanny told that Anna will manage herself..

And told her to go to nanny's home (outhouse)..

then I nod as ok..

After Nany went I went to Anna's room to see her..

I stand near the door

I saw that she didn't turn off the lights..

she closed her legs to tummy and closed her eyes and taking sobbing...

she feels insecure..

I saw her closed eyes.. then lips.. Those pinkish-red lips..

then I remember the kiss in the restaurant...

Then I got a thought.. I take the car keys and started to the same toy store..

It was open and I went in and said the specification of teddy Same as Angel's teddy..

They show me 4-foot teddy and said it's the last piece..

I bought the teddy and back to my car with a smile that I found the exact same one..

Yes, I saw Anna's face happy when she saw the angel and teddy in her hand..

and she kept kisses to that teddy too..

I know she definitely likes this teddy..

I came back to home and I went to Anna's room with teddy..

When I enter the room, she is going to fall from her bed..

I immediately ran to her bed and leave the teddy and catch her with both of my hands..

And when I am lifted her, she immediately holds my arm tightly and I saw her face..

Her face is full of sweat.. she is very nervous..

But when she holds my arm I sense she feels secure..

she opened her eyes lightly and again she closed..

I lift her up and place her on the bed..

Then she leaves my hand and suddenly hugged me.. I lost my grip and I just fall on her..

she hugged me very tight to not to leave her..

Her boobs were squeezing to me..

I can clearly sense..

I was aroused.

I just want to fuck her..

But I control myself and try to get up from her..

she kissed me on my Lower lip..

she pressed very hard to my lip..

I have erected..

I want to respond to her kiss..

and bite those cherry lips in deep...

No.. no..

she is in sleep..

I should not do that..

I will enjoy her only when she is awake..

I love to see her expression when I want to kiss her..

she is my Sleeping Beauty

I then realized and get out of her..

Take the teddy and kept near her..

She immediately grabs the teddy and hugged..

One second I wish I could be that teddy..

then I smile to myself and went to my room..

I still sense her soft lips this is the 2nd time today..

My Dick can't help me it was erected when she kisses me..

I came to my room.. I try to sleep, but it feels like I can't breathe until I cum...

Then I started masturbating..

By thinking of Anna..

I am giving strokes..

I visualize that I went to her bedroom..

She is sleeping, I get on her bed..

Lay beside her.

I keep my hand under her shirt..

Then I found my Jellies..

I am rubbing them...

she is still sleeping..

I press them very hard..

She is still sleeping but moaning...

I kept my head under her shirt..

I squeeze them with my mouth.. and the other with my hand..

She increased her moaning too..

I came out of her shirt...

My Dick is pulling on her pussy to enter..

Meanwhile, I saw her lips..

I just lick them with my tongue like an ice cream..

With one of my hand, I kept on her boobs and squeezing..

she is responding to my tongue and licking back to my tongue..

I increased it to aggressive make out..

(I increased my stroking)

and I kept my hand under her pants..

I found she is wet..

I kept 2 of my fingers directly into her pussy..

She just moans my name... Marrrrkkkkkk....

Please cummmm in meee..

she didn't even open her eyes..

I slowly lower her pants and make her legs wide ..

and in one shot I put my dick in that wet Pussy..

(I increased my strokes very speedy)

then she opened her eyes and about to scream in pain..

I suddenly close her mouth with one of my hands and with the other hand, I am squeezing her boob and am riding on her very speedy and passionately..

(I increased more speed on my strokes)

she is responding to me..

and moving along with me up and down..

While my Dick is getting in and out very repeatedly..



Annaaaaa cum for mee..

I sense her cum.. But I didn't stop my riding..

It became harder when I sensed her cum..

I hold her boobs very tightly for the grip..

I am making it speedier..


Uh-huh hmmmmmm...

am cumming in you babbyyyyy...

in last few Hard strokes, I cum and she again cums too...

I take my hand from her mouth and give a deep long kiss...

and then I cuddle her by touching her boobs..

and we both sleep again...

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