A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 309

309 Who Offered You The Wine Glass?

Mark's POV:

The moment we spend with my uncle, Mona takes Anna with her to check on her personally, and I got some private time to spend with my Rubeus uncle. When I am looking at him, he is already smiling by looking at my face.

Mark: Why are you smiling at me?

Rubeus uncle: You are grown up, Mark

Mark: what makes you think that I am grown up?

Rubeus uncle: Your kiss...

Mark: What..?

Rubeus uncle: I saw when you are kissing my little girl at the engagement party, and I observed you, you elope with my little girl in the middle of the party when everyone are busy in dancing...

(By finishing his words, he is laughing at me, here comes my teasing uncle, he come back into my life to torture me with his teasing and now my sadistic friend and teasing uncle get together to kill me with their embarrassing words.)

Mark: Is that the only thing you want to say to me after you got consciousness?

(We both looked at each other laughed again.)

Rubeus uncle: Take proper care of my baby girl; she is very innocent and doesn't hurt her with your anger or attitude.

(Suddenly, Anna's mother beep sound vibrated. Is she got responded to my uncle or the topic my uncle is speaking about, i.e. about Anna?

But he didn't spell out Anna's; instead, he uses the term baby girl. How does she know that my uncle calls her daughter a baby girl?)

Mark: I feel weird by listening to your words, uncle.

Rubeus uncle: Weird?

Mark: Yes, because more than me you are the one who hurt people with your anger and attitude

Rubeus uncle: I don't get angry unless there is a strong reason, Mark

Mark: Then, tell me the reason behind you left me these two years

Rubeus uncle: I didn't leave you alone because of my anger or attitude, Mark, I left you for a reason, and soon I will let you know once I got the valid proofs. But I agree I made a mistake by leaving you and Mona alone without taking care of both of you. I have regrets regarding that.

(When he is speaking to me, his readings in the monitor are going high, So I didn't argue with him further about the reason behind he left us, instead I diverted the topic to business matters which he likes the most and we both involved deeply in discussing some business matters. In the middle he gave me the valid tips about business which are very useful for me. In-between our discussion, Tom entered the room.

Tom: Hello, young man, how are you?

Rubeus uncle: Fine older man, how about you?

Tom: How will I be? Don't you know how I am?

Your baby girl, Mona, is eating me and my brain, how I will be fine..?

Mona: Am I eating your brain?

(We all turned around for Mona's sudden voice, and there come Mona and Anna, and both of them look happy and by looking at Mona's face, I feel relieved that nothing is serious about Anna.)

Mona: Why are you listening to him, uncle instead of arguing with him to support your baby girl?

Rubeus uncle: I can understand his pain, dear, that's the reason I am listening to him...

Mona: what?


(Mona immediately looked at Rubeus uncle with her pout face and she beat on Tom's head for his teasing towards her. We all laughed at each other, and we spend some more time. After a few seconds of our funny talk, Tom came to the point with Rubeus uncle and asking him about the last night event.)

Tom: So, uncle, tell me about last night's event, do you suspect anyone?

(We all remain silent to listen to Rubeus uncle answer.)

Rubeus uncle: If I really suspect anyone, the moment I got conscious, I will let you know about it.

Tom: That's true, uncle, but I want to know any suspicious thing you observe in the party, or anything weird.

Rubeus uncle: At the party, I only looked at Mark and Anna's celebrations, so I didn't notice anything, Tom.

Tom: Think about it, uncle; even a single clue will help us to sort out the case.

(Rubeus uncle, think for a few seconds and strike his head as no.)

Mark: Uncle, please tell me what happened to you before you came to me to apologize...

Rubeus uncle: I am speaking to Joseph about our businesses; while I am talking to him, I feel some dizziness...

Mark: Are you drinking anything by that time?

Rubeus uncle: Yes, I am drinking the wine; I thought, I feel dizziness just because I am having the wine. But when I am speaking to him with my dizziness, I noticed you and came to you to apologize, and when I am talking to you, I tried to stay conscious, and I remember until the moment you hugged me, that's it...

Tom: Who offered you the wine glass, uncle?

Rubeus uncle: no one offered me particularly, I take the wineglass from the serving plate.

Mark: Do you remember who served the drink to you?

(Rubeus uncle thought for a few seconds and looked at me.)

Rubeus uncle: Its Nanny...!!!



(We all spell out at a time in shock and we all looked at each other and didn't understand what's going on...

Shall we suspect Nanny because she served the drinks?

Or shall we suspect Joseph uncle because he is with my uncle when he is having drink.)

Tom: uncle, do you suspect either Nanny or Joseph for the attack?

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