A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 308

308 Pleasure Pain..

Anna's POV:

Every day I am learning a new thing from Mark, today he thought me that how I should lead a successful life, he said I should live my life as I like, and I wish I should become a successful woman as Mark said, and at least one woman should get inspired by looking at me as a role model.

And I agree with Mark that if I look back into my life, I should feel proud by looking at my life and how can I be happy if I change my likes for someone unless if I change for my beloved ones for his happiness...

Yes, changing for your beloved ones will give happiness, for example give up bad habits like consuming alcohol, smoking etc. by considering your beloved one's happiness will lead a happy life. So, changing our likes is all based up on the situation. sometime changing may be good and sometimes it may not, so it all depends up on the situation. We should take the decision wisely.

In between my thoughts he cuddles me, I feel relieved when he cuddles me again, but he hugged me very gently maybe he is scared that he may hurt me again. But okay, at least he hugged me gently, I feel relieved and hold his hand tightly and went to sleep; but when I closed my eyes, I got the flashes how he teases me in all the possible ways. At first, I got angry, but by looking at his laughing face all my pressure and anger go away and feel relieved. Actually, when he said about the muscular girl, I thought he really likes it, but by looking at his face I understand he is teasing me, I visualize myself how I look if I increased my muscles, I again laughed to myself by visualizing my muscles, and I am sure Mark will run away from me if he looked at my muscles. In between my thoughts, I went to sleep, and I wake up with Mark's caring and loving kiss...

What else a girl needs other than a caring partner?

I am very much blessed that I find the true love in my life and our love bonding is increasing day by day, and I feel more relieved when he said that Rubeus uncle got consciousness, so we started in a very few minutes in a hurry to look at Rubeus uncle and Rubeus uncle feel very happy by looking at Mark and me...

After a few minutes, we spend with Rubeus uncle, and Mona pulled me by holding my wrist to look at her clinic and we both lead to her room, and it's very spacious and good looking to treat her patients...

Anna: I can see your hardworking behind this room, Mona..!!!

Mona: You are right, Anna, god knows how much I struggle to complete my education, I don't like to depend on others, so all my education life is like a hardship and now I am enjoying its sweet fruits for my hard work...

(I feel myself looking at Mona, most of our thoughts are similar, even I don't like to depend on someone, that's the reason I applied for an educational loan and soon I will look into a part-time job and help my little brother's education too. In-between my thoughts, Mona pulled me towards the chair to sit.)

Mona: Tell me, Anna, How's your love life going?

(I immediately showed my engagement ring to Mona with my blushed face.)

Anna: You know how it is going, Mona.

Mona: Yes, Anna, I am very happy by looking at both of you, but if you don't mind, I want to know how's your personal life is leading...

Anna: Personal life?

Mona: Yeah, how is Mark treating you on the bed?

Is he okay?

(Why Mona is suddenly asking about our personal life, I guess Mark told her to check on my wound. It's better I should ask her directly.)

Anna: You are not a kind of person to know about our bedroom matters, Tell me, did Mark told you anything?

(Mona looked at me with a brief smile on her face. I understand that Mark told her about the incident. So I tried to convince her.)

Anna: He got scared for nothing, Mona...

Mona: Is that okay for you?

(I understand Mona is asking me about his harsh sexual desires.)

Anna: It hurts me a bit, but I am okay if he is happy in it...

Mona: Why he will be happy if you get hurt, Anna...

Anna: I mean, I can bear the maximum pain for him Mona, but today I saw a demon in him when he is craved with his sexual desires. But he is the most worried after he realized he hurt me.

Mona: So how do you feel when he is hurting you?

I mean, do you feel the pleasure-pain or only the pain?

Anna: I feel like it's a pleasure-pain, but today it is extreme, I try to control not to make him disturb from his mood, but my pain overlaps my pleasure...


Our making out session got distracted...

(I am looking at my nails and feel shy to look at Mona, and I know she is asking how I feel in a professional way but not in a teasing way. I may not express my feelings accurately, but she may understand what I mean, because she may face it in her relationship life too.)

Mona: We can bear the pain until it gives pleasure, Anna, but not at the cost of hurting ourselves for our partner's satisfaction...

Anna: I didn't get you...

Mona: First, let me check you, then I will explain to you in detail...

(By finishing her words Mona pointed me the table to lie on that, and I followed her instructions, and she opened my top and looked at my body in detail, I closed my eyes with shyness, and I am sure she may get angry by looking at my bruises caused by Mark in our make-out session.

After a few minutes of her examination, she cleaned my wound and put on a small bandage and asked me to dress up.

I immediately put on my clothes and sit on the chair where I sat before. I feel embarrassed to look at Mona, but I take all my strength to look at her, she is looking at the table and involved in her own thoughts...

So I break the silence between us to know about her opinion.

Anna: What happened, Mona?

(Mona looked at me with her worried face.)

Mona: I am so sorry, Anna...

(I didn't understand why she is saying sorry to me.)

Anna: Why are you saying sorry to me?

Mona: I am really sorry for what just happened to you, I don't think Mark will act with you in such a way; I know how it hurts, Anna...

Anna: Mona, you are totally misunderstanding...

He didn't do it on purpose; he just act in such a way when his desires are hyper, and all this happened out of love...

He is not intended to hurt me.

Mona: So, you are okay with it?

Anna: I am okay, Mona, and I want to satisfy his desires, but I am not capable of baring him, I don't know what should I do, and after this incident, Mark will definitely suppress his desires not to make me harm, which I don't like.

Mona: He has to suppress Anna, if not, he may hurt you more...

Anna: I know, but I want to satisfy his desires but not his suppressed desires. You know he treated me in a different way after this incident happened, he hugged me very gently and treating me very gently, which is not his original way of expressing his feelings.

Mona: Anna, don't worry about it, as you feel to satisfy his desires, Mark also have the same feelings, he may feel he should not hurt you further, but it doesn't mean both of you are not caring to each other...

All this happened just because of both of your overwhelming love, and why do you think Mark will not get satisfied if he treats you gently?

His love towards you change to treat you gentle, that's it...

Like you are ready to bear the pain, he is ready to enjoy you gently; it is good for both of you in your relationship.

Anna: So I should accept him happily even though he tries to handle me gently because he is doing it out of love...

Mona: Exactly...

(I immediately smiled at Mona, she cleared my dilemma and my worry that I may not satisfy Mark's desires, but now I feel relieved. In-between my thoughts, she gave me the tablet; I looked at her.)

Mona: It will heal your wound, Anna.

(I smiled at her, swallowed it with the help of water.)

Anna: please don't scold Mark about this incident.

Mona: Why I will scold him?

It's just happened out of love, but at first, I thought I should give a strong warning to him because he hurt my cute angel, but after listening to you that he is treating you very gently after the incident, I am impressed...

And soon both of you will sort it out the best way of your make-out sessions without hurting to each other.!

(By finishing her words, Mona Winked at me with one of her eyes, I feel blushed...)

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