A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 307

307 Dream Girl

Mark's POV:

I want to tell to Mona about Anna, so once we reach the hospital to look at Rubeus uncle, Mona can check Anna.

Mona: What happened, Mark?

What do you want to say to me?

(I am confused to how to start with my sadistic friend about our intimacy session and I know she will scold me for my actions on Anna...)

Mona: Mark..!

Tell me what you want to say?

Mark: Anna got hurt in our lovemaking session, Mona

(I said sharply in one sentence, she will definitely understand what I mean.)

Mona: Did you do sex with her?

Mark: No, Mona, we didn't yet...

Mona: Did you try to do sex?

Mark: No, Mona, I just kissed her anddd

(It's really embarrassing for the first time in my life but I should tell to Mona clearly not as a friend but as a doctor because she will treat Anna if I say what actually happened...)

Mona: Mark, tell me clearly; Is Anna okay now?

Mark: Yeah, she is fine or I don't know she is pretending to be fine with me.

Mona: Okay, tell me clearly where Anna got hurt?

Mark: she didn't allow me to check on her, Mona, but she said the wound got bled a little...

Mona: You mean the wound on her chest?

Mark: Yes..!

Mona: okay, I will check her personally, don't worry.

Mark: Okay, but don't let her know that I told you about this...

Mona: ok, I understand, I will check on her casually...

Mark: I feel guilty Mona, I should not behave in such a way.

Mona: Mark, it is ok unless and until both of you are enjoying, and it is common in intimate sessions. No need to worry about that, and I will check Anna after you visited Rubeus uncle.

(I understand Mona just told those words to make me feel normal.)

Mark: Okay, then, we will start soon and reach the hospital...

Mona: Yes, Mark, come fast, Rubeus uncle is waiting for both of you...

Mark: okay then, bye...

(After I hang the call with Mona, I went to the room to check on Anna. She is still sleeping; I went close to her and sit beside her, bend forward a little and started kissing her gently to make her wake up, and she opened her eyes slowly with a smile on her face.)

Anna: Good morning, Mark...

(She said in her sleepy tone, by looking at her drowsy, sleepy face I laughed at her.)

Anna: Why are you laughing at me?

Mark: It's still evening on the same day, Anna...

Anna: Then why I feel it's morning?

(She again closed her eyes to sleep, I again kissed her on her lips to make her wake up. She opened her eyes forcefully and looked at me with her puppy eyes.)

Anna: Mark, please let me sleep till morning, and I don't want to eat dinner...

Please Mark...

(She thinks that I am making her wake up to have dinner, she didn't think one more second and lay her head on my lap and hold my hand tightly and closed her eyes to sleep again. I smiled by looking at her sleep craving, and I wonder how she can manage to sleep such a long hours. By looking at her sleepy face, I don't want to disturb her sleep, but Rubeus uncle is waiting for us at the hospital. So, I tried to wake her up by caressing her hair, she opened her eyes slowly after a few minutes and looked at me.)

Mark: Rubeus uncle got consciousness, Anna.

(She immediately gets up and sit straight and looked at me excitedly.)

Anna: What?

Mark: Mona just informed me that he got consciousness and he wants to look both of us it seems...

(Her face immediately lightens up with happiness.)

Anna: Wowww, Mark, that's really good news...

Why don't you tell me before? I should have woken up early if I know about it...

(By finishing her words, she get up from the bed and quickly get ready. I smiled for her hurry enthusiasm actions to meet Rubeus uncle.

Finally, we both get started in a few minutes to the hospital and say nothing to Nanny anything about that where we are going, she might think we are going on a date. The moment we reached the hospital, we hurriedly went towards the emergency room to look at Rubeus uncle. Mona came to us with a smiling face and led us to Rubeus uncle...

But looking at my uncle in this critical position is very hard to digest. He still lay on the bed with all the medical equipment attached to his body and looking at us with his worried eyes. I hold his hand and looking at him. After a few seconds, he tried to speak to me.

Rubeus uncle: I just want to look at you and Anna for one last time, maybe this is the last few minutes of my life, Mark...

Mark: If you speak in such a way, I will kill you before you die...

(I said with my furious tone because good thoughts will heal better than medicine if he thinks in a negative way like he will die in a few minutes even the medication he is taking may not work, so I gave him a strong warning to don't speak in such a way. Meanwhile, Anna came close to Rubeus uncle...)

Anna: Uncle, don't you trust on Mona's treatment?

How do you think she will let you leave your life this early?

(By listening to Anna, he smiled a bit.)

Mona: Yes, uncle, you are recovering too fast, and in just a few days you can lead your routine life like before.

Rubeus uncle: Yes, I want to live my remaining life with Mark; I miss you soo much in these two years, please excuse me, Mark...

Mona: Uncle, he already excused you and you no need to repeat your apologies...

(I hold his hand more firmly, he immediately looked at me.)

Mark: Please get well soon, I want you to be my Lifetime guardian and don't dare to leave us again, okay?

Rubeus uncle: Sure, my son, I will fight to survive for you and Anna but I am not sure about my health condition because I am old, so, I may not sustain this...

(Mona immediately laughed at Rubeus uncle in a teasing way. I didn't understand why.)

Mona: Uncle, you are just 42 years old. Why are you talking like a 60 years old men?

(Now I laughed at Mona's statement.)

Mona: And soon you will meet your dream girl and get married to your dream girl like Mark...

(I immediately stared at Mona; actually, Rubeus uncle used to tease Mona in our college days that all her problems will be get solved when she meet her dream boy and Mona in reverse tease my uncle about his dream girl. Later she falls in love with Tom, but my uncle got cheated by a girl. I always stay far away from these kinds of their topic when they are discussed. Later my uncle went into depression that his girl is cheated on him and he never looks back into his life and never dares to go towards relationship side.

Mona and I convinced him many times by searching many girls for him, but he didn't even look at their faces and reject them in one shot.

So we stopped our trails and gave him time to heal his heart from the incident of the girl who is cheated on him, now he turned to 42 and didn't even look at any woman yet, and he doesn't have any intention to get married too. So Mona is still trying to convince him in the name of his dream girl to make him accept for the marriage.)

Rubeus uncle: I am not interested in any dream girl, Mona...

(Suddenly the beep sound of Anna's mother equipment get started and remain silent after a few seconds. Mona and I looked at each other, and I didn't understand why Anna's mother responded now. Anna speaks a few minutes ago, so her mother didn't respond for Anna's words and the beep sound started after the Rubeus uncle words...

Does it mean Anna's mother is responding to Rubeus uncle's voice?

No, no, She doesn't know about Rubeus uncle, so, why she will respond to Rubeus uncle?

Maybe she responded to Mona's voice.)

Mona: Everyone will say the same thing until they find their soulmate, uncle...

I hope you should find your soulmate soon...

Rubeus uncle: Sorry, Mona I am not interested to enter into any relationships.

(Again the beep sound started and paused in few seconds. Mona and I stare to each other and didn't understand Anna's mother is responding to Mona or Rubeus uncle. If it is Rubeus uncle, why she is responding to him?)

Mona: Ok, uncle, we can discuss about this after you got cured, take rest...

(Meanwhile, Mona looked at me and signalled me about Anna. I understand she will take anna to check her, so I pretend casual.)

Mark: You both carry on, I will spend some time with Rubeus uncle.

Anna: I will spend too...

Mona: Anna, come with me, I will show you my clinic.

(by finishing her words Mona pulled Anna to outside.)

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