A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 306

306 Please Bless My Eyes..

Mark's POV:

How cruel I am?

How cruelly I behaved with Anna?

She tried to divert me through her kiss because she is already suffering from the pain, but I didn't understand her; instead, I treated her very harshly...

The moment she came out of the washroom with her smiling face, I feel relieved, but I understand she is acting happy to make me not worry about my actions.

I should control my harshness; I should control my desires when it comes to our make-out session to not make her harm any more. That's the reason I didn't touch her and lay beside her, but Anna, she didn't take it easy; she feels insecure and worried for my actions and comes close to me and lay on my chest and looking at me with her puppy eyes. I want to cuddle her, but the fear in me that I may harm her is killing me more. So I didn't touch her and thinking about how can be the other ways I can treat Anna without hurting her...

Anna: Tell me, Mark, what are you thinking?

(She asked me with her serious tone and a pout on her face, I smile by looking at her, as I always love to tease her and her cuteness overload when she is more angry at me. So I played a small prank to make ourselves calm down from the incident.)

Mark: I think I made a mistake, Anna...

Anna: Tell me then, which mistake you did?

Mark: hmmmmm..!

Choosing you..!

As I guess Anna immediately looked at me with her more serious pout face...

Anna: What you just said?

(She asked me to cross verify.)

Mark: Yes, Anna, I made a mistake in choosing you, I should have chosen a strong muscular girl to satisfy my desires...

(Without a second thought, she immediately got up and sat on my stomach by wrapping her legs on either side of me and started punching me. I started laughing by looking at her and by looking at her actions...

She is trying to beat me very hard, but her little hands are not working on me instead I am laughing more to tease her, she is more furious than before by looking at my laugh and punching me on my body by applying her full force...

Anna: What..?

What you just said?

Choosing me is a mistake?

How dare you to say that to me...

(She didn't stop beating me and punching me, and in-between she started to pinch me on my body too, and her nails are hurting me a little. After a few seconds, I hold her hands and pinned to her back and pulled her close to me to make her calm down. She immediately lay on my chest and involved in her deep thoughts. I am caressing her and playing with her hair...)

Anna: Mark..!

Mark: Hmmm..!

Anna: I can't live without you, Mark...

Please don't leave me..!

(She told with her shivering tone, I immediately looked at her face and her eyes are teary. I immediately cuddle her gently.)

Mark: Hey Anna, what I just said is a joke, why do you think I will leave you?

Anna: You really like muscular women?

(She asked me by making a pout face and still controlling her tears.)

Mark: Do you really think I like muscular women?

Anna: No

Mark: Then, why are you asking?

Anna: I just wanted to confirm whether you like muscular women or not.

Mark: Why do you want to confirm?

Anna: If you really like muscular women, I will try to increase muscles as you like by doing more exercises and eating more food.

(I immediately laughed at her and hugged her more close to me to feel her warmness...)

Mark: Anna, you should not change anything for anyone, and you should live your life as you like and should become a successful woman in your career. If you start changing by considering one's opinions, how will you get succeed?

If you look back into your life, you should feel happy that you live your life like your own way, and you no need to change your lifestyle by considering one's likes and dislikes.

Is that clear?

Anna: I only consider you, Mark, you are very precious to me, and I want to match your tastes and preferences, so please tell me how you want me to be, so I will prepare accordingly...

Mark: Are you sure?

Anna: Yes, Mark...

Mark: Then get ready with the red lingerie set I bought for you.

(She immediately looked at me with her shocked expression.)

Mark: I am eager to see you in that red lingerie set, Anna, I promise I won't touch you, so please bless my eyes with the red lingerie on your sexy body, Anna...

(She immediately closed my mouth with her hand and looking at me with her blushed face.)

Anna: Mark..!

Please stop teasing me..!

(I kissed and licked her hand and she immediately takes away her hand on my mouth.)

Mark: I am not teasing, Anna...

I really love to see you in a red lingerie set, and I promise you I won't touch you...

(I don't want to touch her right now because she already gets hurt with my demon sexual desires, so I may not control again if I touch her, So I made my word to her.

But she strikes her head as no...

I didn't understand why she is not accepting, is she feel shy? Or she may think that I may harm her again, so I asked her the same to confirm...)

Mark: What happened, Anna?

Why don't you like to bless my eyes?

Are you scared that I may harm you again?

(She immediately looked at me with her worried face.)

Anna: No, Mark, Actually, I feel very happy if you touch me, so I will wear the moment you will touch me and enjoy me...

So, tell me, when will you touch me again like you did before?

(I don't know what to say)

Anna: So, it's up to you, Mark...

Mark: Hmmm..,

Then better I will postpone this event...

Anna: How long?

Mark: At least you should cure from the wound that caused because of me.

Anna: Mark, I already told you you didn't make any wound on me, it's just my old wound caused from John's attack...


(By finishing her words she kissed me on my lips, and I am responding to her kiss gently because I don't want to repeat to hurt her again, but she is trying to give me a good kiss to make me feel free and better from the thought I hurt her...

We both hugged to each other, and she is caressing my hair, and by cuddling to each other, we both slept for a few hours...

After a good sleep, I waked up and looked at Anna; she is still in her deep sleep and lay on my chest and hold my hand tightly. I smiled at her and kissed her on her forehead and take my phone with my other hand to check the calls and messages I got...

I got three missed calls from Mona, my heartbeat skip for a second my looking at Mona's missed calls, I don't know why she makes a call, but I hope it's not bad news. I calm down myself in few seconds and slowly move Anna towards the pillow and take my hand from her grip by replacing it with another pillow and went to the balcony to speak to Mona...

In just a first few rings, she lifted my call...

Mona: Hey, Mark...

Is everything okay?

Why don't you respond to my calls...?

(I understand even Mona is worried more because I didn't respond to her calls. All these worries are just because of the continuous attacks taking place.)

Mark: We are fine, Mona...

First, tell me why did you call to me?

Mona: It's a good news, Mark, Rubeus uncle got his consciousness

(I feel very happy the moment I heard from Mona about Rubeus uncle.)

Mark: hoo, Thank God..!


(I asked her with my excited tone.)

Mona: Yes, Mark..!!!

He got consciousness, and he is asking you and Anna, he wants to look both of you...

Come fast..!

Mark: Sure..!

Anna will definitively feel happy if she knows the news...

Mona: Handover this call to Anna, I will say to her...

Mark: Don't worry, Mona, I can say to my girl...

Mona: Jealous, you are...

Mark: Yes, I am jealous when it comes to Anna...

Mona: Okay then, bye...

Mark: wait..! Wait..!

I want to tell you one thing...

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