A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 303

303 Why That Cute Pout Face For?

Anna's POV:

(I acted to Nanny that I don't know anything about Rubeus uncle.)

Nanny: I don't know, beta, maybe he left us again, and I guess he hurt by looking at your engagement party.

Anna: I didn't expect that Rubeus uncle will attend the party, Nanny.

Nanny: Actually, Mark sir specifically told me to invite him to the party...

Anna: it's ok, Nanny, we can't do anything if he left the house and we may not know when he will come back too...

Hope he should come back to Mark and give his love to him.

Nanny: Yes, beta, I hope soo...

Anna: So, you also know it's an engagement party, am I right, Nanny

Nanny: Yes beta, Mark sir told me before the party that you and sir are going to engage and I feel very happy after I heard him

Anna: That's the reason you hugged me yesterday the moment I returned home.

Nanny: Yes, beta, I know about your engagement party at that time.

Anna: ok, Nanny, I will go to the bedroom, Mark might be waiting for me...

Nanny: Sure beta

(She arranged the food in a tray and I lead to Mark's bedroom. Mark and Rubeus uncle solved their issues at the party, but Rubeus uncle fell unconscious when they are hugging to each other but Mark asked Nanny to invite Rubeus uncle to the party before they settled the issue, but why Mark wants his uncle's presence at the party?

I understand even though Mark didn't speak to his uncle; he cares for him uncle and he is the only person left as his guardian, maybe that's the reason he asked Nanny to invite him to the party and his invitation really helped because the issues between me and Rubeus uncle are sort out...

In-between my thoughts, I reached the bedroom, even though I prepared the food myself, I checked by tasting it a bit and gave it to Mark to eat.

The thought of insecurity is killing me from inside, and I am scared a lot, and my heartbeat raises whenever I am thinking about Rubeus uncle incident...

I am trying to get normal when I am chit chatting with Mark but my inner soul is still worrying.

Mark's caring towards me is increasing day by day; I feel relieved when he is carrying me in a bridal style, and I always like it whenever he lifted me in such a way but the more love and caring he is giving to me, the more anxiety I am getting due to insecurity of the attacks...

But my emotions outburst when Mark is kissing me out of his love, he immediately cuddles and caressing me to make me normal and he always understands why I am worried about and he didn't get angry at me that I am suspecting Nanny for no reason.

Mark: Anna, I am worried that you are taking too much pressure, but remember one thing, before they plan to do anything to us we will catch them and they have to pay for the mistakes they have done...

Is that clear?

(By listening to his words and listening to his heartbeat in his cuddle makes me feel relieved, but I want to know why he asked Nanny to invite Rubeus uncle even though he loves his uncle he never takes a step down from his ego ladder unless the others say sorry to him. So I asked Mark to confirm it.)

Anna: Mark, did you ask Nanny to invite Rubeus uncle?

Mark: Yes, Anna, why are you asking about it?

Anna: I know you care about your uncle, but you pretend to be a very cold hearted person...

(Mark took a long breath and looked at me.)

Mark: Actually, I arranged this engagement party because of Rubeus uncle...

Anna: What..?

Mark: Yes

Anna: you want to engage Rubeus uncle?

(I asked him in a teasing way he immediately tapped on my head and continued his explanation.)

Mark: Nanny told me that Rubeus uncle is not happy for you and I know how my uncle will bully if he doesn't like anyone, so I throw an engagement party to let him know about our relationship and how deeply we are in love to each other...

(I immediately looked at him with my pout face, he suddenly lean forward and pecked my lips seductively and again looked at me.)

Mark: What happened?

Why that cute pout face for?

Anna: You didn't arrange this party to surprise me?

Mark: Am I not gave a surprise to you?

Anna: of course you did, and it will be my Lifetime lovable memory, but your intention is to tell to Rubeus uncle, right?

Mark: He is one of the reasons to get the success of our encouragement party, Anna, but he is not the whole reason...

If I just want to convey to Rubeus uncle, why I invite paparazzi's and all the important chief guests of my company...

(I changed my expression to a smiling face and looking at him happily.)

Mark: He is one of the reasons to happen to our engagement party so early, that's it...

Are you happy now?

(I nodded my head as yes, and he immediately started kissing me on my lips very passionately in his cuddle...

In-between our kiss I got a flash of the conversation with Nanny, i.e., I didn't tell her the truth about Rubeus uncle, so better I should tell this to Mark, or else he may tell the truth to Nanny...

He suddenly stopped the kiss and looking at me with his narrowed sharp eyes...)

Mark: What are you thinking now?

Anna: Mark..! How you know I am thinking somewhere?

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