A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 302

302 Suspecting Nanny..

Anna's POV:

Like Tom said I am very much alert, and I don't let anyone to touch Mark, the moment we entered into the home I didn't allow him to go to the garden side, and I didn't let him to say about Rubeus uncle to Nanny, and I forcefully send him to the bedroom to get freshen up, and I lead to the kitchen with Nanny to make breakfast.

Nanny: Anna beta, so you are giving retirement to my work!

(Nanny said in a teasing way, but the moment Tom warned me not to trust anyone, I started looking from the other side.)

Anna: It's not what you are thinking, Nanny, without your help, I can't cook anything and from now on I will take daily cooking lessons from you...

Actually, last night Mark praised me for the strawberry dessert I made with your help...

I am very much happy after listening to him, so I decided to learn cooking from you to make Mark happy every day...

(While speaking to Nanny, the only thing I know is cheese toast and scrambled eggs, so I started preparing them.)

Nanny: Definitely, beta, but you didn't tell me yet, where have you been the last night?

(I am shocked by listening to Nanny's question...

Is she asking me casually? or is she wants to confirm that we are at the hospital?

Even though I told her about food and dessert she didn't care about it, and she didn't concentrate on helping me, and she didn't even ask what is the breakfast recipe I want to learn, instead, she asked me for the second time about where are we last night...

I don't know whether I should say the truth, or I should say the lie, or I should skip the topic...

I already skipped the topic and diverted when she asked Mark, let make an another try to skip.

Anna: Last night is very special to me, Nanny...

Actually, it's like every girl's dream that her beloved ones should propose her to marry in such a romantic way. I am very much excited, surprised, and feel so much emotional when Mark kneels down on his one leg before me...

(When I am saying to Nanny, happy tears filled in my eyes when I am recollecting those beautiful memories...)

Nanny: That's really a wonderful moment in my life too, but I missed it, beta

Anna: What happened, Nanny?

Why didn't you come to the party at the right time?

Nanny: I came, beta, but I am busy in the arrangements, and the moment I looked at your couple, both of you were kissing after your ring's ceremony. I feel very proud and happy by looking at your love for each other...

(While listening to Nanny, I prepared the bullet coffee, and she is not at all interested to look at what I am cooking for breakfast.)

Anna: Yes, Nanny, I feel shy to kiss him before everyone, but after a few seconds of his kiss, I forgot everything and started enjoying his kiss and I am very blessed to find Mark as my partner.

(By finishing my words I once again looked at my diamond ring, my face turned to blush again, I have many good memories with this ring.)

Nanny: Yes, beta, he is a very precious gift to you and I know you will definitely take good care of him.

Actually, I searched for both of you to congratulate on my side personally, but I didn't find both of you anywhere from the middle of the party...

Anna: From the middle of the party?

(Again Nanny came to the same point, but this time indirectly, so I pretend casual and replied to her.)

Anna: Mark takes me near to the pond area to spend some time, Nanny...

Nanny: That's so cute, beta, but I waited till late night to wish both of you...

(I didn't understand why Nanny is taunting the same question, is she asking casually or pretending to act casual?

But this is 4 to 5th time she is asking me the same question in such a way. So now it's time to choose lie than to skip the topic.)

Anna: After we played with the shoe game which is hosted by Mona and Tom, Mark silently takes me away for the long drive, Nanny...

(I acted blush and don't know she will believe it or not, but I am dead if she looked at us when we have hurriedly carried Rubeus uncle from the party when he fell unconscious or she might notice us when we are started in the Ambulance but if she really looked at us in the ambulance, she might directly ask me where did you went in the ambulance or what happened to Rubeus uncle and is there anything serious, but she didn't ask me the same instead she is poking where am I the last night.

Actually, last night the moment we realized that Rubeus uncle fell unconscious we didn't disturb the party, instead, we silently carried him into the ambulance, so no one noticed us...

So, it's clear Nanny didn't look at us when we are getting in to the Ambulance and she didn't notice when Mark and Tom are carrying Rubeus uncle...)

Nanny: I guess you both have a really glorious night out session in your love long drive...

(Nanny pinched my cheek teasingly as if we are done sex the whole night. I just gave a brief smile towards Nanny.)

Nanny: One more thing, beta, I didn't see Rubeus sir from the last night...

Anna: What happened, Nanny?

Anything wrong?

Did he leave the house again?

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