A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 30

30 Big. Big. Teddy

Anna's Pov:

I came to my room..

Tears rolling from my eyes

I tried to hide from Mark..

After I came to my room, I can't control them..

I sit on my bed.. and I started crying..

I was happy before Genie, visit..

But when she said..

"I don't give answers to the one who can't effort for a dress"

It stabs to me..

It hurts me a lot..

Yes, what she said was really true..

I can't even effort for the dress..

I lost everything.. That I can't even effort in to buy a slice of bread at least..

If Mark makes me to get out of his house..

I have to sell my body..

No Anna no, no...

You should not lose your character.. I said to myself...

If it comes to the point of my character it's better to take a death note instead of to lose my character..

My mom..

she is the one who cares about me..

My mom personally takes care of my dresses..

I don't even know how to select my own dress..

She always prefers best for me even in hard times too...

I don't know how to live my life without my mom..

Mark, he really takes good care..

But I can't depend on him like this..

After Ria's case was closed..

I should leave Mark..

After that I am alone..

No one is there in my life..

Tears rolling from my eyes.. I am sobbing to myself..

I didn't even touch my mom for one last time..

I feel better if Mark takes me to my mom final rituals..

But he didn't..

When I ask him about my mom..

He said he will take to the grave..

I really feel bad..

But it's ok to visit the grave at least...

I close my eyes.. Then I remember again, what genie said about my clothes..

Yes, she is right..

My mom always says..

If I am not effort for it, then I don't have a right to enjoy it..

So I can't effort for a dress of 22lakhs..

So I should not accept it..

I don't go to the party..

I will inform this to mark tomorrow morning..

Meanwhile, Nany entered into my room to sleep.. I clean my face with hands..

I said..

"Nanny.. You can sleep at your place..

I can manage myself.."

Nanny: its ok beta.. I should take care of you..

Anna: nany.. I am fine see...

I went to the outside too...

I am not a patient anymore..

(I convinced her because she is suffering to sleep here by leaving her family...

I don't have family, at least Nany can spend some time with her family members)

Nanny: ok beta...

Call me if you need anything else..

Anna: ok nany... I said..

she left my room..

I didn't turn off the light and I am scared to sleep alone..

But I should get habituated to live alone sleep alone..

then I closed my eyes..

I went to sleep..

I got the same old nightmare that I am falling from the cliff..

I just closed my eyes to give up my life..

But someone hold my hand..

To pull me up..

I opened my eyes..

It was blurr I can't see him clearly..

He lifted me above the cliff..

I immediately hugged him...

I was happy..

Really feel happy..

I just give him a puppy(kiss) for saving me

I sensed him very softly...

Very soft as a toy

I hold him tightly...

and feel secure..

Next day morning..

I slowly opened my eyes..

It was around 8 a.m.

I want to release my hands..

Wait, I am hugging something..


I am hugging the teddy bear of 4 feet..

I suddenly get up and check again.. It's beside me..

It's a Big Big Teddy, it's in a pink colour...

I immediately grab it and hug it really tight and kiss to that..

I love teddy's a lot...

In my room, there are so many teddies with different sizes..

When I saw a Teddy in Angel's hand, I feel like I should have one..

But I didn't express this to anyone..

I see again my teddy..

It's the same Teddy in angles hand..

But angels teddy is small..

Mine is a big big teddy..


I scream in happiness..

I again hug..

Wait, I will keep a name to this teddy..



It's my bubluu...

I keep it near the pillow and I went to washroom for fresh up..

and am done with my bathing to myself..

My bruises are better than yesterday..

Meanwhile, Mona came to my room..

Mona: hi Anna..

Good morning..

Anna: good morning Mona..

she dressed up my wound..

Mona: good Anna.. Wounds are healing really fast..

I will keep small bandages.. So that it will help you dress for today's evening party..

Anna: that's ok Mona..

But am not coming to the party..

Mona: why?

Anna: I don't want to come..

I don't like to attend..

I don't worth a party and a costly dress..

Please don't make me force to come..

Mona: Did Mark accept?

Anna: I will say to him now..

(I can see a smirk on Mona's face)

Mona: you both can decide..

and what about your Bruises?

did you get anything new?

(she narrowed her eyes to Anna)


they are better than yesterday..

and didn't get any new..

(I act casually)

Mona: Hey.. it's Big Teddy..

this exactly looks like angel's teddy..

but this one is very big..

Anna: (with smiling face)


I don't know who keep this..

I saw this on my bed in the morning..

may be nany should keep because she didn't sleep with me last night..

Mona: that's was great..

she is taking good care..

let's meet you at the party..


Anna: I told you am not coming..

Mona: (with a smile on her face)

you don't know about Mark...

if he thinks to happen.. he makes it to happen...

either one way or the other..

Anna: what do you mean..

Mona: I will say you at the party ok?

Anna: ok then let's see...

Mona: ok byee

Anna: bye...

then I think to myself why he wants me to come to the party..?

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