A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 3

3 My Dear Anna

Hi Anna...

I may not be alive when you are reading this.

I know you are angry at me because I am leaving you in this life.

But you are my dearest friend..

You need to know what happened to me.

On Saturday we have done with our work at my home special project work for our UG program.

On Sunday, I got a joining letter from the college for both of us.

I want to make you surprise I visit your house,

your father is ready to leave from your house.

He greeted me.

I ask him about you; he said you went out with your mom and will be back soon...

And he said he is going outside for some work and he will be back in 30 minutes.

I ask him, I will wait for you.

I want to see happiness in your eyes, Anna..

I am alone at your house.

You must be worried about what happened to me...

It's because of your stepbrother, Anna...

He comes along with his 3 friends into the house.

I saw them and take the application into my hand and walk towards your bedroom.

He asked me what's that...

I said to him that "college application of Anna's."

He tried to grab from my hand and I was staring at him, he tried to tear it...

I shouted at him "Are you mad?" and try to grab the application.

Meanwhile, one of his friends just pushed me towards your brother John.

and the other tries to touch my waist.

I turned back to warn them...

From the backside your brother touched my boobs under my shirt.

I just got scared...

I tried to escape from them but I can't Anna, I can't...

I tried to overcome this depression..

but I can't.

Am sorry to leave you.

am leaving my Brother (Mark) Alone as my parents did...

Please take care of my brother...

You are not responsible for my death, Anna...

Don't feel guilty...

Please don't Stop your studies.


loving from Ria

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