A Slave To My Vengeful Lover Chapter 294

294 Please Look At Me..

Mark's POV:

I expected my uncle would join us when we all four are talking because from the beginning of the party, he started his trails to speak with me, but when he said, "Would you like to see the strawberry magic?"

I can't control my love towards him, and I can't hide it anymore. Actually, this is the trick my uncle always used on me when I am 3 to 4 years old, and I am really amused and excited with his trick. I always go to him and asks him to show the magic trick, later I realized it is just a trick and not real.

Actually, in my childhood, when I am eating my last strawberry, instead of eating it, I will take that strawberry to my uncle and ask him to make it three by using his magic power; he always smiles at me and make it to three, so I can have three strawberries instead of one and happily eat them all by sitting on my uncle's lap...

My parents and my uncle always laughed at me whenever I asked him for strawberry magic, but he started to use the same trick when I was mad at him in my childhood. And it goes his habit to him even though the mistake is on his side; he will use this magic trick on me to make me calm down, and my furious on him never last long.

He knows how to calm down my pulse;

He knows how to deal with me

He knows how to take care of me

He knows everything about me...

Actually, more than my parents, he is the one who takes proper care of me in my childhood even though he is in his teens by the time of my childhood. Now, his age is around 42, but he still looks younger to me.

That's the reason I can't control my love towards him when he said about the strawberry trick and immediately hugged him out of overwhelming love after the trick...

Tears filled my eyes, and they are happy tears; Yes..! I am very happy that my uncle is back in my life and he will take care of me like he always does...

I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone, but my life is not leading in such a way...

I am very happy and blessed now; one side Anna and another side is my uncle and with two supporting friends, Tom and Mona...

What else I need in my life more than this. I didn't want to upset my loved ones, but I couldn't carry my life alone without these four pillars in my life. And I am blessed to find them in my life.

Rubeus uncle: I am very sorry, my son...

Please excuse me this time...

I never repeat it again...


The moment I heard him, I accepted him with my tight hug, and he is hugging me back very warmly. I can't express my happiness when I am hugging him. I really missed him and missed his caring towards me, but suddenly he loses his hug, and his head rests on my shoulder...

Anna: Uncle..!

(I hear Anna's screaming, meanwhile my uncle falls unconscious on me, and I hold him tightly not to make him fall and looked at his face, and some foam is coming from his mouth, and I am panic by looking at him in this critical unconscious position. Mona immediately came to us, checked his pulse, and looked into his eyes by opening his eyelids with her hand...

Mona: Mark, we need to take him to the hospital; his pulse is deteriorating...

(My mind was blank the moment I heard Mona. I didn't understand what happened to my uncle all of a sudden, and I didn't understand what's happening here; even though he is unconscious, I still hold him and hugged him tightly and looking at Mona with my wet eyes.

Mona is very nervous and tapping on my uncle's cheek to make him wake-up...

Mona: uncle..!

Look at me...

Please, look at me...

(And she immediately looked at me with her teary eyes, and my heartbeat skips for a second the moment I looked at her nervous teary eyes...

Because when it comes to treatment, Mona will never react in such a way unless it is an emergency. She never let her tears out when she is doing the treatment, and I understand my uncle's life is at high risk by looking at her.)

Mona: Tom, please help Mark to lift uncle and guys, we are running out of time. I need him to be in the emergency room in my hospital within 15 minutes...

(Actually, I can carry my uncle, but when my heart is filled with emotional trauma with some panic that what if something terrible happened to my uncle and the thought itself make me stand like a frozen statue, so I can't help my uncle by lifting him, and with the help of Tom soon we all get into the Ambulance and start to reach the hospital

When these kinds of parties have happened with high officials, it's a protocol to arrange an ambulance for safety purposes like fire extinguishers, and it helped to my own uncle

The moment the Ambulance started, Mona is started her first aid by rubbing his Palms and shouting at my uncle to make him wake up, and Anna is taking his shoes and socks and massaging his foot, and both the faces of the girls are filled with tears and nervous and by looking at my uncle's face, who just spoke to me happily just a few minutes ago is now fell unconscious, my vision blurred because of tears filled in my eyes...

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